ViewPoint Racing Tips Review

ViewPoint Racing Tips is a horse racing tipster service which is offered through the BetInfo 24 tipster stable. It claims some very The fact of the matter is that the whilst solid and consistent results, all for a price that is actually very reasonable.

Introduction to ViewPoint Racing Tips

Some of the best services that I have looked at have not been the most profitable. This sounds like a counterintuitive statement, and I am certain that there will be people wondering what this has to do with ViewPoint Racing Tips? By the end of this review, I hope that you will understand.

The fact of the matter is that whilst profit is (rather rightly) the bottom line, there are aspects to betting that are arguably more important. Key amongst these (at least in my opinion) is consistency. I would rather win small and often than sink money into my betting, waiting for a big win to strike.

BetInfo 24 refer to ViewPoint Racing Tips as a “Professional Horse Racing Tipster with high level of consistency and no losing months to date”. This ticks a lot of boxes that I look for, and honestly, is one of the more interesting (I don’t think that this is a service that is necessarily exciting) options on the market. With that in mind, does it mean that it is worth buying? Let’s find out.

What Does ViewPoint Racing Tips Offer?

The fact that ViewPoint Racing Tips is a BetInfo 24 product means that there isn’t necessarily a whole lot to say in terms of how things work. As is the case with a lot of these larger tipster stables they like to keep things simple.

This is however to their benefit mostly as it means you can fully know what to expect. In the case of ViewPoint Racing Tips, this means that selections are issued on a near daily basis. They are sent out to subscribers directly via email, as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the BetInfo 24 website.

The bets themselves are a little less straight forward. The volume of bets, odds and betting types can be quite different from day to day. First of all, there is the betting type to look at. By and large, the proofing from BetInfo 24 shows that you can expect straight win bets.

There are however the occasional bets that are each way. The odds tend to be more towards the middling side, however ViewPoint Racing Tips does advise some bets at odds of more than 20.00. The volume of bets also wildly differs with BetInfo 24 showing some days with just 1 or 2 bets, going all the way up to 8 bets.  

One of the things that I think needs to be considered with ViewPoint Racing Tips is the staking plan. This is a little bit of a mixed affair with each way bets advised as wither 0.5 points or 1 point, whilst straight win bets are advised at 1 or 2 points. Interestingly, the tipster behind ViewPoint Racing Tips recommends a betting bank of “100pts minimum” whilst BetInfo 24 say that you will need just 50 points.

I am of the opinion that the tipster is much better positioned here as there can be losing streaks.

BetInfo 24 make the claim in the sales material for ViewPoint Racing Tips that the service has a high strike rate saying that it “has produced a very impressive level of consistency”. The results that they have published demonstrates that the actual strike rate stands at 27%. This is slightly higher than my calculations which put ViewPoint Racing Tips at a strike rate of around 24%.

Not a significant drop, but it is still somewhat more than a high figure in my book.

How Does ViewPoint Racing Tips Work?

Typically speaking you aren’t given a whole lot of information in terms of how a service works with BetInfo 24.

There is typically a vague synopsis about the service that doesn’t really tell you anything. Ultimately, you can expect to spend time trudging through reams of data in order to identify some kind of insight int what to expect. ViewPoint Racing Tips is honestly not that different in most respects which is disappointing.

Fortunately, the tipster behind ViewPoint Racing Tips does elevate themselves above most tipsters on the BetInfo 24 platform by saying something.

They say that their selections are “based on the horse having conditions in its favour and pace also how the race maybe run”. It isn’t war and peace but frankly, it doesn’t need to be really. With this information and full proofing I am able to make a reasonably informed decision about whether or not this is a service that will work for me.

What is the Initial Investment?

BetInfo 24 offer two different subscriptions if you want to sign up for ViewPoint Racing Tips. The first of these is a monthly option which is priced at £21.99 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up on a quarterly basis (and get much better overall value) at a cost of £51.99 every 3 months.

It is also worth noting that BetInfo 24 offer a number of guarantees protecting your investment into ViewPoint Racing Tips. Firstly, you have a 30 day money back guarantee in place (which is backed by Clickbank so you know it is all above board). Furthermore, BetInfo 24 say that if you sign up for ViewPoint Racing Tips on a quarterly basis and the service is not in profit after 3 months, you get the next 3 months free.  

What is the Rate of Return?

ViewPoint Racing Tips has been proofed through BetInfo 24 for some 7 months at the time of writing, and since then, it has produced results that are best described as solid. I will hold my hands up, ViewPoint Racing Tips isn’t the most profitable service in some respects.

Since launching you are looking at a points profit of 53.5 points with January looking to be the first month that ViewPoint Racing Tips has posted a loss (pending a spectacular turn around in the next few days). This does impact the average monthly profits which are now closer to 8 points per month, as well as reducing the claimed ROI from the 31% BetInfo 24 have on their site.

Conclusion on the ViewPoint Racing Tips service

There is a lot going on with ViewPoint Racing Tips in my opinion, and it is rather difficult to know where to start, but since it has to be somewhere, I will look at the results (as these are arguably the most important thing).

I can appreciate entirely that on the surface of things, they are not necessarily the best things. 8 points per month is not a huge amount, however I don’t think that it is to be sniffed at either for reasons that I want to get to a little later. Furthermore, whilst the ROI will have dropped from the 30% that is claimed, I do believe that it will still be a respectable figure.

Now, why do I really think that ViewPoint Racing Tips is worth consideration? This is in part down to two reasons. First of all there is value for money. I can’t think of many tipsters that make a profit for just over £20 per month.

That is quite a lot below the average price that I keep in mind when considering value. Secondly is consistency and understanding.

Now, I can appreciate that ViewPoint Racing Tips has had a hiccup and BetInfo 24’s proofing shows that it has lost some points this month. But before that you had 6 months of profit. Combine that with the fact that there is an understanding of the tipsters approach, and I can believe that this may well have just been a bad month.

With all of this in mind, I don’t see ViewPoint Racing Tips as necessarily being the best option on the market, but it is pretty solid and the results are respectable. Factor in the guarantees that are in place and I see BetInfo 24 offering a pretty low risk investment.

The payoffs may not be great either, I will admit, but this could hypothetically be utilised as a reasonable bank builder.


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Have another look at my service after a lean spell it came roaring back in April with over 50 points profit for the month .Around 30 points up in May already .Max bets are 3 points win .Most bets are 1point win or 0.5 pt each way .The volume of tips vary for 2 reasons the amount of racing and if I can identify value which is not always possible .

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