VIP Racing Profits Review

VIP Racing Profits is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by Ken Johnson. It claims to provide an easy in to making money through horse racing betting.

Introduction to the VIP Racing Profits service

A long time ago, I studied art at college and I got quite into the conceptual side of things. Because of this, there is a small part of me that can appreciate the contrast and juxtaposition of nostalgia and modernity that surrounds VIP Racing Profits.

I know this is an esoteric start to a review, but trust me, I will pick this up later. Here is the thing, Ken Johnson talks about VIP Racing Profits as being a service that is steeped in history and tradition. This applies to the design of the web page to black and white pictures of various horses and moguls through history.

vip-racing-profits-reviewThere is a strong evocation of nostalgia and a “better” time. This is supposedly down to the fact that the method behind VIP Racing Profits is over 40 years old according to Ken Johnson. Again, this is a thread I will pull at a little later, but for now, let’s have a look at what you get from VIP Racing Profits. 

What Does VIP Racing Profits Offer?

Honestly, VIP Racing Profits is a pretty straight forward operation as far as these things go. Selections are sent out the morning of a race (typically between 8am and 11am). Ken Johnson includes details of the horse, the time of the race, and odds provided by bookies and exchanges etc. Whether or not you can get these odds is a bit hit and miss however. These are sent directly to VIP Racing Profits subscribers via email.

In terms of the bets, it seems that Ken Johnson exclusively advises win bets through VIP Racing Profits.

These cover a range of odds, however there are rarely extremely long shots. Following along shouldn’t be too hard, in no small part down to the fact that VIP Racing Profits is a pretty low volume tipster service. Whilst Ken Johnson does say that some days will see as many as 5 selections, by and large, you will only get 2 or 3 sent out.

There is a staking plan in place for VIP Racing Profits, however rather interestingly Ken Johnson makes some quite contradictory statements. The vast majority of the sales material makes reference to simple £20 bets.

Elsewhere, there is a statement made that you should have a 100 point betting bank, and that you should look to stake 2% of it. This would mean a £1,000 bank for £20 bets. That is fair enough, however the reference to 2% stakes suggests that VIP Racing Profits is based around a compounding plan. This isn’t something that is ever cleared up either.

Finally, I want to touch upon the strike rate, because this is a rather interesting topic to me. First things first, Ken Johnson doesn’t ever outright make a claim about the strike rate for VIP Racing Profits.

Given that he talks about having this vast database of statistics from recording results, you would expect that full proofing would be there and from this, that there would be an available strike rate.

This is only one part of it however. We are given an example of a successful period that VIP Racing Profits supposedly enjoyed, however this was in June. During this period, there was seemingly a strike rate of 100%, something which is admittedly backed up by a spreadsheet claiming results, however I am rather sceptical of this if I am honest.

How Does VIP Racing Profits Work?

Ken Johnson is quite clear in terms of how VIP Racing Profits is supposed to work. The whole process can apparently be broken down into very clear steps. Quoting directly from the sales page for VIP Racing Profits, the process reads as follows:





The astute amongst you will notice that whilst it appears that Ken Johnson is providing genuine insight into how VIP Racing Profits works, there is no real substance to it. It is all well and good saying, for example, that there is a 5 filter checklist that “intelligently processes the data”.

But with no information on what these filters may be, I am inclined to treat VIP Racing Profits with some suspicion.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to receive Ken Johnson’s selections, he has just one subscription plan open for VIP Racing Profits. This is a one time payment of £37 which allows you access for 6 months. There is also an option to extend this 6 month offering by another 6 months for just £29 extra. What is noteworthy to me, however, is the fact that VIP Racing Profits isn’t offered on any kind of recurring basis.

I feel that it is worth noting that Ken Johnson is selling VIP Racing Profits through Clickbank. As such, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that the service isn’t for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headline for VIP Racing Profits states the following. “RAGS TO RICHES MAKE £95,000 EACH & EVERY YEAR”. We are then told that we can expect to make £7,900 every month. This is in line with the headline amount, so, so far so good right? The sales material then says that this is made from £20 level stakes.

This means that the monthly profit for VIP Racing Profits supposedly stands at 395 points per month! This is of course a ludicrous amount and would mean that you can expect to see profits of 4,740 points in a year. I cannot begin to express how ridiculous this claim is, especially given that Ken Johnson gives no real proofing or evidence for VIP Racing Profits. 

Conclusion on VIP Racing Profits

There are a lot of reasons to call into question the validity of a tipster service. One of the ones that I see most frequently in this line of work are extreme and very unvalidated claims of income. Typically speaking, these products are constructed by an internet marketer who is trying to capture the attention of people who are desperate for a quick income.

In the case of VIP Racing Profits, Ken Johnson’s claim that you can expect to see £95,000 in a year is a questionable enough claim in and of itself. Convert this to points however and it becomes ridiculous. The idea that VIP Racing Profits can make more in a year than the very best tipster services might make in 10 years is ridiculous.

On top of this, there is no really tangible evidence provided backing any of the claims up. I can appreciate that there is a crude spreadsheet of sorts, but this details just one month that is so perfect as to simply act to highlight how questionable the whole operation really is. The long and short of this is simple. If something looks to be too good to be true, it often is.

As well as this, Ken Johnson’s claims about how VIP Racing Profits works are clear rubbish, as is the narrative that is used to sell the service. Put bluntly, I just don’t believe that people realistically decide after some 40 years to suddenly pick up an old betting strategy employed by somebody they worked with briefly in a super market. It just seems like a bad effort at lazy marketing.

Honestly, about the best thing that I can say about VIP Racing Profits is that it is cheap, however this isn’t much consolation in my opinion.

The fact of the matter is that if you aren’t paying a lot for crap, then you are still paying for crap. For my money, there are a lot of other tipster services on the market which are much better performing. You may pay more for them, but what you aren’t going to end up doing, is losing money pursuing a dream of making a profit that just isn’t realistically attainable.

With all of this in mind, I just don’t see VIP Racing Profits as being something that I would recommend.


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The claim for the VIP Racing Profits service was £7,900 profit per month to £100 stakes.
My first 20 selections resulted in 3 winners @ 9/4, Ev, and 8/13 plus 1 non runner and 16 losers which falls way below my expectations for the service.
I joined (Lifetime option) on 22nd May 2019 and asked to cancel on 31st May 2019…he offered me another one of their services….12th June 2019, I again asked him to cancel and refund, and then again on 23rd June and 6th July….on 8th July, the vendor responded saying I am outside his guarantee period so he cannot offer a refund, he then went on to give a few excuses for the poor results currently being experienced.
I approached Clickbank but had to go through the process of corresponding with the vendor via Clickbank support until I escalated it, by which time I was 2 days outside the 60 days by which Clickbank could refund and basically they advised me to speak to the vendor which is basically a waste of my time.
I have all correspondence and I am still receiving his emails which are all in my inbox, unopened.
Steer clear of this rogue.

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From: Simon Roberts