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Viral Stacker Review

Viral Stacker is a product by Jonathan “The Heisman” Heusman that the creator says will help users generate viral content.

What does the product offer?

Viral Stacker comes in the form of 10 videos that are presented by Jonathan Heusman with each being dedicated to a different attribute of viral content. Jonathan Heusman claims that using just five of the ten principles he was able to obtain 12 million views. There are also 100 positions available for a live webinar in which Jonathan Heusman says he will take users through the process of using Viral Stacker to create content.

How does the product work?

Viral Stacker is built on the back of Jonathan Heusman’s prior experience in trying to generate viral content. He claims that there are “distinct factors that every piece of viral content possesses” and that once you know what they are you can easily replicate success. With viral content it is then possible to generate income through marketing to your newly found followers as well as making money through ad revenue as well.

What is the initial investment?

Jonathan Heusman has made Viral Stacker available for $17.73 although this is for a limited time only. He says that he will be looking to take the product off the market at this price and rerelease it at a price he deems to be more fitting.

What is the rate of return?

There is no real rate of return mentioned. Due to the nature of the product results should be expected as qualitative rather than quantitative.


My key issue with Viral Stacker is that I fail to see how you can consistently generate viral content using a set outcome. Much of the content that goes viral can come from anywhere, a fact that Jonathan Heusman acknowledges, but to then say that you can do it again and again seems like a dubious claim. Whilst I am very much inclined to agree that there are certain factors that you can look to exploit (for example, animal videos are proving very popular at the moment and so getting one to go viral isn’t necessarily all that difficult), they are by no means guarantees of anything. The second issue lies in the fact that even if you do have a viral hit, there is no guarantee that you can monetise it.

Most people when viewing a viral video or image are not consumers in the traditional sense. They are looking for something that passes a little time, this makes for a rather difficult audience to market to. This means that success with Viral Stacker is no guarantee of financial success and for that reason alone I would be inclined to give this one a miss. Even if you win, you may end up losing.



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From: Simon Roberts