Vote Stream Review

Vote Stream is a new product from Martin Crumlish that shows users how to use Facebook Live as a method creating engaging video marketing.

What does the product offer?

Facebook Live is now a thing and with the ability to stream in real time directly to your Facebook followers was something that internet marketers were inevitably going to get their hands on. Vote Stream claims to be the tool to help you engage your audience through this new medium. What Vote Stream does is it allows you to utilise Facebook Live, but instead of having your face onscreen or a stream from a camera, you can share almost anything. In this case, Martin Crumlish has chosen to focus on giving users the ability to offer their opinion on things.

The software that Vote Stream runs on is cloud based which means that you can set up a Facebook Live stream almost anywhere and from any device, whilst the campaigns are fully customisable.

In order to assist with the customisation side of things, Martin Crumlish provides Vote Stream users with a number of HD images as well as some video backgrounds, all of which can be used to enhance your presentation. In terms of the content that Vote Stream allows you to put together, you can have up to six different things for people to vote on as well as various ways of displaying the information.

As you would expect, Martin Crumlish also provides training on how to use the software as well as a few sample campaigns.

How does the product work?

I can see the appeal of Vote Stream clearly from a marketing standpoint. If you have a large following on Facebook and use this method of marketing often, then Facebook Live has probably proven to be hugely influential on your sales strategies.

Vote Stream offers you a way in to exploiting this new feature as a method of marketing. Obviously how you can leverage Vote Stream to make a profit is a bit of an interesting question as there doesn’t seem to be much there in that regard (and Martin Crumlish doesn’t seem to have too many suggestions on what you can do with it either).

That having been said, I can see it helping you to engage your audience.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of my writing this, Vote Stream is being sold for a one time cost of $27.95 which is claimed to be a reduction on the “actual value” of $97. Personally, I feel like this is more of a marketing ploy than a price point that will ever be implemented.

There is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place for Vote Stream should you find that it isn’t for you. I should however say that as it is sold through JVZoo, this does have to be claimed from the vendor.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t any claims made about the income potential for Vote Stream and this seems to link into my questions about practical uses of the software.

For example, Martin Crumlish provides some evidence of a dead Facebook Fan Page which demonstrated interaction from users, but again, there isn’t a whole lot that shows you how you can use this outside of people coming to watch your Facebook Live stream.


As a piece of software, I think that Vote Stream is a pretty interesting one.

There is clearly something here in terms of engaging an audience through this relatively new medium. As I have mentioned several times already however, I am not certain how this engagement can really be leveraged into sales or even leads to some degree.

To use the example that Martin Crumlish provides, he shows that his Facebook Live stream reached almost 6000 people compared to 834 with the last post (two years before). Of these 6000 reached there were 746 views and just over 100 interactions in the form of likes and comments.

This is all positive and it is fair to say that Facebook are pushing the reach of this new platform, however it does raise a question for me.

If the last post reached 800 people, and the Facebook Live stream reaches 6000, and that has an audience of about 15% of the reach, of which around 15% interact, I don’t see how those numbers translate well for things like sending out sales links.

With this in mind, I think that Martin Crumlish has put together a decent piece of kit. I think that if you already run a successful Facebook marketing programme, then Vote Stream has something to offer.

It seems to me that Vote Stream is something that can be best employed almost as a reminder that you exist. The fact is that people have all sorts cropping up on their Facebook pages and if Vote Stream can get your name on there, then that’s not a bad thing.

I don’t however believe that this is close to a complete marketing tool and would need to be operated alongside a wider marketing campaign.


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From: Simon Roberts