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Wake Up Now Review

Wake Up Now is an online money making opportunity that allows users to sell Wake Up Now products for commission.

What does the product offer?

Wake Up Now refers to all its users as IBOs or independent business owners. Fundamentally Wake Up Now IBOs are expected to carry out two key tasks. The first is to sell Wake Up Now products, the second is to recruit new IBOs to the program.

How does the product work?

Wake Up Now is a secretive affair but ultimately it appears to be a sales network that is designed to ship their own products. These vary from “natural” energy supplements, a holiday booking service and a self-branded anti-virus program. As mentioned above IBOs are also expected to recruit although this side of things is kept very quiet.

What is the initial investment?

It is free to sign up and become a Wake Up Now IBO. Outside of this you will realistically have costs involved in setting up and running a website from which to make your sales.

What is the rate of return?

Wake Up Now don’t really discuss the amount that IBOs can expect to earn although a look at their earnings disclosure shows that the top tier will make around $540,000 per year.


Wake Up Now looks like a great opportunity and a slick and professional looking website offers to back this up. The reality though seems to be a little different. Much of what Wake Up Now offer has its basis in multi-level marketing which is always something of a controversial and mixed bag. There are those who do very well out of this kind of business model but they are generally few and far between. To best illustrate this it is worth looking back at the income disclaimer for Wake Up Now. 96% of IBOs attached to the program will make less than $100 per month. Whether this is down to the amount of work they put in can only be speculated upon but I personally find it to be a very revealing number.

Personally I would avoid this entirely and consider other money making options.



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From: Simon Roberts