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Warrior Profits Mastermind Review

Warrior Profits Mastermind is a training guide by Robert Ambos that is designed to teach users how to use the Warrior Forum to market their products.

What does the product offer?

Warrior Profits Mastermind teaches users how to sell products through the Warrior Forum and the War Room. This comes in the form of a series of 11 training videos hosted by creator Robert Ambos. It is worth noting that many of the screen grabs used are from 2010 suggesting that some of the information will be out of date.

How does the product work?

Much of Warrior Profits Mastermind seems to hinge on the fact that people are more willing to purchase your products through the Warrior Forum War Room. This is true to a degree but fundamentally this is reliant on you having a decent product to sell, something that Warrior Profits Mastermind doesn’t cover.

What is the initial investment?

Warrior Profits Mastermind will cost you a one off fee of $27 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee provided by Robert Ambos. On top if this would be the costs of registering with the War Room and the costs involved in making a listing.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of the rate of return, Robert Ambos claims that you can earn as much as 5 figures per month by selling products through The War Room with hard work. Whilst theoretically possible this seems very unlikely for the vast majority of users.


Warrior Profits Mastermind has some grounding in reality but not much really. The fact is that what it covers is not really anything new and if anything it is potentially 4 years out of date which pretty much renders the product moot. Really that is the biggest problem with Warrior Profits Mastermind. There is also the fact that Robert Ambos borderline ridiculously claims you can earn 5 figures per month but really this is overshadowed by the above point. Personally I would give this a miss and seek out better opportunities online.



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From: Simon Roberts