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Wayne Bailey Racing Review

Wayne Bailey Racing is a lay betting horse racing tipster service operated by the eponymous Wayne Bailey that offers subscribers daily tips.

What does the product offer?

Wayne Bailey Racing is a daily tipster service that specialises in providing tips for lay betting on horse racing across the UK and Ireland. The service is a high volume service with around 10-15 bets being sent out directly to subscribers email each day, typically before 11am. Wayne Bailey Racing is a lay betting system which means that an account will be required with a betting exchange with Betfair being the recommended option. The focus for Wayne Bailey Racing is not just on typical lay betting but on place laying.  Staking is handled on a fixed stake basis of £10 as opposed to a fixed liability. This means that you may pay out more when your bet loses, but the profits are greatly enhanced. Looking at the numbers, so far for 2015 Wayne Bailey Racing has achieved a strike rate of 56.6% which is in line with the historic performance of the service as well as the riskier nature of place laying.

How does the product work?

Wayne Bailey has considerable experience working with Betfair as he an accredited trainer for the company as well as previously editing the official Betfair Blog and writing for the Irish Independent’s racing column. It is clear that Wayne Bailey Racing draws on this knowledge and experience however at the centre of the system is a series of unique jockey ratings that Wayne Bailey has devised.

What is the initial investment?

There are three subscriptions available for Wayne Bailey Racing which are a weekly, 30 day and 90 day option. These sell for £10, £25 and £70 respectively. Whilst Wayne Bailey does not provide any money back guarantee (which is typical for a tipster service), he does allow 1 in 5 of the days selections to be released for free on the website which means that you can still get a feel for things.

What is the rate of return?

Using the recommended stakes for Wayne Bailey Racing, the service is currently 168.66 points in the black. This would have been much higher but where April had an immense 567.25 point profit, this was pretty much wiped out in May.


There is no denying the pedigree of Wayne Bailey Racing and the results are generally worth paying attention to. 2014 had several months where almost 500 points of profit were made although they weren’t wiped out in the same way that 2015 has. None the less, this shows that high profit months are not an uncommon occurrence. There are naturally the usual problems that come with any lay betting system, namely that your losses can very quickly add up so a large betting bank is a must have to absorb losses but the fact is that on the whole Wayne Bailey Racing isn’t a bad service.

It is fairly priced and has consistently earned profits year on year and should you have any doubts, you can always see how the free selections do before committing your cash.



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From: Simon Roberts