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Wealth Builders Club Review AgoraLifestyles

Wealth Builders Club is a product by Mark Ford and Glenn Fisher that claims to show users how to develop a substantial income through top secret methods.

What does the product offer?

According to the copy for Wealth Builders Club, you are presented with an exclusive chance to join an elite club of wealthy individuals. Mark Ford and Glenn Fisher say that you will be shown a number of different ways of increasing your income with Wealth Builders Club also showing you how to “think” like somebody with wealth. As a Wealth Builders Club member Mark Ford and Glenn Fisher will also send you updates on new ways of making money etc.

How does the product work?

Not surprisingly given the extreme claims that Mark Ford and Glenn Fisher make about Wealth Builders Club, there is no information on how it works. They describe using a method of wealth generating referred to as “subversive income” however there is nothing supplied to contextualise this and other details are very scarce. What is stated in the sales letter for Wealth Builders Club is that “Subversive Income has nothing to do with trading the financial markets, affiliate marketing, or any other scheme you may have tried and dismissed in the past. And it doesn’t require you to start up a business, where you have to rent a building, hire employees, organize payroll, shop inventory”.

What is the initial investment?

Wealth Builders Club sells for the very high price of £595. After this you then have to pay an additional £49 per year. There is a conditional money back guarantee in place for Wealth Builders Club with Mark Ford and Glenn Fisher saying that if you can show after 12 months that you have not increased your wealth and you can show that Wealth Builders Club has not benefited you, you can claim your money back.

What is the rate of return?

The numbers that Mark Ford and Glenn Fisher throw around in terms of income potential for Wealth Builders Club is varied in terms of the details but the prevalent message is the same. All of their students have allegedly made 6 figure incomes and are all well on their way to becoming a millionaire.


Wealth Builders Club has actually been doing the rounds for some time under a number of slight variations on the name. The pitch is always the same with promises of secret wealth developing techniques and nigh unlimited income. There is another thing that all these various iterations have in common too which is an absolute lack of evidence that they work. Given the number of almost millionaires that Mark Ford and Glenn Fisher have made you would expect there to be reams of evidence but this lack of is a huge point of contention for me. Personally I see nothing about Mark Ford and Glenn Fisher that I like, especially at the extremely high pricing that they’ve settled on.



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I was very interested to read comments on .Wealth Builders Club and the price of £595 which was mentioned. Thought you might like to knoe that in the first few emails sent inviting me to join the price was £995. Then suddenly it dropped to £595 but then went back to .£995. If I had paid £995 I would have been furious to see this reduced price a few days later, not that I had or have any intention of joining. I have written to Agora Publishing asking why this has happened and await their reply.

The first thing I noticed in the flair was

“Only a few new members will be accepted so join quickly”


“The more members that enroll, the better it is for all of us”.


I don’t like the “money back if you figure out we were talking rubbish all along” approach, it’s too much risk for potentially no reward and the headache of trying to get your money back

Usually when something is real and people are really making money out of something you find forums and blogs all over the place and real people discussing it, but all you find with these guys are various strategically created websites obviously linked to the same people and spouting the same statements

It smells wrong so it probably is

I got an email from another service I am subscribed to advertising the Wealth Builders Club. It promised 3 days of free lessons from Mark ‘Almighty’ Ford, and then an opportunity to listen to a live Skype interview with him on day 4, which at the time of writing, is today.

The three days “lessons” I got were important nuggets, which to my opinion is available free on the internet for anyone serious enough to look. For example, he talked about importing cheap goods from China and selling in the UK, property rentals etc.

I was not very disappointed as I was eager to hear what Mr Ford would say during the Skype call, which Glenn did a very good job of raising my expectation about what I would learn. This “live” call was to start at 7pm. Even though I set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier, I got distracted and logged in a few minutes past 7pm. Being worried that I had missed something important, I was shocked to find Glenn welcoming viewers for very important live event, and taking close to ten minutes talking about Mark Ford’s accomplishments. I thought since I came late, I would have to sit through the intro, and then I will be taken to the already live event. Nope. Mark called immediately after the intro, which was a bit weird as the timing did not sit well with me.

However, I considered myself lucky that Mark was late as it meant I did not miss a thing. Then I made a discovery. I could PAUSE the LIVE Skype interview!! Seeing that there was something dodgy going on, I went back to my mail box and clicked on the link for the “Live” event and lo and behold, I was taken to the very beginning of the broadcast I was taken to 15 minutes earlier. That is I had two exact same live interviews in front of me, the only difference being one was about 15 minutes behind. This realisation alone put a serious dent in their trustworthiness.

In the course of the interview, there were many signs that further proved it was definitely not live, for example slides of things Mark Ford said were displayed before he said them. He shared some useful nuggets which I have not heard before, I will give him that, but it all led to them marketing the ‘hugely’ discounted Wealth Builders Club membership offer. Glenn went over the offer several times in the course of the event, and was literally sounding like a broken record. They provided a link to the £595 discounted offer which had an expiry time limit of 15 minutes. Needless to say all I needed to do was refresh the page to get a new 15 minutes time limit.

In all, I will say it’s hard for me to trust someone with my money if I couldn’t trust him when I had nothing to lose.

Oh! Almost forgot. The meeting was plus two hours long.Though most part of it sounded like a broken record, I tried to be patient as participants were promised a free book with a market value of £100+ . Do I need to say I received nothing?

As an update to my long post above, I just received an email containing the ebooks they promised. They kept their word. My bad. I still have to read the books to see if they are worth more than a 100 quid though.

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