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Wealthy Trader Review

Wealthy Trader is a piece of binary options trading software that is free to access. Creator Nelson Roosen says you have to deposit with Options Maker first though.

What does the product offer?

Wealthy Trader is named for creator Nelson Roosen’s alleged nickname of the Wealthy Trader. Wealthy Trader is an automate binary options trading bot that Nelson Roosen says has allowed him to lead the life that he wants to. In order to gain access to the Wealthy Trader software you will have to make a deposit through Nelson Roosen’s chosen broker Options Maker.

How does the product work?

The ins and outs of Wealthy Trader aren’t really looked at in even basic detail, something that never ceases to change with this kind of product. The closest to some kind of explanation is that Nelson Roosen claims that he used to work on Wall St before deciding to pursue a career trading binary options independently instead.

What is the initial investment?

Technically, Wealthy Trader is a free piece of software. In order to gain access though you do have to make a deposit through Nelson Roosen’s chosen broker Options Maker. This will typically have a minimum deposit amount of $250.

What is the rate of return?

Nelson Roosen claims to have made almost $1.75 million by using Wealthy Trader and he claims that the ultimate goal of Wealthy Trader is to make other users millionaires too.


Wealthy Trader is yet another addition to the ever expanding stream of “free” binary options trading products. These almost invariably come with a clause requiring you to use a “trusted” broker, who in turn will generally pay marketers a commission for referring you. In terms of the software that is provided with these kinds of products, there is rarely any evidence that they work and unfortunately, I find Wealthy Trader to be the same.

Although some evidence is on show, I remain very sceptical because of the nature of the product. As I invariably conclude with these products, I would personally avoid it.



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From: Simon Roberts