Web Traffic Loophole Review

Web Traffic Loophole is a training course developed by Sarah Starr that she claims will help you generate quick and easy web traffic.

What does the product offer?

Web Traffic Loophole comes in the form of a 60 minute video of a seminar presented by Sarah Starr. The seminar covers a variety of different methods of driving targeted web traffic your website. Sarah Starr says that once you she will teach you how to make money, generate targeted traffic and finally expanding your online business. Also included are a number of bonus products including Outsourcing Secrets, a video that teaches users how to utilise outsourcing for certain aspects of your business. Also provided is Millionaire Video Interviews which contains interviews with twelve different internet millionaires in which they allegedly share their secrets to success.

How does the product work?

Sarah Starr draws upon her knowledge of affiliate marketing and driving web traffic and passes this on to subscribers of Web Traffic Loophole. The training is step by step and seems to cover a variety of different methods although there doesn’t look to be anything new put on the table. Sarah Starr claims that the techniques she provides will provide you with as much traffic as you want to your websites and blogs. Perhaps most interestingly is that she also says she will reveal eight “incredible” traffic sources that have generated considerable income for her over a the past few years.

What is the initial investment?

Web Traffic Loophole is available for a one off payment of $17 down from $27. Sarah Starr also provides a full 30 day money back guarantee in the event you are unhappy with the product.

What is the rate of return?

As Web Traffic Loophole is about generating web traffic it is rather difficult to quantify the results. Based off Sarah Starr’s claim of targeted web traffic it seems likely that there is reasonable opportunity to convert this into capital.


Web Traffic Loophole doesn’t necessarily bring anything to the tablet that you haven’t seen before but what it does present is a neat and complete package that is likely to suit the needs of beginning and intermediate marketers. The bonus content appears to be worthwhile and relevant which is refreshing as more often than not it is unrelated material that the author can’t sell elsewhere. What really makes Web Traffic Loophole stand out is the price. Sarah Starr has made it a very attractive proposition, even if you only wish to study her techniques and glean snippets of information.



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