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WeBET Football World is a long standing sports betting tipster service which is available through the Tipstrr platform. The service has had some very strong recent form and carries significant profit potential.

Introduction to weBET Football World

Typically speaking, when somebody brings a tipster service to my attention, it is because it is a service being launched by one of the larger tipsters out there. But sometimes, I receive something relating to the various large scale tipster markets out there. These allow lots of different tipsters to post their tips and make some money from it, all without having to deal with the rigmarole involved with setting up with a tipster management company. They also provide some bloody profitable bets sometimes.

Which brings me to weBET Football World. I’ll be honest here, the key selling point for me isn’t the fact that the average profit per month is £190. Nor, in a rare move for me, is it about the longer term profit. Instead, I am here because zz’s proofing shows a service that seems to have really found its feet in terms of recent form. And really impressively, all of this is achieved by betting on rather niche football, which of course, opens up the possibility of using it as part of a wider portfolio.

Of course, as much as it is the more recent performance of weBET Football World that intrigues me, it would be naïve to completely write off any of the longer term figures too. An area where I can’t help but feel zz shows some of the weaker cards in its hand. So, a bit of a mixed bag really. But that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily bad. So, with that in mind, let’s get straight into it and see whether or not this is worth the investment.  

What Does weBET Football World Offer?

Whilst there is a lot to cover with weBET Football World, especially in terms of the bets, the logistics are all relatively straight forward. Something which is, in no small part, down to the website used. Because of how zz is operated, every tipster provides a pretty much uniform service with everything being handled effectively in the same way.

This is probably most apparent when you look at how the bets are handled. Whilst you can expect to receive selections directly via email, it is very apparent that zz prefer members to login to their account on the site. Of course, if you are following multiple tipsters, this is probably preferable, however, if you are just looking at weBET Football World, then it can be a minor inconvenience. Especially as this is probably the best way to view tips.  

With that said, pretty much all other elements of weBET Football World are handled by the tipster behind the service. This includes all of the parts that I think are probably most important. First things first, selections are usually published on the evening before a game. Occasionally, it might be in the morning.  Importantly, you will typically have more than 12 hours in which to place bets, which of course, helps you to maximise your value.

And value is a very important part of weBET Football World. The average odds for the service are 3.36 according to zz. These are incredibly impressive for a football tipster service. However, what really stands out to me is that in the last year the majority of bets have had odds of more than 2.4. There were also a significant number at odds of higher than 4.0. That is almost unheard of in football.

This applies doubly so because almost all of the bets that are advised through weBET Football World are 1×2 bets. That is to say backing a team and the draw. Typically speaking, these are some of the lowest odds bets in football, and yet, here we are talking about them in terms of value. It really is quite exciting stuff.

 What I really like about weBET Football World though is that all of this isn’t outlying data. A look through the proofing on zz shows that even in the last week, these higher odds bets are being advised. And within the last week, we see several examples of them winning as well including a 3.86 winner and a 4.55. These are big numbers for football.

Now, one thing that is worth keeping in mind here is that there is a decent volume of bets. For context, the last 12 months have seen some 1,000 tips advised in football (weBET Football World has occasionally dipped a toe in the water of other sports, but not enough to really warrant mentioning). This works out as an average of 2.73 bets per day. Not a huge amount, but it definitely means some work is involved to get the higher advised odds.

Especially because you may end up betting in some rather niche leagues, which in my eyes, is a big part of the appeal. The ten most popular leagues include all of English football from the Championship down to League 2, second tier Italian, German, French, and even Japanese football, and top flight football in Mexico, Sweden, and Romania. These aren’t games most football tipsters are tipping.  

In terms of staking, effectively, this is a simple level staking affair. Now, one of the things that I find frustrating with zz is that their proofing is usually based around very convoluted staking efforts that effectively go up to 10 points per bet. However, given that all bets advised through weBET Football World are to that 10 point maximum, I think it is very reasonable to transcribe the numbers to just 1 point per bet.  

The final thing that I want to talk about here is the strike rate. And this is a very interesting thing in my eyes. You see, typically, you would expect a pretty high number given the bet type that weBET Football World uses. However, the odds do rather offset this, something that I believe is very accurately reflected a win rate of 37%. That isn’t a number that will set the world alight, but all things considered, I don’t think it is too shabby at all.  

How Does weBET Football World Work?

I’ll be honest here. In many respects, zz do a brilliant job of providing insight into their tipsters. There are reams of statistics that let you break down the results by things like odds, bet types, stakes, even the leagues that you’re betting on. It all makes for very interesting reading, especially to someone like me, but it is disappointing that the tipster behind weBET Football World doesn’t talk much about their selection process etc.

With that said, I do think that there are some things that can be taken away. Firstly, seems to be a bit of a focus on the underdog here. That is well reflected in the odds that are available. But with that can often com value, which ultimately, seems to be what the key to weBET Football World is. There is a very clear focus on value that I think you can see in pretty much every element.

Speculating entirely, I also think that this is backed up by the leagues that weBET Football World bets on. Let’s be honest for a second. The bookies rarely get it wrong in bigger games. The pricing is usually pretty much bang on. However, in my experience, it is within those lower and less well known leagues that odds compilers are more likely to get it wrong. As such, it is theoretically possible to develop more of an edge over the bookies.

Of course, all of that is just guesswork. Really, the only thing I can say with any real confidence is that the best thing you can do here is look at the results for weBET Football World and see if it is something that would be a good fit for you. Which, to fully credit zz and their model, there is plenty of this available.

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the things that is undeniably a strong positive when it comes to weBET Football World is the cost structure. Because where zz are very good is offering flexibility for people, all with massively differing costs and value available.

The cheapest option is a 1 week subscription which is priced at just £15 per week. Alternatively, you can sign up for the whole month at a cost of £29 per month. This is of course drastically better value, despite a relatively small increase in cost.

The increase in value does drop off a little bit when you move up to a quarterly subscription which is priced at £75 every 3 months (a 20% saving compared to monthly costs). The next option is a £135 6 monthly subscription (a 25% saving compared to monthly). The best value comes from an annual subscription at a cost of £245, however, this does of course mean a substantial outlay.

Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee available or refund policy in place. This is however industry standard. I do believe that it is somewhat offset by the fact that zz offer a 15 day trial period which is available for just £10, after which it reverts to the monthly subscription.

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential, as mentioned earlier, weBET Football World is a bit of a mixed bag. Over 1,763 bets and a shade over 2 years, the profit stands at £4772.59. A pretty impressive looking number. However, that is based off stakes of £25 per bet. This means that scaled down you’re looking at just 190.9 points. That isn’t a huge amount, admittedly.

 However, I want to talk about that form I mentioned. Over the last 5 months, there has 109.54 points of profit made. That is a significant amount that isn’t to be sniffed at all. In fact, it puts weBET Football World as one of the better performing football tipster services I think I’ve looked at recently.

Conclusion for weBET Football World

In my mind, weBET Football World is somewhat the epitome of the question of form vs long term results. Here is a tipster who, in just 5 months, has made more than they have in the entire previous 20 month period. Which begs the question, what do you look at when you’re making your considerations?

Honestly, this is a difficult question to answer. I have always been a proponent of the fact that if you want to make money long term, you always have to keep an eye on the long term results. And historically, weBET Football World just hasn’t done that well. Even the best month (prior to September) was £665.38 or 26 points. A very strong result indeed, but other months have made less than 2 points.

One of the biggest issues that exist here for me is the lack of explanation that is provided for how weBET Football World works. Oftentimes when there is a drastic turn around in results, it is down to a tweak that a tipster has made. Here, there is simply no evidence of this at all. Instead, there is just a point that we can see the results pivot on. That makes it difficult to tell whether or not you can expect to see this continue in a similar vein.

My best guess, if I’m honest, is probably not. The fact is that nothing in terms of average odds or strike rates have changed. Which honestly, makes it much more likely that weBET Football World is simply on a hot streak. This happens. As much as I always recommend viewing betting as investment, there it is hard to overlook the fact that sometimes, some people just seem to “get lucky”. The question here is how long that luck will last.

So, would I recommend weBET Football World? The short answer to this is probably best described as “probably not”. But to be honest, there is a lot of nuance to this answer, much of which is based on your personal views on taking risks. So, strap yourself in for what is likely to be (and I am really sorry in advance for this) a massive cop out of an answer.

In my eyes, weBET Football World isn’t something that is worth too much consideration. The immediate performance is undeniably impressive, but that is just a drop in the ocean. The fact is that you are also looking at a lot of losing months and minimal profits. A decent run of winnings does not negate the fact that this has happened, nor does it eliminate the risk of this happening again in the future.  

With that said, if you don’t mind having a punt, weBET Football World may well be getting onto. As it currently stands, the service is looking likely to wrap January up with around 15-20 points profit. That kind of result is well worth the £29 monthly fee, supposing that is that we see it again. And with the current series of results, that does just seem plausible.


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