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Wedge Winners is a long an apparently long standing horse racing tipster service which is currently being offered through the Punthub tipster stable. Supposedly, there is some strong profit potential to be had here.  

Introduction to Wedge Winners

In the big old world of tipster services, there is a lot of nonsense out there. And as such, it is quite desirable to find a tipster service that seems to be pretty no nonsense. The kind of thing where you can simply receive your tips, place straight forward bets, and earn some profit consistently. That doesn’t seem like too big an ask, does it? And yet… That seems to be the case. But what about when something land that does seem to tick those boxes?

All of which brings me to today’s subject, Wedge Winners. A tipster service that, based off a cursory glance appears to be everything that you could want. Punthub are keen to talk about a decent pedigree (900 points in some 18 months before they started managing the service). They point out how easy Wedge Winners is to follow. And yet, this doesn’t seem to be a part of the bigger picture.

You see, in theory, Wedge Winners really does tick off those boxes. It really does seem to have delivered as a straightforward, no nonsense tipster service. However, when you start to break things down. Really look at the details… Well, it starts to look like the confidence that Punthub have may well be a touch misplaced. Especially when you compare it to the historic results.

What Does Wedge Winners Offer?

So, what exactly are you getting yourself into with Wedge Winners? Well, probably not surprisingly given what I have already talked about, fundamentally, this is still very much that straightforward affair. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t elements that warrant some level of concern. But I will come to those.

First things first, let’s talk logistics. Punthub are an experienced tipster management company and this shows in most of what they do. It isn’t groundbreaking, but the nature of Wedge Winners means that it doesn’t need to be. And actually, there is a lot to be said for not overcomplicating things when it just isn’t necessary (something that will become poignant a little later on).

So, what does this experienced management bring to the table? First things first, the tipster behind Wedge Winners doesn’t necessarily tip on a daily basis. Of course, that isn’t a bad thing. It seems like an obvious statement, but there is very little that frustrates me more than a tipster who is simply staking for the sake of it.

As you would probably expect from any modern tipster service, selections are sent out directly via email. There is however the option to also receive them via the Telegram App. For those who aren’t familiar with this, it is an instant messaging app that claims to be the fastest messaging app out there. This of course makes it a desirable option for tipsters, and punters.

The selections are typically made available by Punthub the evening before racing at around about 8pm. This of course means that you can aim to get the best odds possible (in a noteworthy addition, the tipster behind Wedge Winners actually includes advised odds). With that said, you should still be aiming to utilise BOG in order to maximise profit potential.

Now, I want to talk about the bets themselves. Once again, everything here all looks very straight forward. Wedge Winners is exclusively concerned with straight win bets. This definitely helps to make it a very simple thing. Which again, isn’t inherently a bad thing.

With all of that said, I think it’s time to address the inevitable area where Wedge Winners simply isn’t so simple. And it is unfortunately, an area that Punthub don’t really address, despite being the single biggest concern surrounding the service. And that all boils down to the sheer volume of bets that you may be betting on.

The sales page for Wedge Winners makes reference to about 150 bets per month. I don’t think that is necessarily prohibitive. And based off Punthub’s proofing, this has been the case. At least, for a while. July however had over 350 bets. You’re looking at an average of 10 per day, and there has been a case of 19 bets advised in a single day. Make no mistake, that is a massive number.

Especially when you look at the kind of odds that are involved. Because Punthub’s proofing demonstrates that there is at least some favour towards longer odds. Over the last few days (in which 42 bets were advised by the way), 9 bets were advised at odds of longer than 7.00. This of isn’t inherently bad, however, it does have a massive impact on how often you can win.

We are told by Punthub that the strike rate for Wedge Winners stands at around 25%. My calculations come in at close to 22%. That might seem like splitting hairs, but when you have losing streaks getting up to 28 bets, how often you win is very important.

Really, the only saving grace here is that Wedge Winners isn’t a particularly high stakes service. Almost all bets are advised to 1 point per bet, very occasionally going up to as high as 3 points on those bets that have lower odds. This means that at the very least the service is pretty sustainable.

This applies doubly so when you consider that Punthub recommend a betting bank for Wedge Winners of 150 points. This should be more than sufficient to cover your potential drawdown, but it still makes for the kind of losses that a lot of people may not be comfortable with.  

How Does Wedge Winners Work?

One of the single most frustrating elements of Wedge Winners is that there is simply no information whatsoever on how the service works or the selection process. This is, as always, a bit of a cause for concern. Because the unfortunate fact of the matter is that in taking such a straightforward approach, there is very little insight that one can gather.

Don’t get me wrong. I can look at the results and make some educated guesses. For example, the range of odds suggests to me that there is an element of trying to find value. This is somewhat backed up by the fact that the odds do appear to drift a bit come the next day. But I also have to admit that this is entirely speculative.

The fact that Punthub provide proofing is welcome in so much as you can get an idea of what to expect from the service. You can come to understand the ebb and the flow. For example, it helps massively to know that you’re dealing with an incredibly high volume tipster service. This means that you won’t wander into Wedge Winners and suddenly find yourself unexpectedly staking £200 on day one.

But that still begs the question why are you betting on that many horses? Is there actually a strategy to Wedge Winners? The realistic answer is that there probably is. But until Punthub are willing to offer at least some insight into this, the tipsters behind the service could simply be throwing darts at a board for all we know.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Wedge Winners, there are two different options that are available. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £20 per month. Honestly, this isn’t a huge amount of money for a tipster service at all.

As you would expect, there is slightly better value to be had in signing up for Wedge Winners on a longer subscription. Punthub’s quarterly option will cost you £50 per quarter meaning a small saving of around £3.33 per month.

Whichever option you choose, it is worth noting that Punthub state they do not offer a money back guarantee. They do say “In certain/exceptional circumstances a refund may be given”, but these are likely to be very specific situations that aren’t likely to apply to most people.

What is the Rate of Return?

It should go without saying that the most important thing for pretty much any betting system is ultimately how much money it makes. In the case of Wedge Winners, there are a few numbers to consider. And thew difference in those results is very substantial.

Firstly, let’s talk about BOG. Because if you are betting to that, you would be looking at a pretty healthy 131.8 points between December and July. Because of the shutdown from COVID-19, this works out to a monthly average of about 22 points per month. Not a bad return.

To the advised stakes however, you would be looking at a drastically diminished profit. In the same period of time, you would be looking at just 45.81 points. At a monthly average of 7.63 points, you’d still be making enough to cover monthly subs, even to modest stakes. But the profits there are pretty slim.

For the best context on the profit though, I think it is worth mentioning the ROI. To BOG, Punthub’s proofing shows an ROI of 10.37%. It isn’t necessarily woeful,but I’ve definitely seen better. Meanwhile, to advised odds, that ROI drops to just 0.88%. Those are levels that are lower than some banks offer in interest.  

Conclusion for Wedge Winners

Right up until July, I don’t think that I’d have necessarily taken too much in the way of exception to Wedge Winners. It wasn’t necessarily perfect, but it was a cheap and somewhat accessible tipster service that would have probably served the right kind of person well enough. It wasn’t remarkable, but it wasn’t bad either.

July though just took Wedge Winners in a whole new direction. 354 tips in a month. That is an average of 11.4 bets per day. I don’t really care who you are, that is a massive amount of betting to do. Now of course there is an argument to be made about the logistics of this. Finding odds, placing bets, etc. But there is also the cost involved.

To simple £10 stakes, you’re looking at betting on average £110 per day. Of which, if you are betting to advised odds, you’d see again, on average 97p back. And even that is presuming that you are positioned to get these recommended odds. You could be worse or better off.

Even to BOG, you’d bee looking at an average of £11 back. But I want to hammer home the point here that these are averages. The reality is that you can expect to see some pretty substantial losing periods. That particularly bad losing streak mentioned before, for example, would have seen you paying out a huge amount of money. And the only thing that saved Wedge Winners there was a 50/1 BOG outsider coming home.

Here’s the thing. I can see why Punthub may have started out with some interest in Wedge Winners. If you look at the results for the supposed historic proofing, it all looks very strong. 900 points in about 18 months is bloody good. And, as I always say, there is a chance that a tipster may rediscover their form.

And I’ll be upfront here. If they do, Wedge Winners will be one of the stronger services on the market. Those historic results show an average monthly yield of 50 points of profit. But, one cannot dwell too much on what Wedge Winners could have been. All that one can really do is look at what is. And the unfortunate fact of the matter is that it is underwhelming.

With all of that in mind, I don’t really think that I’d look to recommend Wedge Winners. As I quite often find myself saying, the bottom line here is the bottom line. At it’s best, what is on offer here really isn’t bad. 20 plus points per month is a result that I’d probably take if it were consistent.

But there is one massive problem here. And that is the fact that you have to getBOG every time in order to achieve this result. Honestly, good luck with that. If you can stake 350 bets per month with a BOG bookie, take a profit of 63.11 points, and not have some restrictions on your account, fair play. But this will not be most people’s experience.

The fact is that Wedge Winners really falls down because of that reliance on BOG. Punthub’s own proofing demonstrates that without it, this service is barely worth the time. And that’s the final nail in the coffin. Not only is Wedge Winners just not that profitable in real terms. But there is just so much more work involved with this than other tipster services that make more money. When you bring this all together, it is unfortunately one to avoid.  


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