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Weekend Leisure Review

Weekend Leisure is a tipping service from James Cheadley that covers a variety of weekend sporting events.

What does the product offer?

Weekend Leisure is a tipping service that is somewhat unique in that it only covers the weekend. The tips are available from around 11am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. James Cheadley claims that his system is designed so that once you have placed your bets you can go away and cash in at the end of the day. Weekend Leisure allegedly offers 15 bets each weekend with odds varying from 1.8 – 7.5. There is also a claimed 73% strike rate.

How does the product work?

According to James Cheadley the reason that most bettors lose is because they don’t have the correct mind set. He says reading racing pages and studying form do not allow you to make an informed decision. Quite how Weekend Leisure make their decisions if these are not the correct way to go about it is never adequately explained which is definitely a matter for concern.

What is the initial investment?

According to the splash page Weekend Leisure costs just £9.95 but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that there will be a lot of upselling after this. This is referenced when James Cheadley states “The entry level of membership is just £10”.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of return rates there aren’t any explicitly discussed although James Cheadley frequently mentions creating a second income or making Weekend Leisure your full time income.


Weekend Leisure promises a lot for very little but unfortunately does not provide any real evidence of its alleged success. What I find interesting is that James Cheadley claims that on 15 bets and a 73% strike rate you can make a legitimate income off Weekend Leisure. When you compare this to other betting systems that say you can earn a little bit of income “on the side”, this suggests that the stakes for Weekend Leisure are rather on the high side. If this is the case a losing streak can create a lot of financial difficulty, especially to inexperienced or casual bettors, which Weekend Leisure seems to market itself to.



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From: Simon Roberts