Weekend Roller Racing Tips Review

weekend_roller_reviewWeekend Roller Racing Tips is a horse racing tipster service offered through The Elite Betting Club that specialises in providing weekend bets to subscribers.

What does the product offer?

The Elite Betting Club don’t actually have too much to say about their Weekend Roller Racing Tips service which initially seems rather odd for a tipster service. This mostly seems to be down to the fact that they are currently marketing Weekend Roller Racing Tips through email however and the fact that it is just one of many services that they offer. The Elite Betting Club say that Weekend Roller Racing Tips is predominantly concerned with big priced winners and that there is a view to making a long term profit.


In terms of what you can expect, selections are only sent out on Friday, Saturday Sunday (which you would expect) and are touted as being based around much longer odds than you may be used to with some of the best results going above 20/1 and in one case, more than 50/1.

All bets that The Elite Betting Club advise Weekend Roller Racing Tips subscribers are recommended to be placed as both win and place bets however you can equally use it as a win only service. Unfortunately, whilst there is no published strike rate for Weekend Roller Racing Tips, I have had a quick look and this seems to be below 20%.

How does the product work?

At the core of Weekend Roller Racing Tips is the team behind The Elite Betting Club. The company itself is operated by one Benjamin Pearson. There is a strong suggestion in the marketing material for Weekend Roller Racing Tips that The Elite Betting Club have a team of professionals however the reality is that the selection process for Weekend Roller Racing Tips isn’t something that is ever explored in any detail.

What is the initial investment?

There is only one offering for Weekend Roller Racing Tips currently available which is provided on a monthly subscription at a cost of £23. Payment is handled directly via Paypal and there is no money back guarantee in place. This is however rather standard for a tipster service.

What is the rate of return?

In 3 months, Weekend Roller Racing Tips has made over 130 points based off 1 point bets to Betfair SP. This is however based on backing horses to both place and win. The figure for win only bets isn’t that much less than this amount and doesn’t involve staking as much.


As far as tipster services go, it is difficult to ignore the fact that Weekend Roller Racing Tips is riddled with potential problems.

First and most apparent is the fact that there is a quite substantial amount of risk involved with the service. There are rather substantial losing streaks and they aren’t infrequent either. This does mean that you have to be willing to sink rather a lot of money into Weekend Roller Racing Tips before you start to make a profit.

Finally, whilst £23 per month isn’t too bad for a tipster service, it is worth remembering that you only get 3 days of selection for this. Personally, I don’t think this is one that I would recommend, however it is rather difficult to ignore that the service has ultimately made money.

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