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Weekend Winners Review

Weekend Winners is a long running horse racing tipster service. The service is somewhat unique as selections do only cover weekend races.

What does the product offer?

Weekend Winners is an email based service whereby tips are sent out each Saturday and Sunday morning. The betting process for Weekend Winners is very simple and uses level stakes and are back to win. There will be an average of 3-4 selections each weekend which over 4 years has produced an average strike rate of 27.1%. This is offset by average backing odds of 6.28 on Betfair.

How does the product work?

There is very little said about the selection process for Weekend Winners which I always find to be a cause for concern. From what I am able to discern from looking at the proofing data much of the system seems to be a high risk, high yield strategy that is based around backing horses with longer odds. The actual selections would appear to be grounded in statistical analysis.

What is the initial investment?

Weekend Winners costs just £27 for a 12 month subscription to the service. As Weekend Winners is sold through ClickBank there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Weekend Winners has produced an average of £1,318.38 profit using £25 stakes over a four year period. This amounts to 52.7 points annual profit. It is worth noting that 2013 was massively improved on 2010-2012 due to a change in the rating system that Weekend Winners use which the creators claim should continue through 2014.


Simply put I don’t believe that Weekend Winners is a serious enough proposition for any major bettor. The fact is that 1 point per week isn’t enough to entice anybody who relies on sports betting for a living and weekend only selections just aren’t enough for anybody at that kind of level. There is probably more merit in Weekend Winners for a casual punter who is looking for a little extra money over the weekends and I believe that this is reflected in the price of Weekend Winners.



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From: Simon Roberts