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Welcome to our New Blog, at MakeMoneyForum.co.uk we have been working on the internet for very many years, teaching thousands of students how to REALLY make money online, from the internet, and from the comfort of their own home.

We know what works, and we study, research and test all the new information, strategies and tricks that become available online in the field of making money. There is a missconception when looking to make money online that it is difficult. Well, it is not for the easy-come-easy-go attitude, but it is certainly possible, with a positive attitude.

Over the coming editions, and posts we will show you what makes money, tried-and-tested methods that will put money where it is needed – in your pocket.

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If you have a genuine desire to carve an income from working online, then we WILL help you to do this.

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Good luck with the site. I am a member of your forum.

Good luck with the make money forums blog fellas.

I have bookmarked this. I am interested in anything that can potentially make me money.

Some nice reviews here, thanks.

This is an excellent site and I have been visiting for a little while now and have to say I signed up to the bonus bagging by a gentleman named Mike Cruikshank only after discovering it being mentioned on this site and have to say it works so I made quite a few hundred pounds doing that which helps keep a smile on the other half`s face which in turn saves me a couple of hundred headaches. There have been a couple of other systems which caught my eye and after reading various reviews on this site regarding these systems then I was able to avoid them so further saving me money.
Overall this is an excellent site and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the admins very much for the excellent work in helping me make money and also to save money at the same time, also I hope that I will be able to contribute to the site in helping other people avoid the scams what are out circulating out there.

Again thank you very much and very kind regards.


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your kind comments, and yes, we try our best to offer advice and to help.

Thanks again,



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