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What is, AITradesafe, and the new Andy Ireland Forex Trading System?

Forex Systems are aplenty online these days, but the new AITradeSafe by Andy Ireland is generating quite a debate, due to it’s unusual nature. Unusual nature in the fact that Andy himself actually generates his sole income by using the exact same methods he is teaching his students on the course.

If you familiar with Forex, and have read course before, then we would advise that you simply forget everything you have read, or watched so far, because this is a brand new way of learning, and the results are generating much excitement.

New, or old, and looking to generate a first or second income online, you really need to investigate Forex, but especially this new hands on system by Andy Ireland. This man really knows his stuff, and he is offering to teach YOU the exact same methods that puts food on his virtual table.

 Forex Trading for Beginners: Is AITradeSafe  a Good Investment?



Ok, let’s discuss what Forex is all about..

These days when everyone seems to be struggling with money, we are all looking for a quick and easy source of extra income. But listening to the advice of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world gives us the idea that the best way to earn big money is by building your own business or investing in some form of market. If you don’t have any knowledge in business but you have the capital, why not try investing in a market like Foreign Exchange?

Forex trading has created many millionaires, have no doubts about that. It works.

Forex is a popular trading system all over the world. It enables different countries to trade goods and services fairly using their own currencies. And because import and export services are highly in demand, the foreign exchange market has grown and developed into its very own investment system. Many people have thought of investing in Forex because it seems like a very productive market, but before you let go of your hard-earned money, it is important to understand the reality behind Foreign Exchange.

Why Foreign Exchange?

As compared to other trade markets, why is it ideal to invest in Forex? For beginners who do not have any experience with trading, Forex is a good starting point because one can learn a lot from it. The basics of how money circulates all over the world will easily be learned by a Forex beginner, since it is the main concept that regulates the entire Forex trading system.

Apart from this, here are other advantages of Forex over other trading systems:

  • Forex operates only on currency, reducing other factors that may affect the circulation of the market.  Stocks and commodity trading involve retail products and other goods which can directly affect market conditions.
  • Forex has a large chance of profit margin growth.
  • Forex doesn’t require a large capital but even small investments can earn big if the market favours it.
  • There are a lot of reliable and professional online programs that help new investors to comfortably practice Forex trading, such as AI TradeSafe – which is brand new and offered, as mentioned, by Andy Ireland, a Forex expert.
  • There are different ways to trade foreign currencies, and investors may choose which method they decide to partake in. There are a lot of useful information and tutorials online which can expand a beginner’s knowledge in these trading methods.
  • Forex is never idle or slow in circulation because of the popularity and frequency of global product trading.

Is It Safe to Invest My Money on Foreign Exchange, when using the AITradeSafe methods?

Yes, even if you have no experience in trading whatsoever. Joining online Forex programs, such as the one developed by Andy Ireland, will give you all the training and knowledge you need in order to become an expert in this trading system. The investment cost is not high at all, and these programs will be your lifetime guide and tool in reaching Forex trading success.

Investing your money not only allows you to earn passive income, but it also gives you the chance to earn more than you can ever do from a simple local business or a nine-to-five job. And with the abundance of resources to help you, there’s no reason to hesitate in grabbing such an opportunity.

Some people make SERIOUS gains in Forex, and the people that do make these gains, as the ones using the correct methodology.

Andy Ireland is now offering to teach you these sought after strategies that have brought him a wealth of financial security.

This course has now launched here:

Andy Ireland AITRADESAFE has closed until further notice




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Comments (208)

How much does it cost and where is the link?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Robbo,

We have been alerted that the official launch is in a few weeks, although we have seen a few details, and on first impressions, and from what we have seen, this looks like a real game-changer when making money on the Forex exchange.

Be sure to keep the page bookmarked, as this will be a very interesting proposition for people looking to make money from home.


Edit, the product has now launched :

For the first thre months the price is £89.95 per month, then from month four onwards £149.95 per month.

I had to do a double take then as it sounded like a similar system I tried a few years back, but put in the back of the cupboard, as there was a lot going on in my life at the time.

aitradesafe? If the name means it is safe, and taught to us by a regular user of the same info, then might be a goer. I have sent you an email, to contact me when this launches, I hope you don’t mind.

THnak you. Wayne.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Email received Wayne,

As soon as we hear the AITradeSafe product has launched, we will send you a courtesy email.

Best Wishes,


A friend of mine gave this thing a go a few years back, but due to ill health he had to stop, but I know he made money from it. I think I will send him a link to this to see if it can reignite his interest, and he could do with earning a few quid again.


I have made a few quid with Forex myself, but it was always one step forward, and 2 steps back, thus if somebody is willing to teach me what I actually need to do to make it work, then I could be interested, sure. I know people who have made some good money with this Forex, although they would not share their secrets with me, don’t blame them hahaha, so if you can contact me when this goes live, I am more than willing to take a good look at it.

You can definitely make money using the forex if you know what you are doing. my uncles trade it and make good tabs with it. they dont show anybody what they are doing, not even me.

I will be taking a keen look at this when it goes live.

traded on forex for a good few years, so anything new I can learn I look forward to seeing it.


Noted, and bookmarked.

Many years ago I purchased a similar program called StarTrader. At the time I was on a limited income and so couldent really get involved with it. But now I would like to give it a bash and see what happens. Keep me posted.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Thanks for your comment, Bilal.

We are sure it will work for you, and you do have the guarantees.



I received the leaflet this morning and the thing I like about it is that there is an unconditional no quibble money back guarantee. The course is from Markiteer which everyone knows is run by a gentleman called Tim Lowe so maybe that should speak for itself as he seems to have a solid reputation so im probably going to give it a go.
The price of the monthly course which involves the use of a forex template is £89.95 for the first 3 months and thereafter it is £149.95 for the next 9 months and after that then it costs £29.95 per month from then on.
Overall it does not seem too expensive considering what it claims to achieve and like I say the money back guarantee means you cannot lose.

Ps: I am not affiliated with Tim Lowe in any way.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Thanks for your comment Mark.

Let us know how you get on, and as you mention, it is not expensive at all considering the returns that are stated.

Good luck with the service.


I to have received a mailshot from Tim Lowe regarding the AITradesafe program, not sure if Mark McNamara’s comments were misinterpreted or was a slight of hand on keypad, but the price reads, £89.95 per month for the first 3 mths, A Total of £269.85, Then month 4 @ £149.95 per month for the remaining 9 month A Total of £1,349.55, which is not overly priced in comparison to a lot of forex courses, all you need to start is the initial £269.85, and then if it is as good as promised the other cost would be covered by the profit made,

My only one concern of the program is scant reference to losses, and any setting of a stop loss, will be seeking a bit more clarity.

Thanks admin and I have been lurking for quite a while reading various articles on your site and I find the site a great place to come to when looking for money making courses and your site has helped me avoid a lot of the scams out there and also through your site I took the plunge on the bonus bagging method and have made money with that which came in very handy so please keep up the great work helping us make money and saving money at the same time.
Back to the discussion I do have the same concerns as Brian in the fact that there is no details regarding potential losses as I am quite sure there is with any other forex trading system out there. Having said that Tim does state that it is guaranteed to make money if the system is followed correctly to the letter so this has got my attention.
My only problem at this moment is financial constraints at the moment which should be resolved in due course, family commitments etc.. but I am going to give it a try once my finances allow it.

As Tim is out of the office, he’s asked me to respond to this thread.

I’ve noticed a couple of you asking about losses. Now of course, losses are part of trading. If you watch the sales video again you’ll actually notice Andy Ireland say as much.

At 1 min 15 secs Andy says “You can see the profit being made in the bottom right hand corner of the screen”. If you take a look, you’ll see that the profit is actually negative at that point. This is because the trade is in place and it hasn’t yet moved into profit.

Have a look also at the sales video at 2 mins 25 seconds. Andy shows that the previous day there was a blip in trading which meant he hadn’t made much profit – this was due to a losing trade. He actually states that there was “a slight blip yesterday, it does happen from time to time, but just move on…”
So you can see that we don’t claim that you will never suffer losses, and in fact show they even happen to experienced traders such as Andy.

Quite simply, losses are part and parcel of trading and cannot be avoided. In the sales website, we also state “Anyone who tells you that there is 100% zero risk with any trading system is not telling the truth but with AITradesafe, as long as you follow what you’re shown, to begin with, there is absolutely no risk to your own money!”

Andy Ireland’s AITradesafe system is 60-75% successful. In other words, you will certainly suffer some losing trades, but so long as you follow the system, the majority of your trades will be winning trades so overall you will be making money.

Additionally, the reason we say that there is no risk to your own money to begin with is because we have a special deal with a Forex broker. They have agreed to underwrite up to £300 for the first month of trading. This means you have a chance to deposit £300, follow a very aggressive trading plan for a month (with which you can make up to £3350), safe in the knowledge that your initial £300 investment is not at risk. This gives you the chance to build up a very substantial trading bank very quickly, with no risk to your original investment.

Once the month is over you will be taught to follow a much less aggressive plan, since your money will be at risk.

There is also a ‘demo’ version of the trading software, which you can practice with until you are absolutely certain you are ready to trade with real money.

With the 30 day money back guarantee there really isn’t anything to lose by trading out the system for a month. I hope I’ve answered the questions you had and have encouraged you to try AITradesafe.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Excellent reply, from the team at Tim’s Office.

What I gather from that is this:

1) The first month you have absolutely no risk at all, with the potential to make up to £3350, again with no risk.

2) Also during this no risk first month, you have the opportunity to see if the AITradesafe system works. If it does work, you carry on, and if it does not work, you would obviously ask for your refund, as stated in the sales letter.

Either way, this is an opportunity to make up to £3350, with no risk, but with the even bigger opportunity to learn a system that has been the sole income provider for the person who created it – Andy Ireland.

We cannot see any downsides, because although we do review a lot of products, and services, no company would usually build a website (AITradesafe,) and go to the trouble of offering so many guarantees, if this did not work.

There is always risk, getting out of bed in the morning is a risk.

BUT, as with anything, there are people that make money, and people who don’t, those that do, are usually worth listening to.


I am a beginner who needs to try his hands on the demo before going live. Do I start paying the £89.95 the first month while I will still be practising with demo, knowing fully well that I might not be making any money then?

HI, thank you for this comment. I have a question though: in case I want to stop during the initial 30-day period, would I receive the first instalment of 89 back? I have completely understood what happens afterwards.

Thanks for the reply from Tims office. That was the point I could not seem to grasp how the sales letter was stating that you could not lose money and that capital was not at risk and your explanation has alleviated my concern regarding that point. I will be giving this a go once my finances are in order and I am looking forward to giving this a go. Family commitments and being made redundant have taken their toll on my wallet at the moment but this is only temporary. After going through the online info again I would recommend people give it a go as from everything I have read then its impossible to lose your initial money with the guarantees that are in place such as the unequivocal no questions money back guarantee offered by Tim and the fact that a persons money is insured with the broker. To me its a potential win win.
I have to agree with the admin as well on the point that was raised is that no one is going to go through all the trouble of setting up a website and the cost of producing all the literature and other additional costs if it did not work as stated.

Overall this is one I am going to give a go.


Hi Mark,
good to hear my reply helped. We look forward to seeing you join the course in the near future and wish you every success.

Hello, Neat description

Having tried many different *and expensive* forex courses, and never really getting anywhere, and always with winning, then losing what I have made, how is the ai tradesafe going to be any different? i mean, some of the courses out there are largely elabourate, but still didnt manage to teach me to succeed long term.

Please let me know.

Hi there

Just got the sales page from TIM LOWE… Must admit it looks and sounds superb and i was quite excited…. But then the monthly recurring came in… I should have known really coming from TIM as all his stuff is the same.. Seems awesome and im sure it works a treat, but the cost always keeps us where we are…. There is no way on this earth, i could shell out 89 a month, then 149. Maybe at the end the 29 a month would be fine as im sure earning will be more than enough to cover this small fee.. Being a single income family as my partner lost her job a while back and hasnt found any employment since makes this even more pocket wrenching..

If you have another way of trying this at less cost then im all ears, but as for now its a no brainer for sure but just outta reach as usual..



MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Michael,

Nobody is going to give you valuable information for free, are they?

There are countless courses online for free, but 99.999% totally worthless.

From what we have read, your money is totally protected, and you have over £3350 to gain for the sake of an £89 payment, and on top of that you can still ask for a refund should you not be happy with the profits you are making, so you will never be risking your money.

As mentioned, if you are asking for experts to teach you how to earn a living, the same way that they themselves so, you cannot expect that to be given away for free.


There IS money to be made on trading forex, but isn’t it best that you teach youself? and then find what works? I have been trading for a while, and do fairly well, but taught myself.


Of course that is your choice, however most people want some kind of help. We offer guidance from newbie right up to pro as well as our proprietary indicator. Unlimited questions, two live trading webinars each week and lost of help is what many people want.

Tim Lowe

I’m interested in the coarse but would rather pay monthly via direct debit or Paypal, is there any way to do this as paying monthly installments via credit card is not something I like doing?

I am sorry but Direct Debit needs a special arrangement with the bank which we don’t have but which takes months of paperwork to set up so most smaller companies don’t do it.

Paypal may be possible, we do have an account but virtually nobody uses it with us foir some reason.

If you contact my office using the address on the sales page they will be able to help you set it up.


Tim Lowe

Having been a daily trader on forex for about 8 years, and after seeing the videos on tis system ‘ai trade safe’ I am intrigued. I would like to know some details about how your indication system works compared to any I may have used in the past trading. I use a few strategies myself with trading, but any further information on improving my own methods would be appreciated.

You can make money on currency trading if you know what you are doi, but after reading your website, I feel that you are overstating how easy it is. Trading is not a guaranteed way to make consistent profits, and consistent being the highlighted word, because all traders will inevitable make losses, and suffer consecutive losses, but the fact is, that successful traders manage their RISK better than traders who fail.

Interest nonetheless, if some more detail could be provided.


I am afraid that the indicator is proprietary and was developed especially for us so I am not able to tell you how it works.

No system is perfect and AITradesafe is no different – it has a high strike rate and of course proper management of trades means that losses are low on losing trades and gains are much larger on winning trades which maximises the effectiveness of time in the market.

Certainly Andy himself has not had a losing month for several years so I disagree about whether it is possible to make money consistently. We believe that it is possible if a winning strategy is rigidly adhered to.

The video actually highlights a day where Andy had a small setback but that video was simply a video diary for the week before we launched the product so unless we wanted to artifically cause a big loss the system worked as shown. I am confident we could repeat something not too different most weeks.

Tim Lowe

I put the letter to one side and read it last night and it sounds like something I could do. Don’t get me wrong, I have never done any trading before but the only thing holding me back now is the time I may have available to give the system the merit. I am hoping the offer does not run out yet to give me a little more time to reflect on it. I am not on a big salary, and the wife is always telling me to use some initiative, and maybe this could be what I have been looking for. I am going to do some more research on forex, and trading first though to make sure I will not be in over my head which will give the wife even more to groan about it it went wrong haha.


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Chris,

The outlay is quite small for this service, and in the first month you will probably realise if this will work for you, and if you would be in profit, as you will be trading in a practice mode first to gain confidence for when you trade for real.

No real risk involved on this one,



Hi Chris,
as the MMF admin said, there really isn’t anything to lose by trying this out. We offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. So you can buy it, try it out for up to 30 days and if you aren’t happy you can cancel within that time period and we will happily give you a complete refund. Of course we think that you will find it so good that you will keep going with it!

Does this system have to be run on Meta Trader4 ?

Hi Paul,
yes the template indicator is specific to Metatrader4.

Can somebody please explain to me what exactly this is. I have never heard of forex trading, and I need to know if this is something anybody can understand.

Hi Sam,
Forex trading is Foreign Exchange trading, or currency trading. You can find quite a lot out about it from a simple internet search. It might sound complicated, but it really isn’t when it is explained well which is what we have aimed for in the AITradesafe program. The indicator system we have developed with Forex trader Andy Ireland is a simple red & green light system, which shows you when to enter and exit trades very simply. It does all the analysis for you rather than you having to do it.
If you haven’t already looked at the sales page I would say that is a good place to start. If you haven’t received a letter from us you can find it at:

I hope this answers your question.

If I sign up for this and then carry on past the 30 day guarantee period, thereby paying £89.95 per month for 3 months and then £149.95 per month after that, can I still drop out at any time if I decide that it is not for me after all?

Sorry, forgot to add another question to my original comment.

What sort of time does Andy do the live trading session during the 30 day period? Early morning? Lunchtime? Evening? I have a full time job and so obviously could not join the live trading session during the day.


Yes, AFTER the 30 day guarantee period you can still cancel at any point and pay nothing more, however, just to be clear, you cannot get a refund on what you have already paid up to that point.

The live webinars start at 7:45am and run until about 9:15am. If you cannot make all of that we record them so you can watch them at your leisure.

I hope this helps

Tim Lowe

I have taken the plunge after reading an awful lot about forex but
never before actually done anything about it.
1. the information is simple easy to understand and easy to install.
2. Andy has always replied to my queries and not made me feel stupid!
3. I am still practising on the demo account, as strongly advised !!! and after a few mistakes, mine by the way, i feel much more confident placing trades.
4. When I am achieving consistent trades and feel comfortable,I will only then move onto real money, following Andy’s very sensible advice.

me again, I feel quite positive that this hopefully going to be a long term project.
It is not a get rich quick scheme but a system where you can learn and progress.
I will post again in a months time and see how i manage as a complete newbie!

Having been intrigued by forex trading for a few years I have finally decided to take the plunge and give AI Tradesafe a try.

Having no experience, I am starting at ground floor level and looking forward to all the training and of course trading.

Lets see if the system does actually work.

I will try and update regularly with my progress.

Hi I have a question before purchasing which I hope Tim’s office might respond to here. I read that the “Man in the Street” indicator template which we will receive should give amazing results/income as long as we follow the rules and that that should all happen pretty much immediately.

Why then do we need a further 12 month training programme? If the system is so simple to grasp and use to achieve the levels of income quoted, what else are we going to be taught that will improve results dramatically? Another strategy? Or is this just a marketing way of pricing the initial template (ie for a total of £1619.40 being 3 at £89.95 and 9 at £149.95) before it becomes available for ongoing use at £29.95 per month?

I am very interested in the product but this puzzles me.

As the sales copy says the aim is to take newbies and teach them multiple methods so that they have an armoury of tools good enough to make them a professional trader if they wish.

The more methods and skill you have the less likely you are to make a mistake. I would prefer a heart surgeon who had allsorts of techniques in his bag that he would probably not need for my operation rather than a bloke who only knew how to do the exact operation I happened to be having. Its just safer!!!!

Obviously you should expect to make more each month as time goes by but how much depends on how much effort you want to put in. Many ‘full time’ tarders actually only trade a few days a month, ist your choice.

There are three reasons to stay subscribed, (1) you will learn more advanced methods and work towards that highly skilled and therefore more likley to succeed long term professional status; (2) everybody will always want questions answered and help because as your knowledge grows and develops situations crop up or things occur that you will want advise on – this is part of what you get and; (3) the trading template that works with the trading software is only licenced to you for as long as you are subscribed so if you choose to unsubscribe then the template will stop working. This is still the case after you are fully trained but then the cost drops to £29.95 monthly.

We feel that this is a tiny price to pay for what the template helps you do as it gives you signals you could not obtain in any other way unless you were a real 10 year ‘city veteran’.

Tim Lowe

When does this go live as I dont see anyone actually having said they have used it. Like most I have tried many Forex systems/methods of which most dont work and the ones that do might barely break even, however I have no doubt that money can be made from Forex if you really know what you are doing. I also must agree with one or two posts that A1Tradesafe is a little on the expensive side and will be out of some peoples reach financially, yes a guarantee is offered for a refund and the initial trading bank of £300 is assured but I cant see how this can be virtually guaranteed to turn into more than £3000 in the first month, I do understand the Forex markets and I know how difficult it is to make money from Forex..

Finally a couple of very important questions:

1. Does the green/red indicator re-paint – I have a simmilar indicator which has the four rows and the same colours with each row representing a different time frame and when all time frames show the same colour this indicates a possible trade set up, only problem is you could enter the trade and then the colours you entered on change – A major flaw in my indicator which makes it completely useless.

2. Does the indicator work in trending and ranging markets.


The indicator does NOT repaint.

Our indicator is based on PRICE ACTION utilizing several different formats of convergence and divergence in order to allow a beginner to see where price action, a leading not lagging indicator (although there is no such real thing as a leading indicator), is taking place.

It was developed to help new traders make as informed a decision as possible, before they can really appreciate price action.

Tim Lowe

Thanks for the replies but there are still a couple of points not answered. Does the indicator work in trending and ranging markets and when does this go live as no one yet as made comment regarding performance/results.


I posted on here earlier today asking a few questions about AITradesafe and have noticed my post has been removed.


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Ian,

Your post was not removed, all new posters automatically have their first post moderated, due to the amount of spam that websites such as this attract.

When you initially posted, you will have seen a message stating “awaiting moderation”, even though it may have initially looked like the post had gone live.

Thank you for your comments, which are now live, and we are sure that Tim Lowe or one of his team will respond to your questions in due course, as they have already participated on this thread.

Although just picking up on a point you made about the expense of the system, we see such similar comments made on a variety of different income opportunities, and our feeling, is that as long as you are making profit, over and above what your time is worth to implement any system, be it forex, or anything else, then any fees cannot even be considered an expense, can they?

By that, I mean if you were making £3350 per month, every month, and this took, say, one hour per day to complete the actions required to generate this level of income, then even if the training materials cost £2350 per month, surely it would still easily be worthwhile?

Profit is not easy to come by these days, as we all know, so we (and of course it is our opinion only) would never see any training as a genuine expense; not IF the promoted profits are being generated.

As another analogy to people reading this thread, and considering training as an expense:

A wide screen TV maybe cost £1,000 and obviously that would be an outright expense, but if that tv was making electricity savings that paid for itself, and then lasted 20 years, when an average tv only lasted 5, then that would render the initial expense nil and void.

We have also read many forex reviews where the majority of the systems failed, so a winning system cannot really be compared to one that fails, in expense terms, as there is no expense, only profits – if a profit is achieved, and in this situation, if there is not a profit created you get your money back anyway.


MMF Admin

Looks interesting, but what if I have no experience in this area, still can be done?

The idea is that it is aimed at total novices through to experienced traders so you should be fine, however if you are not then you have 30 days to ask for a refund.

Tim Lowe

Can a stop loss be put in to save you losing over a certain amount on a trade should your computer crash and you can’t put a stop on that particular trade – is there an emergency telephone number for such an event?
In the unlikely event of finding the stress of forex trading too much, after making £3300 profit in the first month, could I take the money and run?
Should I be a successful trader and go into profit, is it easy to take my winnings out of my account with the forex broker you recommend?


Yes you would always use stop losses and if you wish also a ‘take profit’ so that if a predertimed profit level was reached the platform close the trade for a profit automatically. You might not make as much this way but its useful if you cannot get on the internet and want to know that both sides are catered for.

Yes all brokers have phone neumbers for emergency trading decisions!

We suggest you practice for month 1 and trade live in month 2 but after that, yes of course you could take your £3k and do nothing else. Withdrawals are easy enough but just like a bank, prove ID because of money laundering etc.

Tim Lowe

I understand the concept of essentially renting the template to clients. I trade on Betfair for a living using the Bet Angel software which you can’t buy outright but have to rent from the proprietors. It’s the clever way to do it…you sell the Golden Eggs each month but never the goose that lays them. It maximizes income, enables you to retain control of the software and a decent company will continue trying to improve the software and upgrade the programme as and when for its clients.

The cost of the programme, within reason, is immaterial. The essential point is that it has to work! If it works then you should easily be able to recoup the monthly cost from achieved profits.

I’m not sure why I need the ongoing training though. Sure, it’s good to learn more and improve your skill…I’m all for being autodidactic but if the template works can’t I just watch the lights change colour, place my trade and cash out when they change colour again?

I suspect not.

I know Tim has to flog his product and paint a rosy picture…the affable chap from a Derbyshire village that makes enough coin of a morning to spend his afternoons on the lash at his local pub. The phrase I hear in the video is ‘so easy’…wait for the 4 lights and Robert’s your mother’s brother.

Like many of Tim’s promotions we get a pound of sizzle but only half an ounce of sausage meat.

What currency pairs are traded?
What time frame is used?
What stop losses are used?
What’s the trade risk reward ratio?
What’s the percentage of winning/losing trades?
How long’s affable Andy been trading the system?
Can we see his broker account statements?

Yeah, I know we get a money back guarantee – and I know Tim will honour this – but it’s still a pain to buy the deal, get it all set up and then find it’s not ‘so easy’ and that there’s the inevitable : ‘ I know there were 4 lights the same colour but that wasn’t a trade because…….’.

@jim brown

Are you for real??? You think making money should be *easy*, and it should just be landing in your lap???

You are in dreamland, son.

Stop bleating.

There are rules about when and if to trade which are not met by the automated template, for example, certain news events make for a very volatile market at certain times and these are best avoided by novices simply because of how fast the market can move.

This product is specifically intended for novices through to medium experienced but not professional traders.

A novice has no interest in currency pairs (you can trade any), time frames (we start with the 15 min chart in month 1 but move on to others as well as the course develops) stop loss levels (c’mon that is part of what we teach), strike rates (about 70% of trades are wins and obviously properly managed wins are designed to be bigger than any properly managed losses). it has no place in a sales letter aimed at novices.

What most people want to know is what’s in it for me? what do I have to do to get that reward and do I believe it will work for me?

Very few people are interested in turgid bumph about risk/reward ratios so we don’t make the majority read such stuff.

Regarding how long Andy’s been trading his story is all in the copy, about 5 years and if you want to see his brokerage accounts that is no problem but you will have to go to his office and see them on screen live, because any screenshots would be disupted by sceptics so it must be live and obviously he’s not able to put his account details online.

Our stance is always that if you don’t have enough information to convince you to buy then obviously you shouldn’t do so. We do our best to accomodate what most customers would like to know but sadly it is impossible to please absolutely everybody and so we accept that those people won’t buy from us.

Tim Lowe

Thanks for the replies yo my earlier post but there are still a couple of points not answered. Does the indicator work in trending and ranging markets and when does this go live as no one yet as made comment regarding performance/results.



Apologies for anybody baffled by the following answer as it is jragonistsic but has to be to answer the questions posed, if you don’t follow, not to worry it doesn’t actually matter as the course teaches you all you need to know!!!!

The indicator certainly works in trending markets and works well in ranging markets on the longer timeframes. However it will keep you out of trades in a ranging market on the 5 min and 15 min charts as they are not suitable for the trading rules we use.

It is already live, is been available for about 3 weeks tommorow. There are actually a few people above on this thread saying they are trading but I think you have to remember that some people always want to see other people’s results first but those that jump in often don’t come back and report results because they see no reason to. Its just not on their list to do if they are happy, of course if they are unhappy that is a very different story and they will waste no time in telling the world how bad it is, so I am afraid you may just have to accept that no news is good news and try it yourself.

I have pasted these comments from other forums which also might help:

Personally, I am finding that AITS is doing what is claimed. Today I had not a single unprofitable trade and ended up with 12 points profit. Yes, it does take some practice to get to grips with the QuickStart technique – but it isn’t difficult & you simply MUST stick to the rules.



For what it’s worth, I decided to give it a whirl at the end of last week and it seems feasible so far. I’m still in the learning stage and have made trades not in line with the rules, but, even so, I’m at a 60% success rate and in “profit”. I’m slowly getting to grips with it, though.


This past week has resulted in my having trades that have produced an overall profit at the end of every single day. In total, I have made 51 points. Considering that I only joined just over 2 weeks ago and have never traded before, then I am pleased with my progress.

In my opinion, AITS does exactly what is claimed & I shall be more than happy to continue my subscription.


I joined on the 25th of February and started trading on the 26th (dummy account) My results so far: 26th 6 pips 27th 46 pips 1st of all let me tell you how refreshing it is to find someone who is really willing to help others succeed.


Hi Andy. Just quick note. About me age 64. Been trading for a few years now. You have done what all the other courses have not. Live trading. Well done.
{On Monday}…traded EUR…{made} 31points
Traded Aud….sold at 10 points profit. So total for day 41 points.


Here are my results:
Euro/Dollar to 21st Feb
23 trades, net = +247 {points}
Pound/Dollar to 20th Feb
27 triggered trades, net +330 {points}


Just come of the 3rd webinar and several people even newbies ARE making money AND there are some experienced traders on the program, i am new to this but i can say that Andy Ireland is a genuine and helpful guy, i got stuck on the template not downloading correctly and Andy rang me up on the weekend and talked me through it, great guy.


Tim Lowe

Er, apologies, I mistyped saying ‘jragonistsic’ when meaning ‘jargonistic’ which didn’t help the alreday baffling response!!! Sorry

Tim Lowe

Thanks Tim for your in depth answer’s and yes it sounds good. I have been trading for a couple of years now mainly from bought systems and to be honest I have not actually made money. I am seriously considering AITS.


@Jake M
You’re obviously not the fizziest drink in the fridge!

The easy that I was referring to was the repeated use of the phrase “so easy” in the promotional video and that there was more to the process than blindly following an indicator template as is implied in the advertising blurb.

I don’t dream. In fact, son, if like me you made your living backing horses, had been barred by every bookmaker in Christendom, turned over the thick end of £700,000pa @ 12% GP then you’d realise my eyes are fully wide open.

Neither do I bleat…I ask sensible questions about business/investment opportunities before shovelling my dough and more importantly my time into a deal. A piece of advice you’d do well to follow should you wish to improve your lot in life.

I tried to look at the photobucket link you posted with no success. Can you email it to me directly at

And I, like yourself, want to know the “dry stuff” before spending my time and $ to end up nowhere. Good for you!

By the way I’m Canadian so the “free $” is not an option for me as I’m unable to open an account with GKFX if that’s who they’re referring to.

@ Tim Lowe,

Thanks for your swift reply.

I am one of those people that do like to know the dry facts outside of the advertising hyperbole. However, having given it some thought, I’m going to give it a bash. I can’t really give valid comment on the methodology until I’ve read the bumf and tried it in real time for myself.

I’ll post my thoughts and experiences on here in due course.

I’ve decided to give this a go with the £300 protected trading capital and the guarantee offered by Tim Lowe it sounds a decent offer.

@Jim Brown

Some may say that expecting bookmakers to pay a continuous profit of £84,000 a year without raising your head above the parapet and getting your accounts cancelled is also not the actions of someone that is the fizziest drink in the fridge. Fair dues if you now live on the fact that you have letters from the bookies saying you were *so successful we had to cancel his accounts*, but you cannot be successful with no accounts, can you, which is an indirect failure. And as for the £84,000, if it was 1985 that might be impressive, but not in todays money.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Jake M,

Please keep the thread on track, with the subject at hand, and avoid deviations.

Thank you.


I have this and am slowly getting to grips with it. However, although there are regular Webinars, it really needs some kind of forum where members can compare their results and see where they’re going wrong (or right!). For instance, my demo account showed two winning trades and six losing ones yesterday (5th), but I’ve nowhere to compare that with others (my first trade today is also losing).

I’m hoping this is a blip, but I am feeling a bit alone at the moment as my results have plunged from early successes.


You have the ability to ask Andy questions directly on the helpdesk and he can tell you whether that is good or bad (its bad by the way, you are probably missing something which he will be able to help with).

I really would recommend going this route as you will then get correct information from an expert.

A forum for comparison with others is honestly a terrible idea!!! My experience is that people get brought down by a few continual moaners and nay sayers. Basically the forum members are not experts but will give each other advice which is often wrong and then arguments start when people think somebody else has made their situation worse. We did this once before with a sports trading product and it caused so many rows between forum members that all the ones doing well refused to even look at it which just left those who were making mistakes telling each other what they thought.

Tim Lowe

I have asked questions and will continue to do so but I maintain that a forum is the better option. I’ve used them for years and the pros far outweigh the cons and engender more of a community feeling, which I’m not getting at the moment.


I cannot see why you would want advice about something from people who in the majority of cases probably don’t know the answers (if they did why would they be buying a training service?)

Trading is not a community activity and we never suggested that it was so I’m not sure why that is something that you would expect.

Anyway, we looked at it and decided against it, I’m sorry if that is not what you want but we don’t believe it is the right thing to do.

Tim Lowe

It’s simply so that new traders can compare their results and trades to see whether they’re on the right track. A forum would also have experienced traders as members so people who thought they were doing the right things, but weren’t, could be advised by those with more knowledge/experience. I’ve been in touch with Ian below and it’s already been useful. It is, however, up to you.

Dave C

I have only joined this today and have yet to download the template. I am in the process of reading the quick start PDF. I have some Forex knowledge and will try and help you if I can. If you email me your exact enties to include the date, time (GMT), Forex pair traded, time frame, open price, stop loss and take profit for the 8/9 trades you mention I will try and help. This also might help me too.


Hi Tim
Just acknowledging your comprehensive reply to my questions of 3 March. Many thanks.
On the basis of your comments I have gone ahead with the purchase and am busy getting set up. Have done a mega-marathon (!)session of watching/listening to the many hours of recordings of the live webinars to date to see what goes on and I do think this is a great facility as you can revisit any points you are struggling with as often as you want (I’m a visual learner), as well as using any support ticket.

Thanks and well done!!! I hope all goes well for you.

Tim Lowe

I am still very undecided – what would influence me would be to hear from a few people who were trading successfully – it seems to be very much up and down. I appreciate that we all have to learn yet your first implications were that we only have to wait for either 4 green or 4 red and enter a trade then wait for one of the 4 colors to change and then get out of that trade – it all sounds too easy – is anyone actually finding that it is working consistently out there.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Bob Harrop.

I posted these customer comments up above, not sure how this can be described as ‘up and down’.

Personally, I am finding that AITS is doing what is claimed. Today I had not a single unprofitable trade and ended up with 12 points profit. Yes, it does take some practice to get to grips with the QuickStart technique – but it isn’t difficult & you simply MUST stick to the rules.



For what it’s worth, I decided to give it a whirl at the end of last week and it seems feasible so far. I’m still in the learning stage and have made trades not in line with the rules, but, even so, I’m at a 60% success rate and in “profit”. I’m slowly getting to grips with it, though.


This past week has resulted in my having trades that have produced an overall profit at the end of every single day. In total, I have made 51 points. Considering that I only joined just over 2 weeks ago and have never traded before, then I am pleased with my progress.

In my opinion, AITS does exactly what is claimed & I shall be more than happy to continue my subscription.


I joined on the 25th of February and started trading on the 26th (dummy account) My results so far: 26th 6 pips 27th 46 pips 1st of all let me tell you how refreshing it is to find someone who is really willing to help others succeed.


Hi Andy. Just quick note. About me age 64. Been trading for a few years now. You have done what all the other courses have not. Live trading. Well done.
{On Monday}…traded EUR…{made} 31points
Traded Aud….sold at 10 points profit. So total for day 41 points.


Here are my results:
Euro/Dollar to 21st Feb
23 trades, net = +247 {points}
Pound/Dollar to 20th Feb
27 triggered trades, net +330 {points}


Just come of the 3rd webinar and several people even newbies ARE making money AND there are some experienced traders on the program, i am new to this but i can say that Andy Ireland is a genuine and helpful guy, i got stuck on the template not downloading correctly and Andy rang me up on the weekend and talked me through it, great guy.


Tim Lowe

I agree with your comments 100%, Bob. I’m finding it a bit up and down myself, though I do think there is something there. So far today I’ve had four trades, two wins and two losses for a loss so far, though yesterday I was 6/2 for a 20+ point profit.

MakeMoneyForum Admin


I am sure I read that it was approximate 75% winning, therefore, surely you cannot base anything over 2 days.

20 point profit yesterday = @ £10 a point = £200 profit, or at £100 a point = £2000 profit.

So you had a loss today, how many points? You ideally need to be looking, and basing your results over a week, then 2 weeks, then a month, which is still included in your free trial.

Feel free to keep us updated though, of course.



Claimed success rate is 60-75%. I think you misunderstood my comment or I phrased it wrongly as I don’t expect profits every day since any system stands or falls by it’s long term profits or losses. As it happens, I’m now just shy of 40 pts up today, so the last two days have seen demo profits of 75 pts since I’ve been following the rules more closely. I’m cautiously optimistic about this.

MakeMoneyForum Admin


That is fantastic news.

That would be £750 profit to £10 a point, and £7500 profit to £100 a point.

No wonder you are optimistic.

Keep us posted.



Just for information, I started the software tonight (Sunday) to catch the early stages of the overseas markets and I’ve managed 25+ pts profit. I could take tomorrow off if I was trading for real to a set number of points!

Dave is that really true about the points you made using this? So you would recommend it?

It’s really true. However, all last night’s profits were lost lost during the day. If/when I run this live, I’ll be aiming for 20 points and then calling it quits for the day. It’s also interesting that, from an admittedly small sample, one pair is doing badly while the other three are all in profit. As I say, that sample is less than 40 trades, so it may be a blip. It may also be a route to just trade one pair, but that’s one of the reasons for the initial demo.

Would I recommend it? Probably, but only if you pay attention to the rules, which would have knocked some of my early trades out if I’d have followed them strictly. My overall strike rate is 67% and that’s perfectly acceptable to make a profit. If the week carries on as the last few days have, I’ll be considering going live next week.

Can somebody please let me know if they have made any money using this method yet. The page looks good and all but I would like to hear from people already making money with it.

The product was launched exactly a month ago today and people were advised to practice trade for the 2 -4 weeks so it is maybe a bit early for lots of people saying how much money they made.

However there is plenty of feedback from people’s practice trading which is all good. The difference betwee practice tardes and real trades is not anything to do with the system but psychological so in terms of the system the results should be indentical, however not everybody immediately copes well with risking real money. The system cannot fix that, only patience and self discipline can.

Tim Lowe

Tim Lowe

Do you need any experience in the trading to be able to progress?

We are looking for something to do whilst at home, and although this sounds the ticket, I cannot help thinking that it could be complicated without experience.


The programme is specifically aimed at people with no experience at all so you should be OK. Yes there are things to learn but with patience it is all quite straightforward.

Tim Lowe

Well, the last two days have been interesting and show the advantage of the Demo account. Yesterday my results showed a 4/8 (win/loss) split for me and two of the wins I traded out of as it was late at night and I didn’t want to let them run overnight. On paper, that would have been a near 100 point loss BUT, on looking at the trades more closely, several of them had the wrong SL, which would have turned losers into winners and would have swung the 4/8 to 8/4 and break even.

Today, so far, I’m seeing 7/1 (and the one was a slight loss that I traded out of before some news) for a near 70 pt gain. It does show how it pays to follow the rules and, actually, yesterday has made me more confident, rather than less.

Dave what do you mean you had the wrong SL stop loss, did the indicator predict the wrong ones? because 100 points lost??????

That is a lot of points and money to have lost if you had been trading live!!!!!

Can you explain what you mean?

I am very interested in the system but still looking at the replys to see if I would be suited to it. Do you have to trade all day to make a profit and do you have to be up to date with the finacial money market to be able to have the knowledge to trade safely. How do you know what currency pairs to trade on.
Any help in making my mind up would be appreciated.

No, you don’t have to trade all day if you don’t want to. The markets are open 120 hours a week from late Sunday night here to late Friday night, so you could potentially trade at any point. You could trade till you get a certain number of points (how many points is up to you).

None of my trades has been before 10 o’clock in the morning – today’s was at 10 and I was out with a profit three minutes later. I’ll continue trading today in the demo account to get more data, but that would be it for me if I were live!

I suspect like many reading all this, I am watching now to see the results of the live trading which I expect should be starting soon. I got the letter from Waverley 5 weeks ago which should bring us into the live trading when the real results will sway me hopefully. I am hesitant at the best of times, so hopefully the feedback continues to show a positive light.

Cheers Stan

Most people still seem to be trading on a demo account – has anyone gone live yet and are finding that they are consistently making real money.
I would love to give it a go but am hesitant until I hear from more people live trading successfully.
I look forward to being convinced.

Robert Harrop, surely you understand that everybody trading live accounts will have different results anyway, people can still make mistakes, and some will not so results will not mean a great deal unless of course everybody makes money which is unlikely, for the same reasons. Del.

Of course everyone cannot win all of the time – I appreciate that – but according to the initial literature a twelve year old could follow the 4 green or 4 red colors to enter a trade and get out when they reduce. I realize that there must be the occasional blip and one must take an overall view. All I am asking is for people to say how they are finding the system and if a majority say that it is working then I will join.

I would also like to see some results now please?


Don’t take this the wrong way but this is an independant forum so people don’t have to share their results with you. That said there are already lots here to see so I am not sure what you are looking for.

Tim Lowe

I have just heard about this, and at the moment I am looking for some facts on if it can work for anybody. Is there any way I can lose money if I have never traded before. I suffer with nerves. Could the affect the results for me?

Yes it can work for anybody BUT you will need to keep those nerves well under control, I suggest practice trading for a month and if you cannot see yourself doing it ask for a refund.

Tim Lowe

For information, I went live today targeting ten points profit a day. I had 5 trades, the first I traded out for a tiny profit, the next hit my stop loss and the following three all won so I finished the day with a profit of 10.40 points.

Well done Dave!!! Result I think for the first day live.

Tim Lowe

OK. Got this blurb via an e-mail today. On the face of it looks good and if it does what it says on the tin even better. I just need a point of two clarified if I may.
from what I have seen written here and the replied given am I right in saying thus: We are advised to “paper trade” for the first month. This would obviously be at a cost of £89 for the first month. We then pay a further £89 and trade “aggressively live” as we are assured that our £300 bank is safe. Our return at this point needs to be in excess of the 2 x £89 we have paid out but we are led to believe this could be well in excess of this. During our next month we then have to trade more conservatively as our bank is then not safeguarded. We would then need to trade often enough from this point on to cover the last £89 and then the following months at the increased level of payments (£149)
Forgive me. I am a complete newbie to this and just wanted to make sure I knew the full facts before I dive right in. I will also have to keep this quiet from “her indoors” otherwise she would go ape and think I was in cloud cuckoo land if I tried to explain….lol.
If you could just clarify that I have understood things correctly it would be appreciated. I am a bit sceptical when things like this come around as I have been bitten on more than one occasion. But I do like the idea of trading (successfully) and if this is the medium with which to do it then happy days. Cheers

Maybe not how I would put it but you have it about right!

Tim LOwe

Regarding the “alert” component, does your computer need to be on for this to work? Does it work on android phones? Are the results that Andy showed in his video based on the “big six” currency pairs or is he trading others that have large spreads, thus more risk? Does his training include information related to “red letter” days? Are his results based on cash trades or margin accounts?


The alert does need your computer switched on.

It can then send an email to your phone as well.

Results were based solely on the usual currency pairs, in fact I THINK (but would need to check to be certain) it was only GBP/USD and Euro/USD.

The training included everything you need to know.

We reccommend using a margin account as you don’t need to use a cash account when you manage your account properly.

Tim Lowe

Does one have to live in the UK to try this system?

No you can use it in most but not all countries. In particular the US does not allow its citizens to use certain types of Forex accounts for moral objections to what it considers gambling so you cannot place an online bet with, for example, Ladbrokes from the US either.

Most civilised countries are fine though, however you would need to check with the broker GKFX for your country.

Tim Lowe

Hi, does this system also work in Australia eg webinar times, best trading times etc.
Also, people seem to be having a lot of trouble getting their head around the complexity of using this. Isn’t it just 4 green or 4 red? Can someone please explain why it’s so hard?

System works in Australia and webinars would be mid evening your time but are also recorded so you can watch them when it suits.

Its not hard at all but not everybody will get it immediately.

You might find 3 or 4 people here who are a bit confused but there are hundreds and hundreds who are not saying they are confused!

Tim Lowe

Ok, so I have ordered, and spent the last 2 days reading the manual, and looking at the software.

All was going well, and understood UNTIL I got to pages 22 and 23, when talking about When to exit a trade.

Why is Andy talking about 3 different ways of exiting trades, which went all right over my head, because as somebody who has never traded before, why is Andy discussing long trades? It never mentioned that before in the manual, but now on page 22 long trades is suddenly mentioned which totally confuses the hell out of people who have never traded before.

Why mention it, if not discussed and explained in detail before that point? right on a quick start manual?

The exiting the trade section is NOT friendly for people never having traded before. Definitely not.

The next manual pages mention trading longer timeframes. Why? People new to trading do not even know how to trade smaller timeframes so why mention trading longer timeframes at this stage. This is also not friendly to people who have never traded before.

The manual started well, then just confuses the hell of of people who have never done this before, and if anybody says otherwise, I would say they are lying.

Then the pages after that talk about pending orders. Why? We are not up to that stage yet??? Totally confusing for people who have not traded before.

From what I have read so far, this seems FAR from being friendly to people who have not traded before. I am now totally confused by it all.

I have to agree with the poster above on that. We were also slightly preplexed when we arrived at pages 22 onwards, mainly because the manual writer assumed that we knew more than we actually did, which was ever so confusing. We have watched the videos too, we just feel like the training needs to be taught from the standpoint of never having seen Forex, or the software before, as it seems to rush at a speed that is diffuclt to keep up with.


Hi Pletcher,
I read your post here and felt it was important to reply, because from the look of your post, you have perhaps not completely understood the Quick Start Guide – in which case you should be raising a support ticket in the support section of the AITradesafe website. By doing this and asking any questions you may have, Andy will be able to help you with any queries.
From your post it looks as if you haven’t started demo trading yet – and possibly you may be one of those people who learns better by ‘doing’ rather than by ‘reading’ (I am one of those which is why I mention it!). It’s likely that once you start practicing on the demo version, everything will fall into place.
I’m rather surprised you mention longer timeframes as particularly confusing you. Andy mentions them very briefly, and makes it clear that you should be trading M15 timescales to start with. However, for some people, this is difficult due to their lifestyles, and they have the option to trade longer timescales. It’s important therefore that it is mentioned.
We’ve not had any complaints so far as I am aware about this particular section of the guide being difficult to understand, but as I said before – do make use of the support ticket facility if you have any questions whatsoever.

OK, day 2 and it’s been a struggle. The first trade hit my stop loss and I was playing catch-up after that. I just about hit break even late in the evening but then hit another couple of losers and the day ended 34 pts down. 5 winning trades, 4 losing ones & 1 break even. Unfortunately a couple of the winning trades were marginal profits as the trades weren’t going anywhere after a good while.

A struggle and 24 pts to recover, but it’s proved itself before and tomorrow is another day and I still have faith in it.

To anyone looking at this, DO play it on Demo until you’re sure about it and comfortable with the platform.

Hiya everybody. I am now watching your updates Dave C with a high level of interest. You sound like you know what you are doing.

34 points lost in one day is a lot yes? I will be watching your results now. Thank you for helping all those like me who are still sitting on the fence on this one.


Hi Tim. This looks a very interesting system with a nice strike rate. Nevertheless I would also be interested to know how it behaves when it comes to win/loss ratio, in other words if when we get a successful trade we win more on average than when we lose. Also, I can’t help to think that would be beneficial to create an expert advisor with take profit and stop loss features included. This way you could ensure getting every trade opportunity that the system provides. You guys seem to have the IT skills to develop such EA. Anyway, congrats on the system! Cheers.

yes, usually you should win far more per trade than when you do lose but again you need to look over a month not a day, which is hard!!!!

Andy does teach you to manage the trade for maximum effect. Not sure I trust software to make ALL the decisions!!!

Tim Lowe

I would like to thank Dave C for giving us an update with regard to his trading experiences.
I know its a lot to ask but I wish that a few more people out there would let us all share their results also.
Like Stuart I am sitting on the fence too and sincerely hope that lots of people will inform us as to how they are doing.
Thanks again Dave C.


Day 3. While yesterday was disappointing, today has been frustrating. I decided on a slow recovery of the lost points so upped my target to 15 from 10. When I hit 12.8 quite early on, that looked the right approach. Three losers later, I changed my mind! After a recovery and a 6/4 day the day has finished even.

After the event, but I think I should have stuck with my 10 pt a day target and I will be doing in future.

Stuart : 34 points is biggish, but equates to about 10% of the bank and winning days are far more frequent than losing ones. It was just unfortunate it happened on day 2 of the live bank. That’s happened to me so many times over the years I almost come to expect it now!

Hiya Dave. I have been checking this site every 30 minutes waiting for your update. Your update is much appreciated. Most revealing, but what I don’t quite yet understand is if there is a 70%ish winning ratio why one severe losing day followed by a break even day. I do understand it is only day 3 of your live trading and hopefully things will turn around. Would you recommend people take up the subscription at this stage based on what you know so far?? Also how long has the physical trading taken you so far per day approximately? A few of my friends are interested in this too, and were asking me all day in work if you had updated yet. You are almost famous in our office. I am in the recruitment game by the way, which means what is generally discussed in destined to take centre stage when earning money is concerned. Wishing you better luck tomorrow. I am so wanting this to work for you so I can jump on board, and I would wager I am not the only one. Cheers Stuart.

Hi, I am very interested in the system, but have a couple of questions about timing.
My work hours can be quite irregular, so I will not always be able to trade at the same times each day. I don’t think this is a problem though is it?
The other things is that I will be really busy over the next couple of weeks, and be overseas, so I may not have time to do read the training material. Is there any danger that if I wait a couple of weeks the “safety net” offer will be withdrawn?
Thank, Andy.

The 70% strike rate is slightly misleading as it relates to successful trades as against unsuccessful ones only and not absolute values. By that I mean two people could have identical success rates but different profits depending on how many points they aim for on a trade, whether they trade out for small losses or let the trade run till it hits the stop-loss. Several of my trades yesterday were traded out for a small profit or loss as they weren’t really going anywhere after a while.

The time is up to you, really, and how you want to play it. The markets are open non-stop from late Sunday night to late Friday night, so you could dip in whenever you wanted to. You could sit in front of the screen tracking the moves and reacting to them or you could find a trade, place it and leave it with a take profit and stop-loss on it. For me, yesterday I started at 10 in the morning and finished at 10 in the evening, but I wasn’t staring at the screen for that period. There have been occasions where the day was over in 3 minutes and today was over in 25 minutes after my first trade was successful.

Would I recommend it? That’s a tricky one, as I’m not on commission 🙂 I think there’s something in it, based on the demo and live trading (and this is one case where there’s no difference between the actual trades and results for either). The course is about trading in addition to the software, but it’s the software that’s the initial selling point. I’d say it works. Despite the blip I’ve seen when I went live, my records are still showing a healthy profit.

Day 4. One trade, one quick 10 point profit. I like days like these.

This has been going over a month from the impression I get here. Being internet tuition I suppose AITradesafe could take any number of subscribers, theoretically speaking, but there must surely be a limit. I would think small businesses like AITradesafe and Tim Lowe can only handle so much traffic. So when do they plan to put a stop on further subscriptions? This month? Next month? Or is it open-ended?

@Dave C. Very helpful to read your updates. Thanks.

The limitation is not on the market or the technical parts but the volume of questions that Andy has to answer each day. Obviously as people become more confident and successful they ask less questions so making way for additional new subscribers. Obviously we may need to ‘close the doors’ from time to time to allow time for space to become available.

Tim Lowe

A friend of mine subscribes so I’m watching his progress with interest to see if it might be for me. He tells me he got an email from the broker’s offering a free account between February and March [is this what AITradesafe is marketing?}. Importantly however it says the offer ends on 31st of this month. Hence my question. That Andy can only handle so many customers is implicit in what I was saying really, but should we then expect the first Closing of the Doors [how temporary it turns out to be] at the end of this month, as per this email from the broker’s? Thanks to Mr. Lowe for replying by the way.

No, that is not connected with our offer.

Tim Lowe

Thank you for clearing that up Mr. Lowe. It means I can take a little longer making my mind up.

I’m annoyed at the moment, though not with the service. I opened up this morning, found a trade on EuroDollar and 12 minutes later closed out for my daily profit. Or so I thought. On looking closer, the stupid program had lost my live account details and logged me in to the demo account, so now I’ve got to start all over again and no doubt the first trade will be a losing one. Just thought I’d get that off my chest. 🙁

Terrible luck that Dave. Will the software company not look into it for you? So it was another winning day apart from the software going down. How annoying. That could have been a very expensive blip. Stuart

Back in on the EuroDollar and five minutes later profit made, so the earlier blip didn’t cost. I suspect the file may have got corrupted as I had a problem starting the PC this morning. This time I made sure I was in the live account!

Day 5 : One trade, 10 pts profit
Week 1 : Just about break even after that one bad day.

I may be missing something here but watching the promotion vid it seems that in many cases a trading signal (all 4 “on”) is immediately followed by a cancel trade (3 on / 1 off), immediately followed by another trade (4 on) etc etc. Wouldn’t this result in the system loads of short term trades?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Vince,

The lights, from what I have seen are just to indicate the possibility of a trade happening, the lights changing do not indicate the end of the trade.

Tim might confirm, or elabourate on that.



According to the web site bumph

“Enter trade when all the lights are green (or Red)”

“Exit trade when one or more red (or green) lights appear”

So the lights changing do indicate the end of a trade.

MakeMoneyForum Admin


Although depending when you spotted the lights changing, could determine the level of profit, or even loss, which I suspect where the additional training comes into it.

Hopefully Tim will confirm either way.



There are some other simple rules to apply which would mean that no you should not be involved in huge numbers of short trades.

Essentially and in simple terms you wait awhile to ensure that the trade is ‘on’.

Tim Lowe

Just as a matter of interest could Mr Lowe or his office indicate, after approximately two months of the course, what proportion have dropped out, that is to say what the retention rate appears to be? I know it’s early days but it would help to have an idea and it isn’t the sort of thing business wouldn’t keep an eye on. Thanks once again.

Its actually 6 weeks but no I am afraid taht sort of information is commercially confidential. however I will say that cancellations are much lower than I expected based on marketing norms so I am quite happy!!

Tim Lowe

just joined today and to be honest either ive got learnig difficulties or you have to have an IQ of a brain surgeon, but i am finding it all so difficult to pick up. is there a classroom you can attend to learn it as without it being explained thoroughly im afraid am in s…


Play through some of the webinars that are on the site and they should help. Or put a support ticket in if you’re not clear on something, but the best thing is to practice on the Demo account. Initially I misunderstood some of the instructions, and I generally pick things up pretty quickly.

Can I take it that it is not “quite” as simple as advertised!

Just going by the video screen image, the “4 lights on – trade” “3 lights on / 1 off – exit trade” you would have loads of small trades generated.

Good to know you are profiting! Well done.

thanks dave… can you practice on demo mode at weekends or only when markets in play mon- friday

thanks joe

I “signed up” with Andy’s program a month ago,read the Quick Start Guide several times whilst just watching the screen to see how it ticked. As Tim Lowe stated, you can learn more by “doing,” and by having the Demo account to use mistakes cost nothing, and if you can work out what went wrong you will learn a lot.

The second monthly payment has just gone out of my account, but I have NOT traded every day – I was away for a week of that time, and certainly not traded every day in between.

Several comments above ask for results, and I appreciate Dave’s detailed account of his progress, well done !

My progress? Demo account only, Trading at £2.00 a pip throughout –

Best Trade = £161.90 Worst Loss = -0.20p. Profit –
GAIN =£379.95

I’m no brain surgeon either, as some commented above, but I will say –

1. Give your self time to understand how the screens “TICK.”
2. Watch the Webinars. the Q-A sessions are very useful and the info.
3. Only trade when there is Movement (sounds obvious)pick your graph!
4. Use the Demo A/C to “experiment – don’t worry about mistakes.
5. Don’t trade when you get tired – mistakes happen !
6. Take Andy’s advice “Trade what you see, not what you think.” and stick to the Rules.

CONCLUSION – I am a learner with next to little previous knowledge and have lost a lot of money with so called “Opportunities”

This is the best thing since the proverbial sliced bread, for me, and over £300 profit in 2 1/2 weeks is the best “profit” I’ve ever made off a Computer screen. O.K. -I’ve got to take off the £89’s !!

Do make use of the Money back guarantee and give it a whirl, – “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”


Good Luck !

I’d pretty well agree with Phil. What I would say is that daily targets are entirely down to the individual and how long they’re willing and able to be at the computer, though I would also say you don’t need to be staring at the screen non-stop.

Joseph : You can’t practice live at weekends as there’s no trading going on, though you could study past results in the program and see where you could have made a trade and if it would have been successful.

Day 6, Week 2 : I went in a trade on GBPUSD tonight and I’m out with an 18.5 pt profit after half an hour. I’ll have a think overnight whether I treat that as Monday’s target or whether I go in again tomorrow.

Day 6.5, Week 2 : Given I’m a bit behind where I hoped I’d be, I decided to go back in this morning. Two small trades lasting 16 mins and 7 mins and I’ve got my 10 pts profit, so I’m happy.

Its such as you need to know about forex before starting. I did read a book on the subject once but never started. Maybe I take the punt and see how it goes.

Forex Dreamer aka Alan :-)

hello there and thanks for your comments. I was ready to buy and jump into this, and I have been trying to read as much as I can, due to not having the knowledge on forex, or stock markets. From what I see here their seems to be a good vibe about it all. I just want to be sure that I am not jumping into something I cannot do. I am still waiting I decide, and all your support is nice to see. It really is. It is brill to get and read some feedback. I have tried far too many get rich ideas in my past and lost a lot of money so I check everything now before I jump. Good to have such community spirit guys.

Day 7, Week 2 : Today’s been a bad day where a series of minor things compounded to leave me with a losing day of 38.8 points. Lots of potential trades didn’t happen as the rules saved me when the trades turned bad before they reached the criteria to place them. I tend to have just one trade live at a time and, sod’s law, the live trade hit it’s stop loss while another one that also qualified hit it’s target!

Interestingly, I’m having a really bad time with one of the pairs that the author concentrates on, so I might start tightening the pairs I use and use the ones that are proving most profitable.

Dave you seem to be up and down like a yo yo. Seemingly not as profitable as advertised so how did the guy Tim Lowe mentioned above only make a 20p loss,
where on your bad days you are losing a tonneof points Do you think you taking wrong actions an not following rules
i was getting kinda excited by your updates.not so sure now. What do you think you doing that is wrong?

Hi Dave C – You are brilliant – you give all of us ditherers a true up to date of your dealings – I was almost ready to dive in but am still awaiting an even steady winning trading run from you – you obviously have got to grips with the system but what still worries me is that even now you are having the odd expensive blip – your last losing day of 38.8 points at say £10/ point would be a £388 loss.
I understand that we all have to accept the occasional loss but a few successive trades like that would be disastrous for most people and I am sure that it could happen.
I wish that a few of the other traders were as honest as you and give us doubters an indication as to how they are doing.
Thank you again Dave – you are quite a star being so honest.

Dave C. I can only agree with the comment from Robert H. Your continued messages as a live trader are worth far more than all the advert. waffle.

Put simple. Is it worth the effort? Is it making you steady money?

Christopher : Yes, I am following the rules, but this is something where timing is key. For instance, as I mentioned there were two potential trades yesterday at the same time, but I only trade one at a time and I ended up with the losing one. If you’re going for a set number of points, whatever that is, you could get those at 7 o’clock in the morning before I’m up or I might get them at 11 o’clock.

I’d say there’s a sound basis to this on the indicator side, as I’m seeing something like a 70% success rate. That’s part of the story, with the other being staking and targets i.e. exactly what your aims are and how you go for them.

From the time I started following this correctly, even with the two losing days, it would be nearly 80 points up from 15 trading days (that includes a period before I went live). That is targeting 10 points a day. Yes, 38 points is a lot at £10 a point, but a 10 point daily target is £100, which is why I deal in points rather than money.

Going live gives you a keener edge on what you’re doing and I’m currently fine-tuning exactly how I stake and target each day and what pairs to trade. As it happens, omitting the GbpUsd pair would have doubled the profit, perhaps because most of the opportunities for that pair happen before I get up!

Day 8, Week 2 : Hmm, this is starting to look a bit like a SAW system. 11 pts up after the first two trades of the day followed by two losing ones, finishing the day at 14 pts down. Lesson : Stick to your ten point daily target!

10 point target? Isn’t that just a cop out. Surely if the thing worked,
it would work all day long and even if you traded all day for 5 full days the percentages should be the same so if you can make 10 points in a day then you can also make 20/30/40 points in a day?

It is like saying a horse system that works you should stop at a certain amount per day,
when really if it worked you could continue all day long and the ratios and percentages should still be in your favor IF IT WORKED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Am I wrong? I don’t think I am. Now you have lost 52 points in 2 days.
That would destroy some peoples budgets right there and then.

Wayne – I am like you – 52 points in 2 successive days especially if it happened before you built up a reserve would wipe out most people.
I am dubious that no one besides Dave C seems to be willing to tell of their progress.
Again I feel indebted to Dave C for being so honest regarding his trading. At this stage the literature which we were given seems a bit dubious to say the least. The ease of 4 red or green to commence a trade and then close as soon as it changes sounds far easier than it obviously is.
The more I hear the less inclined I feel to join.
Thanks again Dave C

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Can I please ask everyone to stick to the facts, there will obviously be many people out there who do not visit this website, who will have different results, possibly hundreds.

Of course it is great hearing about reports of USERS, but just be aware, that as with any product/service, other users may have differing results.

Also, a service such as this HAS to take the results based over a much longer period, one would think, and not a few days.

Thank you.


Hi guys,

I am a newbie to this forum – this is my first post. I too am watching with interest on this one before purchasing. I agree these systems should be reviewed over a longer period than a few days, many a system can be prematurely slated, likewise poor systems can also start off well and look like the best thing since sliced bread!


Hello people,

This is the first time I have gone into a forum like this.I am Andy Ireland, from AITS.

Thank you to all the people here who have posted, it is very humbling for me to see my name within the arena of trying to help others. Honestly, thank you.

I felt compelled to make a post, no not a fence post; as I say Im new to this, but after reading some of the other less positive comments I wanted you to hear it from me, and I’m sure Tim may have preferred it if had I stayed away from it.

So why have I joined into this forum?

Well, firstly I have never met a more caring businessman than Tim, and frankly I feel some post here may be misguided. I am a loyal person and I will not run away or hide (its easy to find me if you look on Google) and I know Tim doesn’t. That is why I asked Tim to help me market my idea.

The reason I asked Tim for his help is because I wanted a change in the way things happen in this ‘forex marketing game’. I have a dream, oh yes, and that is I want to show others what I do, and if I can do it………

Tim has helped me forward in doing that. I have some glowing testimonials on the website to prove that point. But yes, they are from people who have joined us.

I will try and answer some questions from the last post upwards, sorry if that isn’t protocol but Im not used to this.

Wayne, yes it will work all day long, when the correct rules are followed. I am looking to show how I trade in a manner that is the safest. How you exit the trade, for 10,15,20 or 50 points, is all covered in the guide. This isn’t about only taking ten points, its about earning some money.If 10 points is all that’s on offer, take it.The mortgage company’s don’t accept points for payment, its what the points are worth they like.

Dave C, thank you for being on board. Its great to see your posts and they are an honest view of what you are doing. The system is not a saw system but it trades momentum.If you have any questions please send me a ticket.

Phil K, many thanks for your honest appraisal.

Vince, yes a change of lights may well indicate a change of trade direction, open or close.

Robert Harrop, a very good majority is saying this works.

Now as for some other posts, to generalise, yes you can get trading info for free on the internet. Do it and see if it works, it may well do. Then look back at this post and ask if the subscription fee would have saved you all that time.

This was never marketed as a one of fee, so of course subscriptions apply. I do not see any false promise in the literature.

No, you can not get this indicator anywhere else, it was written in Russia to my specification with the help of a pure novice.

Does this work, well it does for me and others who choose to take the time to try it.

Now as I am saying, Im real. You know where I work from, anybody can easily find me through my rugby connections. All I ask is before posting, give it a try with an open mind, that’s all I ask. But please stop trying to have a dig at Tim with negative comments if you dont know what it is on offer.

Come to the webinars and you will see my passion to help people.

The course is designed with the guidance of a leading educationalist, and that is why it is a subscription course. I ask the next person who says this can be found for free to show me and prove it.

I’ll get the camera crew sorted out to film it and show you all. Lets see who makes the most with a day in my office, or yours. The loser pays £5k to charity of the winners choice!I know it sounds arrogant but honestly, I spent 2 years going through the free stuff, and making mistakes, in the end I shelled out nearly £10k on education alone. If I had a course like this I would have saved tens of thousands. Thats why im doing this. All of these statements are fact and Im not posting this as a sales pitch, but as a factual account of my time. Come and see for yourself. Sorry, rant over.

But please bare in mind that while your here to see how you may earn extra cash we must also have an inner mind.

I promise I will fulfil my part of the deal to anybody who chooses this path.

I wont be looking to post on here again, unless I have the time,as the people on the course are my priority(and I suspect Tim wont like me exposing his soft side) but people, lay off him until you know the facts for yourself.

I will leave you with this quote from a top athlete.

‘some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen and some people make it happen’. Michael Johnson.

kindest and most sincere regards


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Thank you for taking the time, Andy.


Well said Andy. I’m convinced to at least give it a go. I hope the training can help somebody like myself who has never done Forex before.

Indeed a good (and timely) post Andy.

As for Mr Lowe, he may very well be all you say, but his advertising copy does go a bit OTT so he kind of asks to be viewed skepticaly.

Still I’m certainly tempted to give it a though test.

OK, I’m back again, having lost more money! Yesterday I had five trades between eleven in the morning and late in the day. Of those, three lost and two won. Today there has been less action, but still some. Sadly my only trade managed to lose.

I’d be more than happy to see other people posting their results, whether demo or live, to compare. Ideally, I would have preferred a members forum on the AITradesafe site, but it seems unlikely that will happen. My view, at the moment, is that the signals are more of a “brute force” tool and you need to be able to understand pivot points and similar to weed out more of the losing trades.

For information, since I tightened my trading, I’m hitting a 65% SR and 70+ points ahead. Sadly, it’s hit a bump since I went live and the last few days have 65% lose, rather than win. Right now, it looks like I’ll have to be claiming some losses back from GKFX. I’m still hopeful things will turn round, though it’s going to be a bit before I can hope to be in profit again. Fingers crossed, next week will see a return to profit.

Andy is right and he is wrong at the same time. I’m sure his software works and that, with skill and judgement [as they used to say in the old spot-the-ball comps], it delivers time and again. Philosophically he is also correct to say we cannot judge Tim Lowe in any meaningful sense without knowing him. The point is that since most never will, nor yet even meet this great, improbable fellow, whose presence in our lives derives from a wish to sell things to us, and our wish to be sold them, a mature assessment can only acknowledge vested interest at the expense of sentiment. Pragmatism isn’t cynicism. Furthermore people have been stung too often to take things on trust. I think Andy should cut US some slack in fact. Tim isn’t in our lives because he likes us. There is none of the transcendent love of humanity claimed for the saints. He hears change a-jingling in our pocket and he wants a cut. ‘Caring’ and ‘businessman’. Okay I’ll bite…..

hi Robbie,

Im back here as kids are in bed so just taking a look at what has been posted. 8.30pm good friday. May I ask that you realise I dont intend to make posting a habit as I must give priority to the people who have joined in with me. So it will be ad hoc.

As for advertising, yes it looks glitzy and I asked for that so it gains attention. I want people to realise what it is on offer! It is thoroughly played down as to the potential because that is what I wanted it do be like. I dont want people thinking this is a free ride and giving false promises. Tim listened to that and has more than adhered to that, hence why I chose him. Once you are through the door the rest is up to me. I can tell you what I do but then the rest is up to you! I cant make or stop you doing anything.

Yes the indicator works but also we must take a look at ourselves and realise it can be done if we open our minds to it being done.

Its not just an indicator I wanted to be on offer but a full course on how, or what, it takes to master this trading career. This is not a sell it and move on course, because I am here for the next few years to complete this. I genuinely want to show you how it can be done, and yes following the indy gives you 60% chance of that. But what if we also look at the real inner working and make it 80%? But trust me when I say I am advised not to do that in one month as it would just put you off. Every long journey starts with the first step.

Our whole economy, UK, is based on this type of business. It is our nations biggest GDP, so if it cant be done why is it our biggest GDP.

Dave c, i am impressed with your posts but i must ask 2 things.

a, why trade today when I asked people not to trade as the markets are shut? That would have avoided any losing or slow trades.The same applies to this Monday.

We have the news for the week ahead on the website if you are unsure of when to trade or not. That is why I put that at the top of the entry rules checklist.

b, if you haven’t, then why not send me a ticket regarding your losing trades so I can try to help? Nearly everbody else does that and it works for them. I am not sure what your username is on my website but I have not had a single support request from a ‘dave c’. If you have sent me one under a different name may I apologise. Please please let me know 3 of your losing trades this week and I will take a look and see if we could have made them winners. As this is a forum outside of AITS, may I ask you post me a support ticket BUT also ensure you post back on here as to the outcome so there can be no suggestion of collusion . Lets keep your post totally true, I will not have it any other way.

When you get to Module 2 you will see exactly how we can weed out the trades which may incur a loss and take our percentage higher.

The chap over at the traders blog is also running a diary so maybe go over there to compare your results. I also have several tens of people who have done well, its just they choose to concentrate on their trades rather than post and so that is why we may not have a lot of other users posts here.

Do you use the live trading room? If there is any way I may help you please just let me know and I promise I will.

take care and have a great weekend. Webinar Tuesday morn, usual time.



Hi Jack p,

I am trying to get across to you all that I approached Tim. ME. He didnt ask me to help him but after certain incidents in my life i wanted to help/show/give a leg up, whatever you want to call it and get others taking a slice of what has become a mystical world. BUT it is such an easy one when you get to grips. Trading does not make people lose money, people lose money and that is what i want to show people how to avoid.

Out of a few marketers I approached Tim is in my opinion the best, friendliest and most compassionate one I met. Yes of course he is here to sell things, He is a marketer. You are only here seeing how you may earn money so why not all of us be adults and realise that if you master whats on offer it can happen.

I am not asking anybody to take anything on trust, I am asking them to try it for themselves to see if they trust what is on offer.

By brining what works for me I am trying to cut all you people, that have have been on these types of journey before, as much slack as possible.

feel free to come and meet me at my office and see who I am, then report back here.



Hi Jack p, and everybody else reading this,

having re-read my last post it may have looked like I was turkey cocking,
Im not.

I just want us all to look inwardly at reasons we may be sceptical and ask we get rid of those thoughts. If we always do what we always did, we will always get what we always got.

I just ask you to think about this venture in this way.

Outside of Northern Rock banks 5 years ago people queued to take their savings out. They feared they would lose their savings, who wouldnt, as they heard the bank was under pressure.

But what if the bank manager said ‘look, if you pay us £90 a month, that’s all, and I show you how you could earn the same returns that banks make,but no guarantee as you are responsible to do what is shown, with the prospect that you may eventually be able to make £20,000, £50,000 or even £100,000 a year in the next 12- 36 months are you interested?’, do you not think the queues would be twice as long; and not to take money out.

have a great break



“Yes of course he is here to sell things, He is a marketer. You are only here seeing how you may earn money so why not all of us be adults and realise that if you master whats on offer it can happen.”

Precisely. What brings us together is mutual self-interest, nothing more. Fine as long as it’s kept on that basis, but I had the impression you were defending Tim Lowe in the belief that one whom you knew personally to be decent and compassionate had been somehow unjustly treated by those of us here. My point is that you know Tim. The rest of us don’t know Tim at all, and almost all of us never will. Self-interest and how well he serves it is the only rational basis on which to judge him therefore. Read his contributions on other forums. He’s no sentimentalist – and no shrinking violet. He’s a bruiser – an intelligent, polite bruiser, but a bruiser all the same. I must say I’m surprised you think he’s been criticized unfairly. My impression was quite the opposite. I think most people here are [purely out of self-interest again] aching for this to work and wish him [and you] well in making it do just that.

“I am not asking anybody to take anything on trust….”

Not anything. Just one thing, or rather one person. Such was my impression anyway. I may have misunderstood. If so I apologize unreservedly. I wish you well nevertheless. Dismiss me as a cynic if you wish, crippled by a black and consuming suspicion of all the possibilities for good in this life. If that is my burden, I shall have to live with it.

No matter what we think of Tim Lowe. I have joined AIT 2 weeks since and I must say that Andy is very helpful, and it is Andy, who is doing the training, nobody else.

Remember that.


Hi Jack. many thanks for your reply.

Im not here to start an argument and the problem with text in these forums is no origination.

Tim is my medium for getting the course out to the masses, then the rest is up to me. I guess what im saying is dont shoot the messenger in this instance.

i took some posts saying it is best to be skeptical about Tim for my basis of his defence, as it is me you need to be asking really. This is my idea you see.

So Jack, please feel free to take a no risk trial and lets see if we can rid you of that black and consuming suspicion, it would be an honour for me if I can. I used to be like that until I changed my way of thinking.

Bill, many thanks for your post. Hearing comments like that makes it feel worth it.

Hi Guys I am seriously considering this and would just like to know if I could demo this on daily time frames during my first demo month as due to work I cannot trade on any smaller times frames. I currently trade off of daily time frames but am looking to be more successful and hopefully this system could be the way forward for me. I do not want to be tied to watching 15 minute charts the minimum chart i would want to trade would be 4hourly.

hi H,

yes this can be used on hourly, 4 hourly and daily weekly timeframes.

the reason i ask people to practice on 15 min to begin with is so they have plenty of opportunites to see a trade set up and gain experience with the indicator. the same rules apply for any timframe but clearly you may need to increase you profit and stop loss targets.

in module 2 we look at methods which can clearly help us to reduce our chart time as well.

Hi Andy
thanks for the swift reply. Would I be able to work out how to use the indicator on the daily time frame without having to wait for module 2 I really am very interested and would like to try this during the money back guarantee period. I currently trade off of support and resistance levels using price action candles on daily time frames so understand the stop and limit orders need to be bigger, but a great indicator could really make me a serious trader. To be honest if I am successful I would happily trade off of the 4hr and 1hr charts but due to work I can only really demo it off of daily charts.

Hello Andy,

Thanks for responding – and the invitation. I’m still undecided to be honest. My friend’s progress is a bit hit or miss, and I know he’s struggling with some aspects. He showed me what comes up when the demo version is opened. Quite intimidating – much more complex than I’d have imagined. I’m really not sure it’s for me to be honest.

Yes there’s a free trial, but ‘Biz Ops’ almost always sell ideas in an outwardly appealing guise of ‘more reward for less effort’. Only when money has changed hands do the practical difficulties, the unacknowledged subtleties, make their presence felt. I suspect this has quite a few of those.

Hi Jack,

I hear your point but im not sure it is totally correct, in general. many people have downloaded this without a hitch, and being open, some have found it difficult.

i think it boils down to individual software and anit virus. we have made several videos to overcome this and i can assure you the problems are a minority.

im not selling myself as anything more than i am. if you truly feel this isnt for you then it probably isnt.

but im intrigued to see your reaction if you do decide to clear your mind and take a walk on the wild side.

either way, it is clear you are an honourable person and i wish you all the best whatever you choose to do,



Andy : To answer your posts, I potentially trade when the markets are active and updating on the software, which they did on Friday and yesterday, but don’t over the weekend, until late Sunday night. Obviously not when there’s red flag news. As far as I can see, the QSG doesn’t debar people from trading at any time other than when there is news breaking.

I’ve sent tickets in the past at the beginning but I don’t see the point now when the trades are all as per the lights and points rules. I don’t use HiLo so they’re the basic rules and I’m never up for your webinars and only start trading at 10am at the earliest!

If you want to point me in the direction of this trading log, I’d love to see it.

On to today. Three trades so far and three successes for +15 points.

Teetering on edge re this one, not quite got the warm feeling yet to make me jump in…wish I did as I’d love it to be a great success.

hi Dave, the daily blog is in the traderoom page and also the news releases are listed in there as well. well done on your sticking to the rules but if you feel you dont understand any issues drop me a ticket.


Ah, sorry, Andy, I thought you were talking about an independent log somewhere. I’ve, of course, seen your posts.

I noticed the number of posts has dramatically reduced recently. Any particular reason for this? Maybe the system has made so many people money they have all moved into their villas on their private islands and can’t be bother to post… or maybe the system is naff and people have got bored reading or commenting about it. I wonder

MakeMoneyForum Admin

No Paul,

Easter holidays, owners away, so we placed the website to moderate all comments, to stop spammers, and idiots who want to just place links on sites.

Back normal tomorrow.


Hi Andy -I am still undecided – I am sure that you are completely above board but would be more convinced if a few more Dave C’s would be forthcoming and tell us of their trading experiences – I realize that you can’t force people to find the time to do this but it would help for those of us not quite daring enough to take the plunge.
Thanks again Dave C – keep us inthralled with your latest trades.
Very sincerely,

Robert Harrop.

hi robert. if you are not prepared to take a no risk offer, then apart from holding you down and making you do it, what more can i say or do?

you have no risk in trying this out. Tim insisted on the money back offer! it may suprise those that know me by now but i didnt want one. it doesnt need a money back offer as i am proof it works, and i take my obligation to those that join very seriously.. a good few have tried this and are happy. yes some people decided it isnt for them but at least they didnt hinder their judgement by not taking action and by expecting others to find out for them.

sorry to be blunt but that appears to be what you are doing. there is no risk financially in you finding out for yourself. as Michael Johnson said ‘some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen and some people make it happen.

sent with sincerity


You only get out of things what you put in.
This is not a gdt rich quick scheme it is a simple system but like most things in life takes a little time to practice and master.
I have started from the beginning and taken £90 to £355 so far…….using 10p as my value.
I knew nothing of forex hadnt even heard of it.
I tell you now Andy is one of lifes genuine good guys and is always on hand to help.
At the end if the day you either give it a whole hearted go or wait for the for the get rich quick scheme to come along if such a thing exists.
I have no association with Andy prior to this but the guy deserves good reviews for what he is doing.
Just my opinion anyway.

Hi Adam Davis – thanks for the posting and well done with your trades.
I can’t quite understand that you only started with £90 – I thought that we had to put £300 into the bank with a trader.
Also you must have done an awful lot of trades at 10p per point to rise to £355.
I realize that you have quadrupled you initial investment and must congratulate you upon this.
What I wonder is :-
a/ How many days has this taken you?
b/ Is it worth giving up the day-time job yet?
It all seems a long way from the 1000% return in the first month which we were circulated with.
I admire the way that you are supporting Andy and the last thing I want to do is to knock him.He truly does seem sincere.
Most of all I want it to work, yet still wish that a few successful traders would come out of the woodwork and tell us of their success.
So come on – lets hear from a few more like Adam and Dave C.
Robert Harrop.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Robert,

Let me ask you a genuine question. If say you started this course, and started making good money, as advertised, would your first thought be to take your foot off the virtual pedal, and look for a website to share your success with others? Others who maybe didn’t make the firm decision that you did, to invest, and take action? Would you really care much about if others could make it work?

If you do, or would, then you would very much be in a minority, because as far as blogs and websites go, the amount of people that read, and act, compared to those that post a message is probably something like 1000-1. I know this because we have all the stats in the admin, and have run websites like this for many years.

What I am saying is, that you will always find some customers of a product making posts, but the majority will never do so, successful or not. Human nature just isn’t that helpful – not where making money is concerned. It is maybe unfortunate, but true.



Hi Robert,

Yes an awful lot of trades and ten times more in back testing.
But like I say this is the only way to learn.
Most people I guess would use a demo account but I didn’t want this as it just doesn’t seem real(no emotion or fear of real money). I know its only 10p’s but it changes your mental approach somehow, you completely under estimate the psychological side through a demo account.
Yes £300 is suggested and yes it is guaranteed for the first month(GKFX the broker even rang me to remind me so!!), Andy’s plan is sound for the first 30 days but it only covers your £300 not the profit you make. It’s an individual thing if you want to be aggressive for the first month but for me I want to get off on the right foot with money management as in my opinion its as important as the system. I thought for me it doesn’t set me off on the right foot to be so aggressive so I stick to my small % risk per trade for now, I’m in this for the long run so I would rather take longer and have my plan 100% from the start.
By no means am I ready to give up my job but yes the hours I put in day and night are well worth it when you think about the profits in the future when your account is 1k, 2k, 4k etc.
Once your making x amount of pips per week work out your average stop loss divide your account risk and calculate how your account compounds, its amazing and you will then see why theres no rush. Read what Einstein said about the power of compounding.
Everything comes to he who waits. Patience and discipline.
Sorry to go on but that is my approach right or wrong and I think that there is no one way to do things for all traders, it’s personnel.
I have been trading since 27th Feb 2013.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Excellent post, Adam

And you are spot on. There is not an income generating system on the planet that works by a, b, and c – it IS most definitely a personal thing, as you say, no matter what some people may want to believe. Some people believe in fairies, and that a mystical being will appear at some stage of their life and generously show them the illusion way to wealth. If only..

Wealth for no action, and dedicated perusal? If that were the case, then everybody would be wealthy with zero effort applied.

I for one, even when I started out was always grateful that success took serious effort and application, and even though there are tools (like this course) that can help, and direct you down the right path, there will always be personal input required; testing; adjusting future actions based on previous results; tweaking what works; testing new variables, and possibilities, etc. etc. and that is the natural law of the universe when looking to achieve, and attract.

Good luck, and please let us all know how you get on in your trading.



I’m glad Adam is doing well, but I’m finding this a remarkably frustrating system to make profits from. It certainly picks winning trades, but, as I’m just doing one trade at a time, I’m currently backing the losing trades while winning ones go by as I wait for the losing one to either hit profit or, more usually, hit it’s SL.

My bank is currently over £200 down to initial £1 stakes and, while a small amount of that is down to how I set my targets, most is just the 60% SR turning into a 40% one. I’ve asked for the reimbursement from GKFX, but I’m really not sure I can see myself paying £189 for the third month.

I’m still ploughing on with this but I’m also looking a lot more closely into PATE as well.

hi Dave, do you use the same name on support tickets as i cant find any. please let me know the tickets you post under with your username.

i have today had an in office meeting with the guys who won the competition to have a day with me.

one guy in there is making in excess of 200 pips profit per week, using this system. may i suggest that a 40% strike rate indicates we may have missed something along the way. I have no issue with you plugging PATe, if that is what you wish to use, but please bare in mind my course is aimed at teaching what i do to make my money. as you know you may apply to come to my office and meet me.

i am sure that you know of the support ticket system so please let me know who you are and let me help you.

sent with sincerity


And, on a brighter note, I’ve finished the day 85+ points up, largely because I reduced my stakes and I can have a lot more trades going at a time. As it happens, I only had one trade hit my SL today.

Thanks Dave for these updates. I’m sure they’re helping a lot of people.

Hi Dave C – thanks again for your invaluable updates – excuse my ignorance but what is PATE

Robert Harrop

sorry guys but AITS is my baby. it isnt PATe and i have no issue with PATe. but please can you review and plug PATe in its own thread.

if you want to go the distance then what i teach works. PATe works for others and for that i am pleased.

However can we use this thread for a review of AITS and not to compare or make judgement, especially if you havent tried it for yourself.

im sure my driving style is different to other peoples, but we still get to the same place in the end, provided we know the correct directions.

sorry for being blunt but after seeing so many comments from people who havent tried this NO RISK method then please only listen to people who have. and im one of those people, IT WORKS.

Hi Andy – sorry for my last E – Mail – point taken – I am convinced that your method has worked for you although have enjoyed reading Dave C’s updates.
I do intend joining you but have a months holiday looming up and don’t want to start and then have to pay for a month when I won’t be able to trade.
Am looking forward to joining you, it all sounds very exciting.

Best wishes,

Robert Harrop.


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Kevin,

As mentioned in live chat, the bulk of any comments will always come at the time of promotion, then people are usually off trying to make it work, and dealing with the promoter’s support.



Hi Kevin, a no risk peek which wont cost you anything if you dont like it?

perhaps the other posters have decided it isnt for them, which may well be true, or the rest are too busy studying and making money for their future?

i cant answer that, but then nor can you.


do you have to use GKFX? I had a VERY bad experience with them recently so refuse to give them my business… Is there another broker recommended for this program? I would like to try them before committing…

No you can use a broker of your choice, Alpari are another we use.

Tim Lowe

Please can you tell me why the posts have stoped as I was following this to make my decision on wheher to join or not.

Only reason GKFX is used is if you lose £300 in a month they’ll refund it. Alpari is another they suggest after you’ve used the GKFX offer.

Couldn’t put my finger on why this didn’t work for me. Tried it for 2 months. Lost thousands in the demo account (mainly my own fault by overstaking).
I’m not going to bad mouth as it obviously works for some people. But for me I’ve tried trading on betting exchanges and found that a lot easier to make money on than the currency markets.

hi Tony, it seems that the majority of users dont want to post as they are happy to get on with things.

if you want to try AItradesafe then if you take a look and decide you dont like it and notify us within the first 30 days you get your money back. no questions asked. And with GKFX a £300 deposit is also guaranteed, so all you have to lose is your time.

Dan, you can use other brokers, the indicator fits MT4, but only Alpari and GKFX offer spreadbetting on MT4 at the time of launch

Thanks so much for your help! I will open the account first and then sign-up for the AI software

Paul, Just Paul :-)

I have joined the programme, and am very much looking forward to trying this out. I sincerely hope it works for me. I have the time I am have a broken leg and home from work, so I will definitely be giving this a decent shot.

I’ve been looking at some of the comments regarding ALTraesafe and the last comment was made 6th August 2013, has any body got any positive feedback regarding this project?

Well how is it going for people?

an update on this indicator. Is it working? how is it doing so far?

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