When Stats Align Review

When Stats Align is a horse racing tipster service from an alleged ex manager at William Hill bookmakers, Paul Candell.

What does the product offer?

When Stats Align is a daily tipster service offering selections for horse racing made by Paul Candell. When Stats Align offers users a large number of tips daily with Paul Candell claiming an average of 13 selections per day. These are sent out early to allow you to take full advantage of the BSP, something that appears to be integral to getting the most out of When Stats Align. When Stats Align is marketed to have produced a strike rate of 30% to date, but I shall look at this in further detail shortly.

How does the product work?

When Stats Align utilises a special method of selection that Paul Candell says is a proprietary system of his. Naturally he doesn’t divulge too much information, but he does say that When Stats Align looks at the relationship between the jockey and trainer. Of course there is the usual pitch about tables and statistical reviews but fundamentally this is what When Stats Align boils down to.

What is the initial investment?

A subscription to When Stats Align is available for a cost of £27 +VAT which provides you with selections for a month. There is a 60 day money back guarantee as When Stats Align is sold via ClickBank.

What is the rate of return?

When Stats Align is claimed to have produced a 5% ROI or a point profit of 84.34 points. This is claimed to be £2,000 per month using £100 stakes.


Most of the marketing on When Stats Align seems to be very out of date as a quick look at Race Advisor shows this service isn’t near the top any longer, but mid bottom of the table. The ROI now stands at a 5% loss and When Stats Align has dropped into an astonishing 77.91 point deficit. Using the £100 stakes that were recommended, this means that you would have lost almost £8,000 to this service.

When Stats Align was reviewed in Race Advisor earlier this year where the report was generally on the positive, but When Stats Align is a perfect example of why I always recommend monitoring consistency of a tipster service before investing.



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Many thanks for taking the time to review my service however I feel I ought to correct you on a few points.
Firstly my surname does not have an a in it.
Secondly there is nothing alleged about my employment history, I managed shops in Leeds, Tadcaster, Harrogate and Ripon over a five year period.
Thirdly, July was a bad month, I make no secret about the fact that the system has bad months. The sales page clearly includes the losing months as well as the profitable ones.
Fourthly, when checking the results based on the proofing to the Race Advisor site one has to ensure you have selected Betfair SP and Advised Stakes. Using that criteria the Race Advisor site still shows When Stats Align as it’s 2nd most successful proofer over the last year despite not starting proofing until December 1st. It quite clearly shows that a 30% strike rate of winning bets has been maintained. I know that some advised odds tipsters can out perform my system and it may be that you would prefer tips from tipsters at unavailable advised odds in which case good luck to you. However I am not a tipster just a bloke who’s made a few quid from a betting system to flat 1 pt each way stakes and Betfair SP and decided to share it with the world.
Fifth, I would NEVER recommend using £100 a point, but I personally do use £50 a point. I DO recommend a betting bank of 200 points from which a 70 point dip is painful but not disastrous. The current quarter since June 1st stands at 46 points profit. On my sales page I say “those winners make me over 20 units profit every month to 1 unit bets” so 46 points over 2 and a half months is below average but not as ridiculously low as you intimate.
Sixth, I didn’t ‘divulge too much information’ because you didn’t ask, had you emailed me any queries about the selection system I would have quite happily told you how it works as I don’t feel that I’m charging for the system per se, more that the charge of less than £1 a day is for me to work out the selections and email them to the subscriber. The software alone to provide the data from which I make the selections costs about the same as the subscription so feel free to do it yourself.
All the very best and thank you for running a genuine and open site,

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Thanks for your comment, Paul.



not convinced the marketing makes it look very good but something is telling me to look around elsewhere

I personally think the marketing lets the service down but with a 60 day guarantee why not paper trade for a month or so?
If you don’t have any issues achieving advised odds then good luck to you, but if you fancy a ‘bet and go’ BSP system then give it a deeper look.
(edit by admin. Paul offered a free trial to MMF members, if anybody wishes to take him up on his offer, please send us an email, and we will forward to details to Paul) and we will arrange a free trial for readers of MakeMoneyForum.
Paul Cundell

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