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Wight Horse Tips is a horse arcing tipster service which is being offered through the Tipping Guru’s platform. Selections come courtesy of professional tipster Sean Brehaut.

Introduction to Wight Horse Tips

Finding something that really makes you stand out as a tipster can be a difficult thing. I look at a lot of different services and I can say that there aren’t many that stick in your memory. But one of the most obvious ways to stand out as a tipster service is by making a lot of money.

Let’s be completely blunt about this. The reason that any of us are involved in betting is because ultimately, we are looking to take a profit from it. Whether it is with a long term view to making a full time income through betting or simply making enough from a second income to enjoy your leisure time.

This brings me to Wight Horse Tips which claims an average monthly profit of £667. I don’t usually like to talk numbers too early in, but that is one hell of a number. So, with very little doubt about Sean Brehaut’s abilities to make money, I want to take a deeper look here and see whether or not this is something that is worth getting excited about.  

What Does Wight Horse Tips Offer?

With so many questionable independent tipster services on the market, it is always good to see tipster services that come from some of the more established platforms. Tipping Guru’s fall very much into this category which is a strong boon for Wight Horse Tips straight off the mark.

This applies to a number of different elements with one of the key ones being that the management of the service is always going to be of a decent standard. Whilst you would expect this to be the case with all tipster services, I can tell you that rather unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

What this means for you as a subscriber of Wight Horse Tips is that you can expect to receive selections on a pretty much daily basis. These are sent out though Tipping Gurus directly via email. This is all very much in line with what you would expect. I can report however that rather pleasantly, Sean Brehaut prefers to issue his tips the evening before racing (typically between 6pm and 8pm).

There are two things that make this such a strong positive. The first is the fact that receiving your bets in the evening allow you plenty of time to get them placed, even if you work a 9-5. Secondly, and arguably more importantly, it allows you to get the best possible odds. Whilst this isn’t a stated part of Wight Horse Tips, I would say that it will make a huge difference to your profits.

Moving on to the bets themselves, there is a decent and somewhat eclectic mix to Wight Horse Tips. There are of course, the more obvious back to win and each way bets, however Sean Brehaut also throws a number of smaller accumulators and Trixies into the equation. This allows for some potentially substantial wins when they come in.

I mentioned the odds when talking about why it is good to receive your selections in the evening, but I want to talk about them in more detail here. Because Sean Brehaut seems to have a knack for finding value in bets. Whilst the average odds come in at 5.50, some of the accumulators can get well into double digits (including a recent 39.75 winner).

On top of all of this, I will commend Sean Brehaut for keeping Wight Horse Tips within a manageable volume of bets. Most days will provide you with no more than 5 bets which means that your betting bank doesn’t ever become too exposed, even with the staking plan that is in place.

Now, the staking plan is an interesting one. You can generally expect to be betting anywhere from 0.5 points on a bet all the way up to 5 points (and on one seemingly random occasion, a 6 point stake). In and of itself, this isn’t necessarily a problem, however you should keep in mind that those higher numbers will occur quite frequently.

Naturally, this requires a pretty substantial betting bank in order to really work. It isn’t unfeasible that you can lose more than 20 points in a given day (and potentially more than even that). As such, Tipping Gurus recommend that you should have 150 points set aside to bet. This is somewhat more than most tipster services, but not prohibitive.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate. Because frankly, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot in this regard. Longer odds do not tend to lend themselves to frequent wins. And yet, in the case of Wight Horse Tips, the strike rate sits rather nicely at 30.35%.

What is really stand out here though is that Tipping Gurus’ proofing shows that this is actually a pretty accurate representation of what to expect from the service. There are a couple of relatively substantial losing streaks, but these are pretty few and far between and don’t seem to have exceeded 10 losses (at least, that I have seen).  

How Does Wight Horse Tips Work?

All of the above really bodes well for Wight Horse Tips. Unfortunately, what it doesn’t do, is tell us a lot about how Sean Brehaut actually finds his selections. A look at the sales material from Tipping Gurus provides us with a little bit of insight, but honestly, it is more than a little bit lacking.

Effectively, we are told that Sean Brehaut has been tipping for 7 years and betting on horses for twice that length of time. Furthermore, they say, betting is his full time job and as such, his only source of income are the bets that he places (except of course, for the tipster services he has also been running for 7 years, but I’ll put that to one side for now).

All of this is somewhat mitigated by the fact that Tipping Gurus do go out of their way to provide some incredibly comprehensive proofing for Wight Horse Tips. Whilst it doesn’t give you any real insight into the rationale behind selections, you can at least get an idea of what to expect.

Honestly though, this is just pretty disappointing to me. I have probably said it hundreds of times by now, but I like to know what approach a tipster has. Proofing is all well and good, but it is much easier to follow a service when you know that there is an underpinning system. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t expect Sean Brehaut to give anything away for free, but something would be nice here.

What is the Initial Investment?

Tipping Gurus have only one option for those who want to subscribe to Wight Horse Tips and I can say with confidence that it actually represents very good value for money, albeit with some concerns about the potential outlay.

So, that option is a quarterly subscription to Wight Horse Tips and at the time of writing, it is priced incredibly reasonably at just £30 plus VAT. It is worth noting that this is a limited time offer however with Tipping Gurus stating that the full price of the service will be £60 per quarter (again, plus VAT) which remains reasonable.

On top of this, it is worth noting that Wight Horse Tips comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by the fact that the service is being sold via the Clickbank platform.

What is the Rate of Return?

As I said, the reason that any of us are here is ultimately because we are looking to make money. And given that Sean Brehaut has guided Wight Horse Tips to a 509.33 point proofing since the start of March, I think that it is quite apparent that there is some decent money to be had here. This is also backed up by the ROI which is an impressive 21.17%.

With that said, I do think that I have to keep the context on those numbers by talking about the fact that they are based around the varied stakes. This isn’t necessarily a criticism, but it does mean that if you are getting excited and picturing huge amounts of returns, you may be betting as much as £50 on every bet to relatively low £10 per point stakes.  

Conclusion for Wight Horse Tips

If there is one thing that I want to get out of the way before anything else, it is that the results for Wight Horse Tips are pretty bloody good. 500 points in less than 6 months is really a significant amount of profit.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that these results have been generated by a staking plan that leans towards the risky. You really have to be willing to commit to potentially losing 20 or 25 points in a day if you want to make the claimed profits. And that is something that categorically will not suit everybody.

For those who are considering backing to level stakes, I will say that the 21% ROI isn’t bad, but there are definitely other and better options out there. Options that have been specifically designed with this kind of staking plan in place.

Arguably the best part of Wight Horse Tips for me though is something that I haven’t really touched on, and that is the potential value for money here. Let’s make no mistake, that price at the time of writing is an absolute bargain. You are potentially paying just £10 per month which is almost nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Even if you are forced to pay full price, honestly, £20 per month is a bargain as far as tipster services go. I have always said that if you’re paying £30-£40 per month, you’re somewhere in the average range. So, to get something that is potentially quite special for half this shows just how much value there is to be had.

So far, I will admit that I have very much focused on the positives when it comes to Wight Horse Tips. Dare I even say that I have perhaps done so a little too much. Because here’s the bottom line. Whilst it may look like Sean Brehaut has provided one hell of a service, I can unequivocally say that it won’t be for everybody.

If you really want to make Wight Horse Tips work for you, you need discipline. You need to be really willing to look at a service with very long term perspective as well. I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that for 6 months, Sean Brehaut has knocked it out of the park. But what if you’d come in at the wrong time?

It probably goes without saying that you shouldn’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. There are no real guarantees in this industry. But in the case of something like Wight Horse Tips, you really do have to have that commitment to make it work for you. If the thought of losing 25 points in a few days is too much for you, then this won’t be for you.

Otherwise, whilst those results show a service that has loads of potential. And furthermore, Tipping Gurus are offering it at a very reasonable price. As such, if you are able to stick to the betting advice, then Wight Horse Tips looks to be one of he better potential investments I have looked a recently.  


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