Win Crusher Review

Win Crusher is a new to market horse racing tipster service that, according to the tipster behind it James Summerhill, is able to make a 6 figure annual income for subscribers. Something that is apparently offered, risk free.

Introduction to Win Crusher

I’ve been doing this for some time now, and sometimes, something lands on your desk and you take one look at it. Sigh deeply. And prepare to wade yourself through a complete load of rubbish. So why do I waste my time? You may ask. Because sometimes, and it is only very occasionally, there is something good unearthed in that process. And if a service is able to deliver on those crazy claims, you know that you’ll hear about it here.

And in Win Crusher, James Summerhill really does lean into that theme of crazy claims. Hell, he even says that the service is “the MOST IMPRESSIVE BETTING METHOD ON THE MARKET”. That is a hell of a claim to make. And truth be told, if you can make even a tenth of the income potential that is claimed, then you’d still be doing pretty bloody well.

However, I am also incredibly (and entirely reasonably) sceptical of these claims that are made. So, trying to keep an open mind, I am going to spend a little bit of time with Win Crusher and see if this is really your next big horse racing tipster service.

What Does Win Crusher Offer?

According to James Summerhill, everything that Win Crusher offers can easily be summed up in three different points. Now this is interesting to me, because in providing this claim, there is a standard set that I can really judge the service against. And those 3 points are (as taken directly from the sales material):

  1. A staggeringly successful betting method
  2. A rock solid, simple staking strategy that anyone can work with.
  3. Unquestionably the most efficient support team who make YOU priority

So, first things first. Let’s look at that “staggeringly successful betting method”. From what I have seen of Win Crusher, the truth is that you are dealing with a pretty straight forward tipster service. Selections are sent out on a near daily basis, directly to subscribers via email. The content of these is rather basic, despite the attempts of James Summerhill to make it seem like something more.

It is worth noting that the lack of information included in the selections will mean that if you want to get the most out of the service, you will have to research the odds involved yourself. As always, Oddschecker will make this quick and easy for you. But honestly, advising odds is the kind of thing that any reputable tipster will do anyway.

Moving on from the logistical side of things, I want to talk a little bit about the bets that you will be placing. Now Win Crusher is based around horse racing and as such, there just aren’t that many markets available. Which means that in this case, James Summerhill will exclusively be advising you on horses to win (at least, that seems to be the case from what I have seen).

One thing that I do want to highlight though is that Win Crusher can be a touch high volume. Most days, you will be dealing with just a few bets, but the consistency with which these are pumped out means that they can very quickly start to add up over the course of a month. Something that isn’t really helped by the staking plan that is involved.

On the subject of which, let’s talk a little bit about James Summerhill’s staking plan, aka. Point number 2. Now, this is an interesting thing for me to talk about. The fact of the matter is that he doesn’t technically divulge the plan in full detail. When you receive your daily email, you are simply told how much you should stake on a given horse (something that is worrying for a number of reasons).

But what really stands out about this to me is a statement that is made in the sales material for Win Crusher. You see, James Summerhill claims that “within just a few short weeks, my betting capital had transformed from two figures (£75) to FIVE FIGURES (£10,000+)! I couldn’t believe it – my account balance had SKYROCKETED!”.

Giving James Summerhill the benefit of doubt for a second, this would mean that you would have to use an incredibly aggressive staking plan in order to achieve this kind of bank growth. That is nothing more than a simple mathematical certainty. And aggressive staking plans inevitably carry a hell of a lot of risk. Unless of course, you have a phenomenal strike rate…

On the subject of which, James Summerhill claims that his tips “win at 87.9% of the time – AT ALL ODDS!”. This is all well and good, and I would absolutely love to see this in action. The problem here however is that there is absolutely nothing to back this ludicrous claim up. There is simply no proofing for Win Crusher or… Well, any real evidence at all really. Not surprisingly…

How Does Win Crusher Work?

But, that lack of evidence is surely offset by how Win Crusher works. Right? You see, according to James Summerhill, you are effectively betting on races in which a horse has been “sent out to win”. This means that in theory, they are pretty much a dead cert. And that sounds great. Especially when you factor in the source of this information.

You see, James Summerhill is supposedly in touch with a jockey who was a stable rider with a top trainer. And they have a network of insider contacts who provide him with this inside information so that he can then provide the selections to “ordinary punters”. Naturally, the names of the trainer and jockey are kept under wraps.

And in case you doubted this story (but of course, why would you?!), we are given a part of the “Jockey/Trainer Partnership agreement” for what ever that means. This contains such gems as:

  • we have developed a SUPREMELY ACCURATE FORECASTING TECHNIQUE which effectively takes the gamble out of gambling
  • Without exaggeration, there is no known reason why this product will not continue to produce phenomenally profitable bets. The system’s major forte is its ability to uncover winners with unfailing accuracy.
  • In addition, we have established a very cunning staking method which ensures the  MAXIMUM growth of betting capital or return on a single bet

All of which of course means about as much as me actually writing it down here. The fact of the matter is that whilst James Summerhill has clearly set out to make Win Crusher sound impressive, these are just statements. There is no real insight into anything related to the network, what it entails etc. And that is a real problem for me.

What is the Initial Investment?

All of this has been pretty damning so far which leads me to believe that the key appeal to Win Crusher lies in the price. James Summerhill is asking just £27 plus VAT in order to receive selections for an unspecified amount of time. Seemingly, this is cheap as a testimonial for the service says that the person paid £37.

On a final note, it is worth keeping in mind that Win Crusher is being sold through Clickbank. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. Something that is at least mentioned in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the crux of Win Crusher which is how much you can expect to make. According to James Summerhill, you are “GUARANTEED to easily make more than £10,000 each month”. This means that there is of course a hypothetical annual income of £120,000 as a minimum.

Backing this up are screenshots supposedly showing £11,665.25 in a Betfair account one month and £12,301.90 another. As well as some highly questionable screenshots of a bank account.

Interestingly though, the testimonials talk about making “over £2,000” in a week, and £8,963.22 in their first month. These numbers are incredibly interesting as the sales material shifts from that five figure income to talking about making more than £2,000 per month as well as a statement that “a life of financial security WILL BE YOURS with an extra £8,000+ in the bank each month!”.

Now £10,000 is obviously more than £8,000 so it does fit this criteria, but the discrepancies between these numbers also suggest that this is simply marketing that has been rewritten to seem more impressive and a few things haven’t been changed. Something that I suspect to be the case for a number of reasons that I will explore below.

Conclusion for Win Crusher

There are a lot of reasons that I wouldn’t recommend Win Crusher to you. So much so that it is hard to know where to begin. But there is one reason more than any other that I will come to a little bit later as it’s not necessarily something that most people would pick up on. So, let’s start with some of the more obvious things.

 If you start with a £75 betting bank and you wanted to turn this into £10,000 in just 2 weeks, you would require extraordinary luck. To say that it isn’t mathematically possible would be incorrect. To say that it is incredibly improbable is a very reasonable statement. Especially because despite his claims, James Summerhill cannot actually tell us how he did it with Win Crusher.

And talking about that figure of £10,000 (a number that you are supposedly guaranteed to easily make more than each month), I don’t understand why this seems to change across the sales material with numbers being in line with £8,000 per month and £10,000 the next.

Furthermore, I would really like to see some genuine evidence that these numbers are real. I certainly don’t believe for a single minute that James Summerhill’s provision of a few screenshots of a betting account and a dodgy looking HSBC online statement can be classified as such.

 Other questionable elements of Win Crusher include that claimed strike rate of almost 90%, the so called “Jockey/Trainer Partnership agreement”. In fact, whilst I’m on that topic, absolutely anything to do with how James Summerhill supposedly receives his selections. There is a questionable claim that “fully 85% of horses in a race have no realistic chance of winning”. References to this being a “risk free investment”. I could keep going.

The point to take away from all of this is that so much is seemingly offered to you, but none of it is actually backed up by anything. And that is categorically a problem no matter how you look at it. So much so that it is enough that entirely in and of itself, I would say that this is enough to avoid Win Crusher.

However, there is that final element that isn’t just the nail in the coffin, so much as gluing the lid shut and using a high pressure nail gun with nine inch nails to make sure nothing ever gets in (or out). I know I’ve got a little bet enthusiastic there, but Win Crusher is basically just AutoBet 500.

For those who don’t recognise this name, this is a product that I have seen attached to a huge number of different tipster services and betting systems. All of which follow a template of lengthy narratives, huge profits, and very little risk. Not at all surprisingly, none of these have produced anything resembling that claimed success in the long term or even the shorter term.  

As such, I can state with the utmost confidence that you should really look to give Win Crusher a very wide berth. I have no reason whatsoever to believe that this will actually work for anybody on even a most basic level, never mind the claimed results.


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i have been a member of win crusher and still waiting for all these winners they keep telling me will win which isnt very often

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