Win Crusher Review

Win Crusher is a brand new horse racing tipster service that claims to be able to generate in excess of £100,000 per year. The service is operated by one “James Summerhill”.

What does the product offer?

I can honestly say that for the first time in a while, I am rather stumped on where to begin with Win Crusher. This is a service about which James Summerhill makes some hugely bold claims, none of which I believe. The problem is that there is so much crap to sift through with this service that there doesn’t seem to be a logical starting or ending point, in part because there is very little actual information on what Win Crusher entails.

I suppose that the best I can hope to do is extrapolate some actual claims about the service as a whole from the huge amount of massively dubious copy. From what I can garner, Win Crusher is a daily tipster service providing selections for horse racing. Selections are issued to Win Crusher subscribers via email each morning. It is woryh keeping in mind however, that these selections aren’t actually coming from James Summerhill per se, so there may well be some variance here.

From what I have seen, all that Win Crusher provides is win bets for races up and down the UK. The service looks at horses with a variety of odds. Once again, it is worth pointing out however that James Summerhill doesn’t actually provide the selections (if you believe the copy for Win Crusher).

In terms of the numbers, there is unfortunately very little detail provided. James Summerhill does claim that Win Crusher has a strike rate which ensures that 9 out of 10 horses will win a race which would suggest a strike rate of at least 90%. This is however somewhat contradicted by a claimed strike rate in affiliate material of 88%. Unfortunately, however, there is no proofing provided for Win Crusher which means that my belief that neither of these numbers are viable is well justified.

It hardly seems worth pointing out at this point as you may well have already guessed, but there a staking plan for Win Crusher in place. Unfortunately, I am not convinced at all that it is something sustainable and is more likely to lead to increased losses in the long term.

How does the product work?

Whilst James Summerhill doesn’t go into any real detail on what Win Crusher entails, he is more than happy to share the supposed selection process for the service. There is an inherent irony in this fact given that the whole source of Win Crusher is supposedly a system that was given to a jockey friend of James Summerhill’s whilst working with a high profile trainer. There are even “samples” provided from a so called partnership agreement between the jockey and unnamed trainer.

Supposedly having been in development since 2010, the system behind Win Crusher is part of a “SUPREMELY ACCURATE FORECASTING TECHNIQUE”. The Partnership Agreement (which I am quoting from) then goes on to say that “The system’s major forte is its ability to uncover winners with unfailing accuracy”. I could talk more about this but it is very apparent to me that this aspect of Win Crusher is simply further crap. The fact that a partnership agreement reads exactly like the rest of the copy is reason enough to be suspect in my opinion.

Of course, in order to complete the trifecta of a dodgy tipster service, James Summerhill must also make allusions to shadowy, but top notch, contacts within the horse racing industry. This is applied by the spade with the sales material for Win Crusher mentioning a number of times that there is a “network of reliable information” available.

I also find it rather interesting, and worthy of note, that James Summerhill has operated a tipster service before Win Crusher. He says that he supposedly enjoyed “significant success”, however losing runs meant that his customers ultimately left. If I had any doubts whatsoever about Win Crusher not being a complete rip off, this information simply acts as the nail in the coffin for me.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there is just one option if you want to subscribe to Win Crusher. This is a one time payment of £39 (plus VAT). It is worth keeping in mind that if you do opt to take a gamble on Win Crusher, there is no saying how long James Summerhill will keep the service in operation for. Given the seemingly questionable nature of the selection process behind Win Crusher as well, it also seems very probable that the selections aren’t entirely above board (again, this is if you are willing to suspend your disbelief about the origins of the service).

It is also of note that if you do choose to purchase Win Crusher, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. Because James Summerhill is selling Win Crusher through the Clickbank platform, this does mean that you shouldn’t have any real problems claiming this either.

What is the rate of return?

The sales material for Win Crusher makes a number of different claims in terms of the income potential for the service. The headlining figure starts out talking about how you can make at least £100,000 by following James Summerhill’s advice. There is some “evidence” provided in the form of massively questionable “screenshots” of bank accounts and betting accounts. These show deposits of around £8,000 to £12,000 with all income figures supposedly made within a month.

There are also a number of different claims made in terms of how much can be made on a day to day basis. These numbers vary wildly across the copy however and I find myself holding less stock in them than I do the initial claims that Win Crusher makes.


As with the start of this article, I find myself struggling to know where to start with Win Crusher. First and foremost, James Summerhill is a pen name, however the sales material does acknowledge this fact. What it doesn’t do such a good job of acknowledging is that Win Crusher comes from the same man behind Froggies Favourites. This was a tipster service in a very similar vein to Win Crusher promising silly amounts of money that came courtesy of an equally ludicrous back story.

It may come as a surprise to nobody to know that it didn’t perform well at all. In fact, if you look into Froggie’s Favourite, it is now essentially a defunct website. This is part of a pattern that I see a lot with tipsters who aren’t able to provide a genuine or profitable tips. They pop up, are heavily marketed by affiliates and then close up, usually not long after the 60 day money back guarantee period has elapsed.

The fact is that even if you choose to ignore the obvious and questionable past behind Win Crusher, the service by its own merits are severely lacking. Anybody who looks at my reviews on any kind of semi frequent basis will be familiar with my red flags, and Win Crusher definitely gets a proverbial bingo here.

If you actually take the time to look at the system as it is described, there are two main factors at work. The first is the promise of quick and easy money. I have already touched on the fact that there are some very bold but unsubstantiated claims made. Any tipster worth their salt will tell you that it is difficult to break 5 figures a year without silly staking, so to hit £100,000 would be momentous. The fact that James Summerhill provides no proofing to demonstrate how Win Crusher has achieved this speaks volumes.

The screenshots that are provided are almost certainly doctored. As an HSBC account holder, I can certainly tell you that his bank account screenshot is wrong. I am also pretty sure I could go over the evidence that Win Crusher provides in terms of betting accounts and demonstrate the same. As it happens, I have neither the time nor inclination. If pictures of yachts, luxury vehicles and holidays aren’t enough evidence that something is amiss, then I am sure that my opinion will do little to change things.

It is also worth considering the small matter of proofing. James Summerhill says that the jockey that he is working with for Win Crusher proofed his selections for a year before the service went live. In spite of this supposed proofing, we aren’t provided with any evidence to back this up.

The second thing that is more than questionable is the story of how Win Crusher came to be. Naturally, everything is shrouded in secrecy. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be a lawyer to establish that if you take James Summerhill at face value and Win Crusher has come about exactly as claimed, it is going to be of dubious legality. Where this will leave you as a punter isn’t hard to see.

I honestly cannot recommend avoiding Win Crusher enough. There isn’t a single thing that makes me think that this is close to genuine. There is the fact that Win Crusher has clearly come from a failed marketer (despite my best efforts, I have struggled to tie down anything to identify who this may be). I certainly can’t see how you will end up better off from using Win Crusher and that is something that I would place a bet on (unlike any of “James Summerhill’s” selections). Finally, there is the lack of evidence.



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Below Average Punter

I fell for the advertising (I know I know) thinking I was getting a system, which you do get, you get 3 actually – the Wincrusher Maximum, Wincrusher Daily Quad & Wincrusher Value Gold. But the main point of the service is to get you to sign up to the Gold Tipping Service for £32 a month (which I haven’t done). You do get basic member bets called Wincrusher 1-2 bets which are meant to be backed in the following manner – 1pt win, 2pt win and Stop At A Winner and these are sent by email each day. If you had backed all these bets to a 1 point level stake instead you would have made a 27 points profit as there were 18 winners from 42 bets between 11th Feb to 9th March inclusive.

Finally the truth is here ! Thank you Curtis for this review. Win Crusher is indeed a (defamation removed). This service is just a copy of Sequence Multiplier (another DFS UK website) promoted by Paul Peters, also pen name. Exactly same way to attract with pictures of sport car, yacht, bank statement, Betfair bankroll….

After payment you will receive some tips for a few days. Then comes a message to inform that no more emails will be delivered due to mailing server problem but daily tips are still availbale on the website. In fact at the beginning posts are published every day then twice a week, once a week and after 2 months nothing at all. The website seems to be dead and course any reply from the customer support. If you want your money back from Clickbank is too late. You got screwed !

(Sorry for any spelling mistakes, English is not my native language)

I have recently joined win crusher and found that the odd selection does win, but None of the multiples or doubles have even come close, I have made my subscription fee back in winnings so I am not too concerned, I was hoping for this to be as mind blowing as the hype, but sadly it fails and just becomes another one of those sites that can produce winners but not regular enough to make a second income from.

You have failed to mention the gold membership coaching any one applied for the coaching

It all seems to be falling apart, no info on website since last Thursday, a whole raft of differently descibed bets that mean nothing to me.
I’ve not had an email for 4mths and coaching seems to have disappeared as well.
Another waste of space, full of unfulfilled promises, as usual.

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From: Simon Roberts