Win Supremacy Review

Win Supremacy is a new horse racing tipster service which claims to have produced some incredible profits. The selections themselves come from the tipster Tosh Laidlaw.

What does the product offer?

I almost love it when a product like Win Supremacy lands in my inbox. I say almost because whilst I am very aware of what I am looking at, it always concerns me that some may not. To me, a headlines like “I Guarantee You’ll Smash 15k EVERY MONTH!!!” is a red flag. To those who are perhaps financially struggling, it can seem like a life line. It is a sobering thought, however it is one that I do not wish to dwell on too much as these reviews are here to help people avoid losing money.

I have already touched upon (one of) the headlines for Win Supremacy and frankly, Tosh Laidlaw’s claims are ludicrous. Whether it is the statement that “The Bookies SHUT HIM DOWN” or that his service is “Changing The Face Of Modern Betting”, these are big and bold statements. As such, you would expect lots of evidence to back this up but unfortunately, we are left with the same dodgy screenshots of betting accounts. Having acknowledged the claims made, let’s take a look and see if Win Supremacy can get close to what is promised.

The first thing to consider is how Win Supremacy works as a tipster service. There is quite a lot that is different to the norm here, whether that turns out to be good or bad remains to be seen. Tosh Laidlaw says that he issues his selections on a daily basis and all that you have to do is place said bets. So far, so simple. Win Supremacy does go on though saying that you have to build value into your bets, that there are “5 simple combination bets” which “give you a mathematically favourable chance of a huge Jackpot pay out”. And this goes on.

This is in no small part because Win Supremacy isn’t quite a tipster service. There is an odd pseudo element whereby Tosh Laidlaw tries to push a system on your as well. The two don’t however seem to have any real synergy and it is all rather confusing and more importantly, concerning. Truthfully, none of this bodes well for Win Supremacy and it is definitely a massively off putting aspect.

Even when you look at the details of staking plans etc. the information is all over the place. You can supposedly get started with a betting bank of just £50. This will supposedly be doubled within the first 5 minutes. This does however seem to be mostly hypothetical and linked more to the system than any of the tips.

There is a claimed strike rate for the tips side of Win Supremacy which is supposedly 95%. This is one help of a number. Unfortunately and not at all surprisingly, there isn’t really anything to back this claim up.

Truthfully, there is a lot that is supposedly on offer with Win Supremacy however most of this appears to be crap. I won’t list all of them, but Tosh Laidlaw makes a number of claims about what you will learn from his tips. This includes “How literally WIN each and every day that you bet”, how to find races bets and meetings which are guaranteed to win and various references to things that you need to avoid. For my money, this seems to be here mostly to obfuscate the lack of genuine information and sound impressive to those who don’t understand real betting.

How does the product work?

There is no real information provide in terms of what the selection process for Win Supremacy entails. It probably won’t come as any surprise to learn that Tosh Laidlaw talks a lot of rubbish and doesn’t really answer any questions. This is a massive red flag in my book. Instead, you are given a lot of theory about betting, much of which is at a very basic level or is more worryingly out and out wrong.

What we are however told is that Tosh Laidlaw is supposedly a journalist (who doesn’t appear to exist) and that since 1999, he has been published in more than 10 betting books. The cornerstone to his success is apparently proprietary computer predictions which are based on 25 years of stored results. Naturally there is nothing to back any of these claims up.

When you consider the claims that Tosh Laidlaw has made about himself and how successful his betting business has been, this is a massive concern.


What is the initial investment?

Win Supremacy seems like a bargain. It is sold for the seemingly reasonable price of £39 which is a one off cost. It is worth highlighting that this is the only option which is available. The service is sold through Clickbank and there is also a mention of a 60 day money back guarantee in place (which is a good job as I believe that you will need this). The fact that Tosh Laidlaw uses Clickbank means that you shouldn’t have any problems claiming your refund on the product.

What is the rate of return?

The income potential for Win Supremacy is without a doubt the main selling point. Tosh Laidlaw claims that you can earn £15,000 per month using the service. This is then calculated downwards to £120,000 per year. Meanwhile, Tosh Laidlaw supposedly made £182,343 through betting. Frankly, the numbers for Win Supremacy are all over the place ranging from £100 from “the smallest of stakes” to £50 becoming £10,000 in weeks. Naturally we are not told what stakes were involved to get any of the big results.

The important thing to keep in mind here is that there is no evidence to back any of this up whatsoever. There certainly isn’t any proofing supplied.


There is a certain irony in Tosh Laidlaw saying that when you “trust your instincts and sign up today”. If my instincts tell me anything, it is the polar opposite. Honestly, it has been a long time since I have looked at something which has set off so many alarm bells. These range from obvious red flags like a very distinctive lack of evidence (although we are treated to luxuries his family supposedly enjoy including a Range Rover, horses and a holiday home) to things which simply cannot be possible.

To say that the marketing is crude is an understatement and I certainly don’t believe a word of what is said. The claims that are made are many and as such, it is difficult to cover them all here, but honestly, I feel like a lot of the advice which is given with Win Supremacy is worrying. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the vendor behind Win Supremacy is only after one thing and that is your hard earned money. The tips themselves appear to be lacking in quality and all of the crap that comes with Win Supremacy feels repurposed from free products.

All of the front end stuff doesn’t really matter though as if you want to get to the truth of what Win Supremacy is, you have to look at the vendor who is selling the service. This is not his first product and those that have been released before have been panned. All of them are in some form or another a betting system which make similar claims to Win Supremacy. All of them have failed to deliver, hence the apparent rebranding. It has been some time since one of their products has done the rounds however and I don’t have to original products to hand to draw direct comparisons.

None the less, everything feels familiar for all of the wrong reasons. Prior services have apparently been offered under a variety of names and vendors as well as the one that is responsible for Win Supremacy which makes me wonder how many times this has been offered in the grand scheme of things.

It is no surprise that Win Supremacy is sold as seemingly being a little bit of everything. It is clear to me that behind this service is an internet marketer who is simply casting a wide net to catch as much as possible. There is absolutely no genuine evidence that Win Supremacy works as advertised and this concerns me. Whilst reading through Win Supremacy has been a bit of a laugh for me, I can see how it would draw in a lot of people with the promises made. What I cannot stress enough however is that Win Supremacy is not worth your investment.

There are plenty of genuine tipsters and even betting systems that are available on the market. These may ultimately prove a little more expensive than Win Supremacy in the long term, but they will also do more for you than lose you money. Win Supremacy should be given a very wide berth.

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Thanks for the advice, although I have been stupid on this front and have paid some money to the tipster!

I cant understand why I did and can’t seem to get through to him to gain money back….so I guess an instant loss here!

I am normally wiser than this….doh!!!!

Yes don’t get sucked in buy the sales patter

Hi, very well said and great summing up, out and out marketing bullshit

U can get ur money back if u paid through clickbank.

Sadly clickbank was not the deal here…..any other ideas on how I might try and regain my money…long shot I know!

I suppose if it appears too good to be true then usually and sadly it usually is , I tried another service very reasonable and the tips usually come in at best 3rd down to last – very poor , I haven’t bothered with trying to get a refund It was more exploratory and I was unfortunately proved right. You are better off losing money on betting your own way ! Stay safe !

I also stupidly joined, seems to be picking 3 horses per race, but ignores races where none of the 3 win

Thanks for the heads up ,whilst we are on the subject USA place king is also a bs. Paid my money for a month , got five horses on the same day , a losing day . Then nothing else, robbed , clikbank tried in vain to get a refund. Avoid this service like the plague ,and the supposed North Wales professional ,losers don’t come anymore frequent .

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