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Window to the Womb Franchise Review

A Window to the Womb franchise is a low cost franchise option that allows you to enter the lucrative market of 3D baby scans.

The Company

Window to the Womb have been in this niche industry for a 10 years now and has grown to a rather substantial business. This is evidenced in the fact that Window to the Womb have an arrangement with Kiddicare, one of the largest retailers of baby and toddler supplies in the UK, to carry out scans in their stores. At present Window to the Womb have 2 studios as well as options to open in other Kiddicare stores.

A Little Background

Franchisees for Window to the Womb should ideally be trained sonographers or individuals who have a keen interest in the market. Window to the Womb offer an exclusive territory in which to operate your Window to the Womb franchise. There is some hands on training provided for Window to the Womb franchisees at an existing studio. Window to the Womb also comes with pre-launch support such as help developing your business plan. Applications can be carried out by emailing Window to the Womb registering your interest.


It is recommended that you have at least £20,000 in liquid assets when applying for a Window to the Womb franchise. This will cover the franchise costs of £7,500 +VAT which is claimed to cover your training. There is also a monthly cost for Window to the Womb of £1,500.

Earning Potential

Window to the Womb say that the average franchise should earn between £50,000 and £60,000 per year but this feels like a stretch.


Assuming that any charges for Window to the Womb are pure profit, and you operate at maximum capacity then you could see as much as £7,200 per week. But this is based on 3 scans per hour at 20 hours with the most expensive package. The reality seems to be somewhat lessened. That doesn’t mean that Window to the Womb couldn’t prove to be a profitable, in fact I suspect that as this trend continues your business could well grow.

This is however a niche business and the requirements for being a franchisee seems to be heavily invested in you being a sonographer.



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