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WinnerOdds is a new sports betting tipster service which aims to provide profitable and long term betting advice for tennis around the world.

Introduction to WinnerOdds

Tennis is a funny old game when it comes to betting. First of all, it is one of the few sports you can bet on where there are only two outcomes. Two players walk onto the court (or four in the case of doubles) and there will always be a winner. And yet… Despite the lack of outcomes available, I can genuinely say that tennis is one sport where I have struggled to find a consistent tipster.

So many of them start strongly but the odds involved tend to be narrow, which means bigger stakes are needed to make money and well… When a big bet loses, it can take a bank a long time to recover. The approach taken by WinnerOdds is something a little different however and I can honestly say that I am rather interested in this offering.

What Does WinnerOdds Offer?

For the purposes of this article, I will be ostensibly be referring to WinnerOdds as a tipster service however it doesn’t quite feel right to say this. There is a distinction and I believe that it lies mostly in the different approach. Tipsters take their time to find bets. They compile their best chances and they email them out to you each morning.

There is routine and there is structure to the logistics. Because WinnerOdds is software based, it is firing things out throughout the day. Bets can come from nowhere and the value can be lost in a very short space of time. Put bluntly, WinnerOdds is not going to be for everybody.

Everything is accessed via an online dashboard and it is recommended by the WinnerOdds team that you are visiting this “2 or 3 times every day”. They do however go as far as to recommend that you place bets as soon as notifications for new picks are received. Fortunately, the interface of WinnerOdds means that this is not necessarily a difficult thing to do.

winnerodds review headerEach pick has “Minimum Profitable Odds” with a list of bookmakers that are offering above this. There are a number of tools to make placing bets an easier process including a very helpful “totalize” tool. This splits your stake across multiple bookmakers which is a godsend for those with restrictions.

There is a staking plan in place which is automated and built into WinnerOdds. It calculates your bet size based off the betting bank available and the value of the bet. The higher the value the more money is staked on it. The WinnerOdds team refer to this is a modification of the Kelly Criterion, itself a rather complex formula which is designed to calculate the most reasonable stakes for a given bet.

One of the key things that matters with WinnerOdds is how often it wins.

The truth of the matter is that whilst the service is based around value, the odds that you are backing are not particularly high. For example, on the da of writing there are bets advised at 1.54 and 1.33. We are not talking about huge quantities of profit on a bet by bet basis with WinnerOdds.

Fortunately, the results show that it does win frequently enough with a strike rate that stands at a touch under 70%. There is no ignoring this kind of result.

How Does WinnerOdds Work?

The methods behind WinnerOdds are well explained and make a decent amount of sense. There is supposedly a piece of artificial intelligence behind all selections that finds the true odds of a game. The WinnerOdds team say that this is achieved by looking at more than 400,000 different professional tennis matches.

The statistics of these are then applied to a Neural Network which is able to make a calculation of the “minimum profitable odds”. These are the core of making WinnerOdds profitable.

Once the minimum profitable odds have been set by the WinnerOdds software, this is then compared to the odds that bookmakers publish. Where they are higher than the minimum profitable odds, then a notification is sent out. WinnerOdds is constantly monitoring the odds offered by bookies right up until the match start time which helps to maximise the number of bets and resultantly, profit.

The idea, is that you will receive an email notification when an alert has been created with a betting/profit opportunity, and these are sent by email, although during our review account, the emails came through is Spanish, so we could not make any sense of them.

Although if you log into the website, the same opportunities and bets are provided, similar to what is below, which I have just taken from the members area:

winnerodds review

There is a slight confusion here though, because on the alerts, WinnerOdds are also supposed to advise you how much money to bet on the selection, and this is in the green boxes underneath the odds, although we checked a full page and could not see any reference to amounts, so I am not sure what is happening there, because without that guidance then how are you supposed to know how many units of your betting bank to bet with?


On their ‘how to’ it states the following which is a contradiction to the members area:

Winner odds bet amounts

Therefore the lack of amounts in the members area is very confusing.

What is the Initial Investment?

WinnerOdds is a comprehensive service that operates in a rather specific niche and as such, it probably doesn’t come as any real surprise to learn that it is not exactly cheap. To pay for WinnerOdds on a monthly basis will cost you €79 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for the biannual option which costs you €390 every 6 months (representing a saving of €14 per month and 20% over the course of the subscription).

This is an entirely upfront payment however. Payment is handled directly through WinnerOdds and as you can probably guess, there is no money back guarantee in place for the service.

What is the Rate of Return?

Looking at the numbers for WinnerOdds requires a very certain mindset, that is to say, a long term one. For example, over the last month WinnerOdds has made a profit of 150.19 points, a fantastic achievement. However this represents a yield of just 5.51% with over 1,183 bets placed to an average stake of 2.3 points per bet. Short term, betting £27,000 to see £1,500 back might not seem appealing, but 5% month on month, over a year or two, does.

Here are the claimed units of profit over the last 1 month period:

profits claimed by winner oddsConclusion on WinnerOdds

I genuinely believe that WinnerOdds is a quality product. That has to be gotten out of the way.

The results are strong, everything does what it is supposed to do and the methodology behind selections is pretty solid. And yet… In spite of the many positives that surround the service there are rather a large number of potential problems that I can see here. Now when I say potential problems, a lot of it boils down to the fact that WinnerOdds will not work for everybody, but a balanced view has to be given.

First things first. Whilst it is unavoidable that WinnerOdds has to update throughout the day, this can get tedious.

It is important to back as many bets  as possible in order to get the most out of WinnerOdds and so missing opportunities can quickly become frustrating. Combine this with a large number of bets and missed winners can quickly lead you away from the strict, investment based approach that currently stands. This definitely tempers the results somewhat.

I also think that the nature of WinnerOdds does mean that you need a lot of money in order to get started and maintain profits. Over the course of its lifetime, a €1,000 betting bank would now be worth 3,411 points of profit. But you would have to have staked just shy of 40,000 points in order to get that. Even £10 stakes put that number at more than most people will pay for a house.

WinnerOdds claim to have made well over 1 million Euros of profit from their selections since 2016, which is quite some claim, and would take a lot of betting to get that.

winning odds profitsIn my opinion, if you have the ability to sink a decent amount of money into a tipster service then WinnerOdds maybe worth considering. This isn’t just because of the volume of bets and the costs involved with following them, but also the subscription costs. €390 up front is a lot of money and I am inclined to say beyond the expense of most punters. You have to make up those costs as well before you start to get into the black.

And yet, the approach that the WinnerOdds team have and the ability to consistently generate profits suggests that if you can afford WinnerOdds, there are few comparable services on the market. But as mentioned above, the members area, especially how much to stake, is missing, compared to the ‘how to’ section, so it looks a little bit like the detail of the website is missing, which has to be mentioned.

WinningOdds is definitely a long term strategy, so don’t be expecting to make massive profits, but slow and methodical gains, over time.

Just to place an update on this post, after contact from the website:

I mentioned above that their website was not showing the amount to be staked.

I have now been alerted by Miguel at WinnerOdds that this was because I had not introduced my betting bank, which does actually make sense when you think about it.

The following is without betting bank added:


Now, if I add a betting bank of say 1,000 Euros (as the website is in Euros), you can then see that the stake advised is present:


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Verry bad, you need to be awake all days/night and click super fast to do profit, market falls verry fast and bookies limits you as well.. Sometimes website crashing and no notifications for all bets.
And finally administrator stops you if you try to refresh too often the page to see the new bets. Just admin is making money in this business. Stay far away

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