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Winners Down Under Review

Winners Down Under is a tipster service offered by Daley James that offers tips on Australian football games.

What does the product offer?

Winners Down Under offers users one bet every day usually offering a win, lose or draw selection. These are sent out by email and will usually be with subscribers before 10am. Daley James recommends using bet 365 or Betfair for placing bets but says that his tips can be used at any major betting establishment. He also claims that by using Winners Down Under you can expect “a consistent stream of profit coming into your bank account”.

How does the product work?

The product appears to be based on Daley James’ knowledge of the Australian game as he claims he switched to betting on Australian football after getting tired of incurring losses on European football. As mentioned about the system seems to use a win, lose or draw system, likely because these provide the most balanced odds. In terms of additional details of the ins and outs of Winners Down Under, Daley James says that he will not release any further information in order to protect his system.

What is the initial investment?

Winners Down Under is available for £18 but Daley James is keen to point out that this is a limited time offer and he will look to re-launch the product at what he deems to be a fair price. As Winners Down Under is purchased through Click Bank there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

There are no real figures mentioned about what you can expect in terms of return on your investment. Daley James says that he has been able to afford a “decent” car off the money from his betting with a Mercedes pictured so it seems likely that Winners Down Under are implying that you can expect to earn enough to afford a luxury vehicle.


As more tipster services look to tighter niches it is more and more difficult to assess a products worth. In the case of Daley James he seems to have some idea about Australian football with his posted results showing 9 losses in 34 games which represents a strike rate of 70%. This seems like a believable figure and although I don’t believe you will earn as much as is implied, I believe that Winners Down Under has potential to produce a small amount of profit as a side earner.



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2 losses in a row from the very first 2 tips. Not a good start. If I not win in the next tip I will get my money back. In his website there is not many losses in a row…

This is a con. I paid my subscription and my last tip was sent on 11th July. It is now 5th August. You cant contact him as all emails are returned. This man cannot be trusted and you should not join.

I’ve found his tips really good. Returning about 30% ROI, I would highly recommend this service. His winning tips would be in the 70% range. A couple of weeks ago it was 25 out of 33 successful selections.

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