Winners Enclosure Review Peter Driver

Winners Enclosure is claimed to be a piece of software created by Peter Driver that identifies scalping opportunities in horse racing.

What does the product offer?

There are two very different aspects to Winners Enclosure. The first is what Peter Driver claims that it is, the second is what it actually is. Winners Enclosure is sold as a piece of software, more specifically an app for use on desktop and mobile devices. Allegedly this app was developed by Peter Driver himself drawing on his background as a computer programmer. In fact, the software is allegedly so good that publications such as The Daily Mail and The Racing Post are advocating Peter Winners Enclosure. The reality however is that when you buy Winners Enclosure you are given access to a members area with a number of selections and a strong push towards getting you to sign up with Peter Driver’s chosen bookmaker.

How does the product work?

According to the sales material for Winners Enclosure there are a number of factors behind the software which includes drawing on some insider information from “very influential people within the industry”. People that he claims to have met whilst attending in excess of 10,000 horse races. Winners Enclosure is also claimed to look at a number of different factors like the horse and jockey’s previous performances, track conditions and other information which allegedly can’t be revealed. Once again, one is forced to compare this to what is actually on offer and there is a huge gulf of difference.

What is the initial investment?

Peter Driver is marketing Winners Enclosure at a hugely discounted rate for the “first 250” purchasers of the software/selections. This means that you can get it for £27 as opposed to a claimed RRP of £199. Fortunately Winners Enclosure is sold through Clickbank so there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

The income claims for Winners Enclosure are typically high for this kind of product with Peter Driver personally claiming to have made in excess of £3,000 in just one week. Furthermore, Racing Index allegedly stated that a punter made over £2,700 in a single day, something that is rather contrasted by an alleged testimonial provided by Winners Enclosure that claims £300 per day “with no effort at all”.


There are a number of different ways that you can identify Winners Enclosure as being a very questionable product but the clearest to me is that you are not getting what you pay for. It is sold as a piece of software and instead is seemingly a tipster service and frankly, not even a good one at that with reports of over 40 different selections being offered in a day with users being advised to pick 10. The entire setup of Winners Enclosure is frankly rather underhanded and the main purpose from what I can see is to try and milk users for as much as possible. I cannot recommend enough that you avoid Winners Enclosure.



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From: Simon Roberts