Winners Everyday Review

Winners Everyday is a brand new horse racing tipster service that is operated by Jonathan Woodward. He claims that his tips have produced a very substantial profit in a very short space of time. 

Introduction to Winners Everyday

I think that it’s fair to say that context and perspective is everything. One of the most iconic photographs (I think) ever taken is that of the “Tank Man” at Tiananmen Square. Even if that doesn’t mean anything to you, you’ll know the picture. A solitary figure stands, carrier bags in hand, staring down 4 tanks. It’s impressive. Zoom out though, and you really get some context and perspective as you see there are at least 13 tanks bearing down on his position. It’s bloody powerful stuff, and it will also become very relevant for this review.

You see, today’s review subject is one that makes some very powerful claims. What landed me on Winners Everyday specifically is Jonathan Woodward’s claim that his “Highly-Accurate Tips That Made An Eye-Watering £728.41 Already In November!”. At the time of writing this, we’re barely into November, which makes this a particularly compelling claim. That is a huge amount of money to have made in such a short space of time. I mean, if you can make £700 in less than a week, where’s the limit…?

Unfortunately, when you put these results into context, whereas that famous “Tank Man” picture becomes more powerful, Winners Everyday ends up looking much weaker. The truth is that once you really look at Jonathan Woodward’s results, that hugely impressive seeming profit is really pretty bang average. What is really disappointing about this is that I think there is some reasonable seeming potential here. As such, I don’t see why there is this need to present the results in a way that, whilst not false, are definitely inflated. So, let’s get into this and see if it is still worth it.  

What Does Winners Everyday Offer?

One of the things that I definitely like about Winners Everyday is that there is actually a hell of a lot on offer for your money. Jonathan Woodward isn’t skimping on what he provides you, which makes the marketing decisions all the more baffling. You see, what you’re getting here isn’t one tipster service per se, but four of them. All of which are combined into a nice, neat, easy to follow package.

Winners Everyday should be a winner. Especially when you start to look at how those packages are broken down. Jonathan Woodward has effectively broken down his tips into the core service, as well as 3 “bonuses”. These are Super Saturday, Festival Winners, and Premium Selections (which is due to start soon). Once again, let’s talk about context. Because this sounds like a lot, but really, these are all things that I’d just expect if I were signing up for a tipster.

In terms of how Jonathan Woodward manages Winners Everyday, well, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that a lot of it is pretty much the bare minimum. Selections are issued directly via email, typically landing around 10.30am. They contain basic information about what you’re betting on and… well, that’s about it really.

What is quite interesting to me is that despite all of this content Winners Everyday is ultimately surprisingly low volume. The core service will issue anywhere from a single selection all the way up to 3 per day. In the meantime, the Saturday service provides you with a single bet, Festivals can add a few additional bets, and the Premium Service will supposedly add a few additional selections per week.

All of this means that realistically, at most, you might be dealing with 5 or 6 selections. This isn’t necessarily an unmanageable number, and importantly, those are a very firm top end. Especially when you consider that most of what you’re doing is simply backing a horse to win. Winners Everyday isn’t a complicated beast.

Something that I haven’t really touched on though is that those bets are absolutely required. You see, most of Jonathan Woodward’s selections ultimately end up with incredibly low odds. That isn’t a criticism, so much as a statement of fact. The biggest winners have rarely been more than about 3/1. Of course, that does have an impact on the returns potential for Winners Everyday.

Honestly, if it’s an option, I would probably recommend trying to use an odds comparison site here. It might be tough getting a scope on the odds given the fact that you aren’t exactly inundated with time from selections being sent to the off, but maximising odds when they’re as minimal as Winners Everyday is then it’s quite important. Without that, you are always going to be very limited in terms of your profit potential.

One of the saving graces about all of this is that Jonathan Woodward does recommend a very simple level staking plan. This means that between a theoretically reasonable strike rate (which I will be coming to shortly) and the volume of bets you shouldn’t need a particularly large betting bank. Of course, Jonathan Woodward doesn’t actually offer advice on this element of Winners Everyday (which is somewhat problematic).

Realistically though, there does remain some potential for drawdown. It theoretically shouldn’t’ be massive. But it is worth keeping in mind that when you hit winners, they aren’t huge. As such if there is a losing streak it can take Jonathan Woodward some time to  steer Winners Everyday back into profit. Again, this is a point that isn’t really addressed outside of some very limited “evidence”.

With all of that said, the fact that Jonathan Woodward claims that there is a strike rate of 60%, in a way that suggests that this is sustainable, means that Winners Everyday should simply be a consistent winner. Unfortunately, I don’t really believe that this is likely to be the case. Now I acknowledge that is a bold statement all things considered, but it isn’t without reason.

How Does Winners Everyday Work?

When it comes to talking about how it works, Winners Everyday is one of those (not so rare) services that manages to seem like it’s staying a lot, but actually doesn’t. Something that I really can’t help but believe is by design rather than any sort of coincidence. You see, what we are actually told is that Jonathan Woodward, over the last 9 years or so, has developed “over 35 profitable systems” with a most recent one looking at historical trends alongside the recent form book.

That of course all sounds great if you don’t look too hard. But if you do, it’s really just a stream of very vague claims hidden under some exciting sounding concepts. I mean, why would you trust Jonathan Woodward? This very valid question is answered in the sales video where we are told before betting and Winners Everyday, he was “considered a loose cannon despite acing a masters in mathematics and statistics”.

Well, that sounds really impressive, doesn’t it? As does the various claims throughout the various sales media about just how long Jonathan Woodward has been making a profit through betting. But the fact of the matter is that when you start to look at Winners Everyday, there isn’t really a massive a lot of evidence backing these claims up.

Now, I will concede one point. Jonathan Woodward does provide quite a lot of proofing. There is however one quite major issue which is that it is for a period of time between 2019 and 2020. This would be all well and good if we weren’t already at the back end of 2021. As such, there are two things that strike me. Firstly, Winners Everyday hasn’t performed that well over this year (which would also explain the fixation on how a single month has gone), or the results are back tested. A notoriously inaccurate way of “proofing” a betting system.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Winners Everyday there are a few different options available. Each of these differ drastically in terms of the value that is on offer and the outlay involved. One thing that I do have to credit Jonathan Woodward for is that I don’t think that he’s

The lowest priced option for Winners Everyday is a quarterly subscription which is priced at just £29.95 every 3 months (again, plus VAT). This is actually a very reasonable cost for the service. Interestingly, despite being advertised as a discounted rate, it seems that future payments are also billed at this price.

If you are looking for a longer subscription than this, then Jonathan Woodward offers a few options for Winners Everyday on an annual subscription at a cost of £59.95 (plus VAT). Finally, there is a lifetime license which Jonathan Woodward offers. This allows you to sign up, for life, for a one time cost of £99 (again, plus VAT) however this is advertised as a limited time offer.

What is the Rate of Return?

I now want to come back to my introduction and some of the statements that I made earlier. Specifically, Jonathan Woodward talking about making some £700 in less than a week in November. I also want to come back to that point about context. All of that is to £100 stakes. What this means is that in a week, Winners Everyday has produced at 7 point profit. Now, that isn’t to be sniffed at. Far from it, but it is also a very small data sample size.

This is somewhat at odds with the historic proofing. This suggests that there is a consistent profit to be made of between 30 and 40 points. There are also references made to Jonathan Woodward claiming that his “TOP SECRET selections” are proven to make £33k+ in 18 months. There is also a screenshot showing a £200,000 bank account. This implies that this level of success can be achieved through Winners Everyday. I’m really quite sceptical about all of this though.

Conclusion for Winners Everyday

I’ll be really blunt here. I don’t really believe that Winners Everyday is capable of delivering. Jonathan Woodward makes a lot of interesting claims, but there isn’t really much in the way of genuine evidence (in my opinion at least) that he can deliver on these. What little evidence there is are things that can easily be manipulated or are woefully out of date.

Furthermore, I find it really frustrating that the service is portrayed in a way that I consider to be quite disingenuous. Yes, you can see that all of the profits are to £100 bets. That is clear when you look at the betting slips provided. But Winners Everyday could have been sold on the back of points and had the same message without inflating the results. Hell, I’m almost surprised that it isn’t made out to be £1,400 in a week and you can just use £200 stakes.

Sticking with that important point about context and perspective, on so many occasions, quite a big deal is made out of the fact that you’re not getting one tipster service here, but 4. That seems like a great selling point. But once again, I don’t believe that this is entirely genuine either. Because Winners Everyday could just as easily be a single service.

Are festival bets really another tipster service? Would a quality and established tipster be considering them a “second service”. I’m not convinced they would. The same applies to tips on Saturdays. Jonathan Woodward has some stones to stand there and say that tipping on a different day of the week is a completely different service. Do you know what that does for Winners Everyday though? Adds perceived value.

There is that point again about perception. About context. And it is also why I can’t ultimately bring myself to get on board with this. There is a lot to be said for branding and marketing, I’ll admit. I think most people selling something will be… flexible with the truth. But with Winners Everyday it is just at an extreme that I can’t reconcile.

The only thing that I will say is good here is the price. Jonathan Woodward really isn’t asking a lot for his betting advice. And at £30 for 3 months, you may want to give this a punt. In fact, in that light, I think that Winners Everyday ultimately gives you a lot for your money. Which makes it all the more frustrating that it is presented the way that it is.

If this were more open, marketed as a cheap and cheerful tipster service that might make you a few quid. Bang on. There aren’t enough services like this on the market. Instead, Winners Everyday manipulates data, makes dubious claims, and elevates itself to a grandiosity that I just don’t see it achieving. And that is why I would recommend giving this a miss personally. 


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Just to say have this one on watch and it’s winning more than any of the so called tipsters
Today’s was
13:00 Ayr – Ailie Rose 41/20 Won
18:45 Kempton – Edraak 33/20/ Win
12:13 Newcastle – Walk In The Storm 11/10- Win

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