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Winners Galore is a long standing horse racing tipster service which has been launched through Telegram Tips with selections coming courtesy of Sam Evans. The marketing makes a big thing out of the fact that the service hasn’t seen a losing month.

Introduction to Winners Galore

One of the single most important things to look at when considering a tipster service in my eyes is that long term potential. It is also incredibly important to ensure that the marketing that is put before you is up to date. Especially when others are pushing a tipster service. Because, as I have found out many times, it can be easy to get caught with your trousers down if you aren’t careful. Which is precisely why, as much as some people call me out on it, I always question everything.

But this is something that every now and then really comes into play. Because sometimes I see services like Winners Galore that makes claims like “The Ultimate NAP Service That’s NEVER Had A Losing Month To Date!”. Well, that is a hell of a claim right? Disappointingly, this seems to be more of a case of Telegram Tips not updating their marketing, because there have definitely been losing months. Several in fact. But as much as that is something that warrants pointing out, it isn’t the be all and end all. Because Sam Evans is still performing reasonably well.

So, what you end up with, probably not surprisingly really, is a service that has quite a lot of nuance. Something that you really see with a lot of tipster services. Rarely are they black and white, and nowhere is this more evidence than with Winners Galore. It is transparent in Telegram Tips’s proofing that Sam Evans still has some ability to perform. There have been some very big months recently. Are they enough to overlook the ups and downs though? Well, that is a tougher question to answer. 

What Does Winners Galore Offer?

As you might expect from a service that refers to itself as “the ultimate NAP service”, that is where the focus of Winners Galore lies. This is something that is very interesting to me, because a NAP bet has a very specific meaning. A nap bet indicates that the selection is a tipster’s most confident selection of the day. Some tipsters may also look to provide a “next bet”.

So, you might think, Winners Galore is going to be a daily horse racing tipster service. Sam Evans will be providing his best bet of the day. All nice and simple. However, rather unfortunately, this isn’t actually the case at all. The truth of the matter is that in my mind at least, you are actually singing up to a tipster service that is really quite different.

First things first, this isn’t quite a daily tipster service. Don’t misconstrue me, Telegram Tips’s proofing still shows a tipster service that is very close to daily, but it isn’t technically. Furthermore, that idea that there is just one best bet that you will be backing. In actual fact, Sam Evans seems to be finding between 2 and 3 bets on most days.

In and of itself, these things really aren’t a big deal. There are plenty of services that have this kind of structure and are successful. And depending on your metrics for success, Winners Galore could easily be seen as a successful tipster service. However, it is a little frustrating to see a service being touted as something that it isn’t necessarily.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the bets that you are actually getting involved with. Winners Galore is almost exclusively straight win betting. In actual fact, in over 4,000 bets over some 19 months, there have been just 27 each way bets. Something that doesn’t really have to be a problem in my eyes. If Sam Evans has a strategy that involves backing horses to win, then that is what I would expect to see.

Something that does suggest that Winners Galore is some sort of NAP service are the average odds. A look at the proofing shows that to BOG these come in at 3.01. Interestingly, to BSP, the average odds jump drastically to 26.8 (a rather telling statistic given the fact that to BSP the service is posting a loss). Meanwhile, to SP, the average odds are just 3.08. Whilst this might be similar, there is a difference in excess of 1,500 points between BOG and BSP.

Realistically, if I were going to give consideration to Winners Galore, I would definitely want to be taking full advantage of an odds comparison site. The fact of the matter is that with everything being as inconsistent as it is, I would definitely want to try and maximise the returns I was getting. And with just a few bets per day, it wouldn’t add much on in terms of time.

Before I start talking about the numbers, I do want to talk a little bit about how Telegram Tips manage the service. This is pretty much everything that you would expect from a modern tipster service. Selections are sent out directly via email to Winners Galore subscribers. You get enough time to get the bets on, and the information contained within them is adequate.

This is possibly more than can be said for the staking plan. This is an incredibly varied affair which typically seems to involve betting as much as 5 points on a bet. Unfortunately, the proofing for Winners Galore does seem to show that this is actually quite a common affair. Something that the average stake of 3.8 points does demonstrate.

And as a final note, I want to talk about the strike rate for Winners Galore. With an average of 38.63% you might think that you’re onto a winner here. Especially because this is a number that is genuinely representative of the kinds of strike rates that Sam Evans has enjoyed. For context on this, Telegram Tips show a range from 33.33% going up to just 44.72%. This really does show the average as about what you should expect.  

How Does Winners Galore Work?

In the sales material, Telegram Tips and Sam Evans talk about his relationship with horse racing. Quite a lot. Normally, this is something that I find to be quite frustrating as it serves as little more than fluff most of the time. A little bit of flavour, as it were. But here, it is all quite integral to Winners Galore. Because this is a service that is strongly driven by claims of inside insight.

The story goes that after going to the races with his Granddad, Sam Evans became hooked on the sport. He went to more and more events and building contacts within a few racing stables. With a network of contacts in place, we are told all about how he then started working at bookmakers, starting in Betfred and moving on to Coral. Once again, he says he met punters in the know and still gets information off them.

Nowadays, he says that he still works at some of the tracks on race days as casual staff. This has allowed him to continue building a network of information. And all of that seems to be at the core of how Winners Galore works. It really does seem to be based strongly on that inside information. Here’s the thing. I actually believe Sam Evans’s story. However, I do have some concerns about the wider service that I will come to a little later.  

Something that is worth noting is that Telegram Tips do provide some very comprehensive proofing for Winners Galore. This is ultimately quite invaluable here. Because irrespective of whether you believe Sam Evans’s story, this proofing does allow you to make an informed decision about what you are getting yourself into in terms of the results (which, let’s not forget, can be a long way from headline grabbing claims).

What is the Initial Investment?

Telegram Tips have a lot of different options available if you want to sign up to Winners Galore, each of which differs drastically in terms of the value on offer and the initial cost to you. The cheapest option is a weekly plan which is priced at £9, however, that does get expensive quickly. A monthly subscription is somewhat better at £27.

If you want to get the best value from Winners Galore though, you need to look at the longer subscriptions. Telegram Tips have a quarterly subscription which is priced at just £34 for your first 3 months then £57 for subsequent quarters. Alternatively, you can sign up for a 6 months subscription for just £58. Once this has elapsed, the costs roll over at £97 every 6 months.

Something worth keeping in mind is that there is no money back guarantee with Winners Galore. As such, if you do want to take advantage of these options that carry better value, you really need to be committed.  

What is the Rate of Return?

It is quite easy to look at Winners Galore and see a service that is performing well, and to some degree it is. I mean, 486 points of profit (to BOG) isn’t bad looking at all. It is an average of about 25 points per month. Which are numbers that I would take any day of the week to level 1 point stakes. But Winners Galore has those average stakes of almost 4 points. So, is this really representative of what you can expect?

For my money, there are a few indicators of the realities of Winners Galore. Firstly, there is the ROI. This sits at just 3.11%. There are definitely better performing services out there than that. The other indicator is the results when they aren’t to BOG. If you were betting to SP you’d be 1,076.11 points down at the time of writing. Even at £1 a point, that is a massive amount to be down. Even to BSP it is 424 points in the hole. None of which look great. 

Conclusion for Winners Galore

It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that I don’t really recommend Winners Galore. And why would you? Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a service entirely devoid of positives, as I will come to. But in the main there isn’t a whole lot here that I look at and think “Yes, that is amazing and what I am looking for.”

 Now, in order to introduce my final thoughts, I think that it’s really worth coming back to that statement of no losing months. Maybe that was true once. But since July 2020 (the last month before Winners Galore had a loss), there have been 4 losing months. Some of them really bloody significant with the smallest losing month being 47.58 points. That is a lot. And all of that is in a best case scenario.

I feel like the biggest problem that I really have with Winners Galore is that it is a service that barely performs, and it does so on the extremes. This is a service that using the recommended stakes and BOG has had 3 months that have produced more than 100 points of profit. That is huge. But it has also lost 90 points in a month. That is almost a full betting bank for most services.

There is also the fact that if you have any restrictions, this almost immediately becomes a no go. It is quite apparent to me that unless you have a BOG bookie account ready to go, you are only going to struggle with this. And when that struggle is to the tune of more than 1,000 points, that just isn’t good enough.

I think really, one of my biggest issues with Winners Galore is just that there isn’t consistency. There is no consistency of results across the board, there isn’t even consistency of results when Sam Evans is performing. Telegram Tips’s proofing shows how quickly this has gone from a service that hasn’t had a losing month, to a tipster service that has had 4 losing months in 10. There are simply too many variables here to attain that “consistent profit” that I really look for.

And there is little reason to believe that this will change. Because Sam Evans relies on inside information, it can be problematic when that isn’t fruitful. I believe that it still can be. December and January’s combined 270 points shows this off. But what about when that information isn’t so hot? The way Telegram Tips describe it, Winners Galore can’t really be changed up, and that is clearly a problem.

And that is why I can’t bring myself to recommend this. Whilst it can be good, I don’t see a lot of reason to sit around waiting for those few months where Winners Galore produces those huge winners. Because if the conditions aren’t perfect, the alternative can be pretty bloody intimidating in my eyes. 


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