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Winners Galore Review

Winners Galore is a horse racing tipster service from an unnamed tipster that is provided under the Betfan umbrella.

What does the product offer?

Winners Galore is an email based tipster service that provides users with “a few” selections each day. These are usually win bets and follow something of a sporadic staking system with bets ranging from one to ten points. Winners Galore has produced an average 31.28% strike rate since March. All selections are sent directly to users email address or they can also be accessed via a Betfan member’s area.

How does the product work?

According to the creator of Winners Galore, the system throws out traditional form and statistical study in favour of a reliance on an informant network. According to Winners Galore this includes stable boys and even trainers and owners. Furthermore it is claimed that the tipster behind Winners Galore has had the privilege of getting to watch these horses in the run up to races. If Winners Galore feel that they have enough evidence, only then do they recommend placing a bet.

What is the initial investment?

Winners Galore is available weekly, monthly and quarterly with these costing £15, £45 and £90 respectively. As this is a Betfan product there isn’t technically a refund policy in place but they do say they will review requests.

What is the rate of return?

Winners Galore claims to have produced an average weekly profit of 40 points but a look at more up to date results show 403.41 points over 4 months, this is closer to 25 points per week.


Winners Galore doesn’t appear to be a bad tipster service at all, especially when compared with some I have seen. The results are generally relatively consistent (despite a slight down turn over the last month) but the big issue here is cost. Winners Galore is priced in line with Betfan products but this is still pretty high when compared with independent tipsters. This might not be an issue for some people, especially as they are buying from a well-known stable in the form of Betfan.

If you can look past the cost and the potential beginnings of a downwards trend Winners Galore is an otherwise solid proposition.



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From: Simon Roberts