Winning Footy Tips Review

Winning Footy Tips is a sports betting tipster service which actually comes under the wider Bets for Today stable of tipsters. It has supposedly been proofed for a considerable amount of time with no given year losing money.

What does the product offer?

One of the things that I find interesting about Bets for Today’s approach with Winning Footy Tips is that the proverbial kid gloves are off. They don’t try to make the service out to be something that it isn’t and even present their information as “The Cold Hard Facts”. With this approach in mind, I feel that it is only fair to present my findings in the same way. The question is can Winning Footy Tips warm my interest in yet another football tipster service?

Jumping into the first impressions, it is quite incredible how long Bets for Today have been working with the tipster behind Winning Footy Tips. Proofing started way back at the start of 2012 and since then, records have supposedly been well documented, if a little confusingly in places. The only exception to this is a period of around 18 months where the tipster behind Winning Footy Tips was getting married, moving to a new house etc.

In terms of what you get from the service, selections are issued to users Monday through Friday and these are sent out by no later than 11pm. The number of selections on a given day can vary hugely but in the main, Winning Footy Tips is a rather low volume affair. In fact, looking over the proofing there are rarely days when you will receive more than five or so bets.

This brings me onto the subject of the bets themselves which are an eclectic bunch to say the least. Winning Footy Tips recommends a massive variety of bets ranging from straight forward win bets to various under/over goals markets and even small accumulators and Asian Handicap bets. This means that you should be reasonably confident about placing bets etc. if you want to follow Winning Footy Tips.

Having looked at the ins and outs of Winning Footy Tips, I now want to look at the numbers side of things. Bets for Today offer a straight forward staking plan of 1 point per bet. This is based on a 100 point initial betting bank. It is worth noting that for the purposes of calculating profits and loss, Winning Footy Tips has been proofed to £20 stakes.

This only really leaves the strike rate to conside. This is particularly important with  Winning Footy Tips as the average striker ate over all proofing stands at 51.66%. If this number is genuine, it is undoubtedly one of the stronger services I have looked at recently. Interestingly, the results don’t quite add up. The published strike rate for 2017 is advertised as 62% which is about right.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately, there is no information that is really provided about what the selection process for Winning Footy Tips entails. All that is said is on the Bets for Today website where the team defend all of their systems as being proofed before they receive approval to be released. This means that Winning Footy Tips will have been trialled for a minimum of 60 days before coming to market. Personally, I don’t find this to be an acceptable response however.

What is the initial investment?

There are numerous options available to those who want to sign up to Winning Footy Tips. These are a monthly, quarterly and annual subscription. The monthly option comes with a 30 day trial period at a cost of just £1 after which the cost goes up to £17 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for the quarterly subscription which also comes with the 30 day trial but is better value at £37 per quarter. Finally you can get the best possible value with Winning Footy Tips and get the annual subscription at a one time cost of £120.

It is worth pointing out that all of these options are paid for through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that Winning Footy Tips isn’t for you. This is also highlighted by Bets for Today in the sales material.

What is the rate of return?

So far for 2017, Winning Footy Tips is showing a profit of £900. In the lifetime of the service, it has supposedly made £4,458.87. At a glance these numbers don’t seem to be too bad however when you look at them as a points profit, it is significantly lessened. For example, 2017 has made just 45 points of profit or 4.5 points per month to date. This is a disappointingly low figure and on a monthly subscription would mean real world profits of £73 per month.


When weighing up the merits of a tipster service the bottom line is profit. The thing is, it isn’t just about whether or not a service can make a profit, but whether or not that profit is worthwhile. I don’t know one person who wouldn’t turn down an extra £73 per month (hey, it’s a night out), but there are much better services out there that most importantly can produce more profits. If Winning Footy Tips were making more than 10 points per month, I may be willing to recommend it as a decent entry point for those who want a starter football tipster service. As it currently stands though, I am just not that impressed with Winning Footy Tips on the whole.

This is only one element however. There are other complaints that I have with Winning Footy Tips. The fact that there is no information whatsoever provided about what the selection process entails is a real deal breaker for me. I have said multiple times before now that I don’t expect anybody to give away their system but I do feel that we should be able to understand to some degree what we are getting into.

On paper, there is a lot to like about Winning Footy Tips and so I find it particularly disappointing that the performance simply isn’t there in my eyes. A big part of the problem here lies in the average odds which rarely venture north of 2.2. This means that for every bet that you lose, you can very easily all but eradicate the profit that you made on a winning bet earlier in the day.

Winning Footy Tips is inexpensive and in many regards, I think that it is very fairly priced. To further credit Bets for Today, Winning Footy Tips has made a profit and there aren’t too many tipsters who can make this claim. The big issue that I have is that I don’t necessarily see it as being a profit that is worth pursuing.  There just isn’t a lot of money to be made here unless you are betting big, and if you are betting big, there are better ways that you can invest your money.

For me personally, Winning Footy Tips is a no go. I simply don’t see the effort being worth less than £20 per week extra. I can however see that there is some appeal for a very niche crowd. If you are looking for a reasonably priced football tipster service and all you are looking for is a little bit of extra beer money, or to make obscure games a bit more exciting, then I can see some appeal here for you.


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