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Winning More Trades Review David Clapp

Winning More Trades is a horse racing tipster service operated by David Clapp that provides subscribers with tips for a specific method of trading.

What does the product offer?

Following on from his product Winning Trades, David Clapp is back with an extension on the original idea. Whilst his first product was a do it yourself guide that showed you his trading method, Winning More Trades builds on this and offers selections in the same fashion as a tipster service. Typically you will receive trades on a daily basis however there will be the occasional day where nothing is available. Selections follow the original Winning Trades method which involves backing horses on Betfair and essentially cashing them out when they are in profit (greening up), however you are simply following instructions. Interestingly David Clapp says that most of the selections that he recommends generally go on to win or place so if you wish to increase your income from Winning More Trades you could trade on Betfair whilst also placing bets with a separate bookmaker.

How does the product work?

Winning Trades was based around checking certain performance parameters in order to identify selections. These would then be followed before the race to see if certain movements in the markets happened. If they did, you would place your bet and look to green up when there was a profit. With Winning More Trades, you are essentially looking at the same thing, it is only the selection process that is removed. This means that you will still have to be in front of a computer and willing to monitor races in real time if you want to get the most out of Winning More Trades.

What is the initial investment?

David Clapp is currently marketing Winning More Trades on a subscription basis at a cost of £20 per month. There is no money back guarantee (which is typical for a service of this nature) however Winning More Trades does come with a free 7 day trial to see if it is for you.

What is the rate of return?

There is no claimed rate of return for Winning More Trades and David Clapp rather unfortunately doesn’t provide any proofing for the service. When I first trialled Winning Trades however the service started reasonably well however longer term testing showed that to make money form it was actually rather difficult.


The full review for Winning Trades goes into much more detail in terms of the problems with the service and can be found on this site. Boiled down, there were a number of issues with getting lay bets matched as well as having exceptionally narrow windows in which you could make the right call due to the rates at which odds changed. This unpredictability made Winning Trades something of a liability really and I can’t help but feel given the fact that Winning More Trades follows the same method, these problems are going to remain.

With that in mind, whilst it is pretty fairly priced, I don’t see Winning More Trades as being worth your time.



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From: Simon Roberts