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Winning Trades Review Betfair Updated Review For 1024

Winning Trades is a horse racing bet trade system created by David Clapp. The system has been updated for 2014 and so far is proving very successful.

What does the product offer?

Winning Trades provides users with everything that they need to know in order to generate an income through horse racing on trading sites such as Betfair. Winning Trades uses a very low risk strategy and has proven to be an extraordinary success in terms of potential winnings. David Clapp’s system is elegant in its simplicity which opens it up for use by both serious bettors and casual punters alike.

The information provided comes in the form of a PDF document (with David Clapp offering a hard copy for a nominal fee) which outlines everything clearly and concisely. It is easy to follow which is great news for those who want to be able to jump in and start making money straight away.

Also available is access to the selections that David Clapp personally makes when he uses the Winning Trades method although it is worth keeping in mind that this is an upsell so will cost you a little extra.

How does the product work?

Because of just how easy to follow Winning Trades is it is difficult to divulge too much information without giving the whole game away. What I can reveal is that Winning Trades uses in play betting to allow users to very successfully capitalise with minimal risk. The system doesn’t rely on long shot odds and can very easily make trading profitable.

What is the initial investment?

David Clapp’s system retails for £45 which at first glance may seem a little pricey, but having had the privilege of testing Winning Trades it is actually very fairly priced. In fact I am quite confident that you will have made your money back if not in the first week, almost definitely the first month. Although there is no money back guarantee provided for Winning Trades, David Clapp offers to make himself available should you encounter any problems with his product until you are able to operate successfully.

What is the rate of return?

I have been testing Winning Trades for about a week and so far it has definitely proven profitable. Based off simulations using Fairbot I have been able to produce a return on investment of around 75% which is quite reasonable. The secret to Winning Trades lies in taking small amounts rather than pushing for big wins. It is worth keeping in mind I opted for between 5 and 7 trades per day with a few of those not meeting the criteria. For those who have more time to invest into the system there may be increased opportunities for profit.

Update – Based on Further, Ongoing Testing With Real Money:


With some more detailed testing, using a real, live situation and staking real cash, we have to place a slight warning regarding Winning Trades. For the last 4 days, there have been the following results:

Day 1: 2 wins 1 loss, with the loss wiping out the profit rendering an overall loss on the day – large loss.

Day 2: 3 Wins 2 losses, again with the losses wiping out the win and rendering an overall loss on the day.

Day 3:  4 wins and no losses, but the losses were small, and were made due to very quick actions, meaning they could easily have been losses.

Day 4:  3 Wins and 2 losses, again the losses wiping out the wins and then some. Based on £1 stakes the results were as follows:

+0.37p, +0.12p, 0.87p, 0.95p, + 0.04p = Net loss of £1.29 = Which if you were using £10 stakes on a £100 bank, would be a loss of £-10.29 (10.29% loss of the betting bank).

Day 5:  3 wins, and 2 losses, again the losses wiping out the early profits. There is a definite pattern developing here. The results today were as follows based on £1 stakes:

+0.16. +0.08, +0.09, 0.23, 0.60 = Net loss of £0.50. = Which if you were again using £10 stakes on a £100 bank, would be a loss of £5.00 (5% loss of the betting bank).


The main problem we are seeing with this method:

The problem with this method is that when the losses occur, they happen much faster than you can anticipate, which means as the odds are changing so quickly, you simply don’t have enough time to react to stem those losses. The jump in odds in the split second can take your whole stake in a single millisecond. The losses simply escalate very quickly, and wipes out the meager profits you may have made.

Not achieving matches of Lay Bets:

Also, because the odds are usually achieved towards to end part of the race, you do not always get your lay bet matched, rendering an immediate loss, which seems to be happening on a regular basis.

We will continue testing, but what  we are coming to realise is that you really do have to be VERY quick to make the profits, as the odds change so very, very quickly that by that same token, it is also very easy to make a loss – almost to the point where a lot of ‘luck’ enters the equation; and by luck we mean clicking at the time where there is either a profit, or loss, because in a split second the difference between making a profit and a loss can easily occur.

Despite our earlier optimism about this product, we would also advise caution, because overall we have made a loss so far.

For example, on one of the trades the horse pulled up, and the odds dropped off the scale in a split second without a chance to lay the bet, and save the stake, meaning we lost the full amount of the stake, which killed the profit for the whole day, making a large loss for that particular day.

One of the other issues we have found is the because you do not know how long the race will last, in play, you could easily miss out on the lay, and if the horse eventually loses, once the odds are obtained, then without the chance to lay the back bet, you would lose your whole stake. This has already happened on one of our trades so far.

Additional Thoughts:

We also, so far cannot say for sure if the Winning Trades criteria for the selected trades have any substance, or if the results would be the same by just selecting favourites on any given race. The reason we say this, is because there does not seem to be any direct connection between the conditions for selecting a particular trade and the outcome of the trade; compared to just picking ‘any’ favourite of any race.

Until we have done further testing, which is ongoing, we cannot yet recommend this product. Although if you do decide to go ahead, please make sure that you definitely only trade with very small amounts.



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