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Winningmore’s AW System Review

Winningmore’s AW System is an all-weather betting system developed by Steve Davidson for all-weather races held in Ireland and England.

What does the product offer?

Steve Davidson’s system is based around all-weather racing covering Lingfield, Wolverhampton, Kempton and Dundalk. The system claims a 17% strike rate producing 54 winners from 314 selections. Access to selections is usually given around 7am GMT through the software supplied. Winningmore’s AW System claims that they use high risk, high yield selections which balances out against the low strike rate.

How does the product work?

The selections appear to be chosen by the software although there isn’t actually much discussed about where selections come from. Steve Davidson claims that this is because the system uses a criterion that isn’t available anywhere else. Once selections are given users can place bets manually or Winningmore’s AW System is also compatible with Greyhorse Bot generating a link that users can simply copy and paste across.

What is the initial investment?

A Winningmore’s AW System licence is available for £49.97 though this is limited to 50 copies as it usually retails for £69.97. There is no money back guarantee available on the product as Steve Davidson says that there is no tangible product. The licence allows use on one computer for 12 months.

What is the rate of return?

Steve Davidson claims that Winningmore’s AW System has produced a 426 point profit which amounts to £425 profit based on £2 staking between April 4th and 30th November.


Winningmore’s AW System seems to be somewhat unique in how its selections are made. The results are rather interesting and this is the first system that I have seen that is based around backing outsiders. The results seem to speak for themselves and despite a less than stellar strike rate Winningmore’s AW System appears to have remained profitable. What I find to be of note is that there is a large spike over one day that corresponded to a horse that had extraordinarily low odds of winnings so the results themselves do not paint a full picture. That having been said Steve Davidson has put together a system that works and works



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From: Simon Roberts