Winstanley Racing Review

Winstanley Racing is a new and independent horse racing tipster service that is operated by the eponymous David Winstanley. He claims to be able to help subscribers enjoy a more profitable year.

What does the product offer?

The headlines and sales material for Winstanley Racing is rather straight to the point. One may even consider it to be a little too blunt with David Winstanley simply asking users if they “Fancy making [their] 2017 betting more profitable?”. Of course, we do. Why would you not want your betting to be more profitable? This begs the real question, is Winstanley Racing the product to help you with this?

From what little information that is provided by David Winstanley, you could easily be led to believe so. After all, as the marketing material for Winstanley Racing claims, he has decided to extend his system “rather selectively”. This supposedly means just 50 users getting access to tips. All that you have to do, is back the horses that David Winstanley says. So far, this is all rather typical however I have some questions about how Winstanley Racing works that I find rather questionable.

With this in mind, I want to look at Winstanley Racing through a more cynical lens. Logistically, David Winstanley is pretty much on the mark. Whilst Winstanley Racing doesn’t do anything different, it doesn’t do anything wrong either. Selections are issued 6 days a week, directly via email. These are usually sent out by 11am.

One of the things that immediately strikes me however is that David Winstanley says that using BSP is the most profitable way to follow his bets. I don’t want to question his system (something that I will also get to shortly). I don’t know how exactly things work, but from what I have seen, we aren’t looking at horses with massively diverse odds. The point I’m getting at is this. I don’t see why a tipster wouldn’t recommend getting BOG to try and increase the profits.

That aside, what else is there to look at here? The selections that are sent out to Winstanley Racing subscribers do tend to be rather straight forward and all bets are advised as back to win. You are also advised to stake just 1 or 2 points per bet with advice in the email. This is pretty standard practice and to credit David Winstanley, generally makes for a sustainable service.

Sticking with the ideas of numbers, Winstanley Racing has no information on a strike rate. This is rather worrying to me. There are simply no claims made outside of a statement that there will be no long losing streaks (which could frankly mean anything). There is also no proofing provided for Winstanley Racing either.

How does the product work?

It is clearly stated that Winstanley Racing is based around a betting system. Once again however, David Winstanley does his apparent best to obfuscate his sales page and stop any useful information being released. In actual fact, we are told just two things about this system. Firstly is that it is a “tried-and-tested strategy assesses all the races taking place each day, and uses a number of rules to whittle down the runners and riders into profitable selections” that has supposedly been developed over many years.

The second thing that we are told about Winstanley Racing is simply that it isn’t any “AUTOMATED SOFTWARE BS”. Quite what the inference is here remains to be seen, however what this doesn’t do is help users to make an informed decision about what they are buying into as a product.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing this there are just two options available for those who want to sign up for Winstanley Racing. The first is a monthly subscription which is jus t £9.99 for your first month. Once this has elapsed however, the cost does go up slightly to £12.99 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for a full 6 months of selections for the massively discounted price of £39.99.

Whichever option you choose (if you do at all), David Winstanley is selling Winstanley Racing through Clickbank. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. It is also worth pointing out that you can receive a single tip per day as part of a free trial of Winstanley Racing if you don’t want to pay anything out initially.

What is the rate of return?

In 2016, Winstanley Racing supposedly generated a profit of 376 points of profit. This was based on staking 1 point per bet at BSP. As mentioned already, there is nothing at all to back this claim up unfortunately and as such, I remain somewhat sceptical about this.


There is very little information available about Winstanley Racing and how it works which is all naturally massively disappointing. I have long been a proponent that whilst a tipster shouldn’t have to give away their entire system, they should be willing to give something. Unfortunately, David Winstanley makes no real effort in my opinion to explain how he makes his selections.

In and of itself, this may not be hugely problematic however when it is combined with a very distinctive lack of basic information and evidence, it does become a problem. The fact is that whilst David Winstanley isn’t necessarily asking a lot for Winstanley Racing, you are essentially taking the word of a salesperson that their product is genuinely as good as they say.

I don’t mean to say that Winstanley Racing won’t work. From the selections that I have received, there have been a few winners, but I also don’t have a large enough sample size to establish if this is the norm. Truthfully though, I do believe that the burden of proof should be on the tipster and despite reaching out to them, I haven’t received any response.

All of this comes together into a product that I personally can’t recommend. Whilst it is not necessarily expensive, there isn’t enough proven potential for my liking. As always, things like proofing are very basic and if a tipster isn’t willing or able to provide it, I only see this as a massive concern. As such, I always treat a service as a liability when this is missing. Something I feel I do with good reason.

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