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Wizards Longshots is a new to market horse racing tipster service that is being offered through the Betfan group. The service has seemingly produced some strong results since launching.  

Introduction to Wizards Longshots

Hype can be an important thing in this industry. I would be lying if I didn’t say that a lot of the time, when something lands on my desk and catches my attention it is because I have seen it everywhere. Now, in and of itself that isn’t the whole process. But it’s a starting point. Usually, there is something that makes it hard to ignore. In the case of today’s review subject, I will admit that I’ve sat on it for a little longer than usual. Because frankly, there is typically a pattern to this tipster stables services and I wanted to see what would happen.

Fortunately for me, I have been pleasantly surprised by Wizards Longshots. Maybe once a month or so, I see a tipster service land that really has the potential to be something a bit special. And I will say is that it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a service from Betfan. The fact is that there’s usually this song and dance where they talk about making ridiculous amounts of money (more on this a little later), they show off a couple of huge winning bets that are recent, and you get there and find out… well, long term, it’s all a bit of a let-down.

The fact that this hasn’t happened here is very exciting to me. Because the truth of the matter is that Betfan can be a reasonable tipster stable. Their management experience is bloody significant and as such, they have drawn some genuinely very good tipsters. It’s just… well, it’s been a while. Wizards Longshots may well be the service to break the mould on this. I don’t want to jump the gun, but this is a genuinely exciting tipster service. And whilst it might not be a fit for everybody, it is probably worth keeping an open mind here.

What Does Wizards Longshots Offer?

It isn’t very often that I read something in the marketing material for a tipster service and instantly feel like they’ve really hit the nail on the head in terms of what a service is about. But that is something that Betfan have achieved with Wizards Longshots where they simply say, “Wizards Longshots very, very appealing for the everyday punter who wants to be rewarded with both great entertainment and potentially big cash pay days”.

In a nutshell, that is exactly what this service is about. But the big question here is how exactly that manifests itself. And the answer to that is actually a surprisingly rigorous and well structured service. Of course, this does have a few knock on effects that some people will want to consider, but by and large, I think it’s something that is a definite positive.

So, first things first, let’s talk about Betfan’s involvement and what their management means. As long as I have been interested in the wider betting world, they have been an ever present entity. All of which means that they generally have it all down to a T. As is the case with most tipster services, selections for Wizards Longshots are sent out directly via email on a daily basis. Typically before the afternoon starts. They are also published to a member’s area online.

What is really appealing in my eyes though is the fact that Betfan also have an app. This means that you can get the selections directly to your phone. In my experience, this means less likelihood of missing tips is significantly decreased. This is important with Wizards Longshots because the nature of the service means that you really don’t want to be missing tips.

You see, as the name suggests, this is a service that is ultimately concerned with betting on longshots. What this means is that if you want to get the most out of the service, you have to back every bet. Any day you miss out on could be the one where Wizards Longshots hits a winner on a massive Trixie that pulls in 71 points (a real world example from the end of June).

For those who are familiar, that mention of a Trixie will probably tell you quite a lot about the service. Firstly, it tells that you generally speaking, you will be looking at around 3 selections per day. These are all backed individually on an each way basis, as well as being brought together into that each way Trixie. This might make Wizards Longshots sound complicated, but it isn’t really. All it means is about 4 bets per day.

Now you might think that this will add up in terms of your investment. And it is hard to say that it doesn’t. Unlike a number of products that I have seen from Betfan that use somewhat questionable staking plans, Wizards Longshots is very straight forward. You are staking 2 points on every bet. That means a potential 8 points per day, 56 points per week. Although, you aren’t necessarily betting every day.

However you want to dress this up, it does mean that you can face some pretty substantial drawdown. Towards the end of last month there was a 16 bet losing streak. That is 32 points. You need a bloody big bank to see this through really (to be fair, Betfan do offer advice on this). Especially because whilst you do have horses placing, the income from these is sometimes negligible. Often less than the 2 points that you stake.

But Wizards Longshots is all about what happens when a horse comes in. And when Wizards Longshots wins, it does win big. The whole month of July had just 12 horses that were advised at odds that weren’t double digits. At the top end of that were 51.00 outsiders. When those bets win, they really do produce some massive profits with one of those 51.00 bets coming in for a total return of 60 points.

Of course, this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day. Unfortunately, Betfan no longer provide things like a strike rate for their services and the proofing that they use makes calculating such a number difficult. But what I will say is that Wizards Longshots is yet to face a losing month since March 2021.  

How Does Wizards Longshots Work?

There is a very obvious answer when it comes to asking about how Wizards Longshots works. And honestly, the core premise is something that I have seen done many times before now. Backing longshots on an each way basis can be seen as an easy way to turn a profit. If a horse places, you make a little bit of profit. It tops your bank up. If a horse wins, it’s pay day in a big way. If they lose… well, you’re backing outsiders. What did you expect?

Here’s the thing though. In many respects, this doesn’t matter. The betting approach mentioned above is only as good as the horses that you are selecting. And this is an area where I think Betfan really do fall short. Because the only real insight we get into how horses are selected for Wizards Longshots is a statement that says “The mission is to use my extensive knowledge of winning at the races”. Which of course tells us absolutely nothing.

The frustrating part of all of this is that, as I often say, I’m not saying for a single minute that any tipster should be expected to give their whole system away. That would of course be unreasonable. However, it would be nice for Betfan to give enough insight into Wizards Longshots that you can at least make an informed decision about what you are getting into. Something that I think applies doubly so given the potential for long losing streaks.

There is however some mitigation to this effect. Namely the fact that Wizards Longshots comes with Betfan’s incredibly comprehensive proofing. It is just a bit of a shame really that navigating it can be a bit of a chore. At the very least though, it does allow you to paint a picture of what to expect from this service, and that expectation is something that you have to carefully manage.   

What is the Initial Investment?

I’ll happily concede the fact that so far, I’ve possibly been a bit hot and cold on Wizards Longshots. That isn’t for nothing. But something that it is hard to find much fault with really is the pricing, because Betfan are asking some very reasonable costs for access to selections. As is always the case, these do vary quite drastically in terms of the outlay and the value on offer, so let’s have a look at it all.

The cheapest option is a weekly subscription. This is priced at £7 (plus VAT). Obviously that does start to add up, but it still isn’t prohibitively expensive. There is slightly better value to be had by signing up to Wizards Longshots on a “monthly” basis. This is charged at £21 (plus VAT), however, Betfan bill this every 28 days. This means that you will pay out 13 times over the course of a year.

Where there value starts to become more apparent is if you sign up to Wizards Longshots on a quarterly basis. This is priced at £59 (plus VAT) and is billed every 90 days. This means that whilst it isn’t that much cheaper than 3 months, you don’t have that additional month to pay. The best value comes from committing to a 6 month subscription which is just £100 (plus VAT). Of course, this does involve the biggest initial cost.

As a final point, it is worth noting that Betfan don’t really offer any money back guarantee on any of their products. Wizards Longshots is of course included in this. As such, if you are looking to take full advantage of that value for money, you have to be really quite committed.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for Wizards Longshots is where things really become impressive. Since March the service has produced 267.67 points. This amounts to a rather impressive monthly average of more than 50 points. Now there are of course caveats to this. Going to back to the fact that the proofing is all to 2 points per bet means that you could quite reasonably say that you can factor down the numbers to 133.83 points of profit.

That is advice that I would normally look to give too. But here’s the thing, I don’t think that it’s entirely reasonable here. At the end of the day, it is quite apparent to me that the reason you are staking 2 points per bet is to ensure that you’re getting a point on the win and a point on the place. This doesn’t really inflate the results too much and it is an approach that makes some sense to me. Especially when you look at the results from other services similar to Wizards Longshots.  

Conclusion for Wizards Longshots

So, what are my final thoughts on all of this? With the exception of one or two niggles, I think that this is one of the most impressive tipster services I have seen for some time and for a lot of reasons too. I cannot stress enough that it doesn’t just deliver on a single front and that is enough to brute force an opinion. Everything about Wizards Longshots is genuinely impressive.

First things first, some subjective stuff. I can see how there is clear long term value potential here. Betfan’s proofing shows a service that is yet to lose money by the end of the month (barely, in one case, but still not a loss). Sure, there are drawdowns. But the fact of the matter is that the profit that can be made from a single bet coming in is more than enough that these can be eradicated.

More than the long term, I also like that Wizards Longshots potentially opens itself up to a more casual type of punter. If I were looking for a “first” tipster service that would make racing more exciting, earn me a bit of money, and generally be engaging… well, this would be a solid recommendation. There is no arguing that this is a tipster service that can make racing more exciting (who doesn’t love a 50/1 bet coming in?).

Of course, all of this looks pretty good, on its own. But it’s when you bring it all together that it starts to really stand out to me. You see, because of the lower costs involved, it is entirely conceivable to bet less and still pay for your subs and have a profit. That isn’t something that is typical with services of this nature that are usually ultimately reliant on quite high stakes if you want to cover your costs.  

All of which is of course something that will go a long way towards making Wizards Longshots a viable option for those who are looking for that more casual approach to betting. Make no mistake about it, I think it’s very fair to say that what Betfan are doing here has the potential to make betting more fun. And of course, profitable as well.

But that isn’t the be all and end all. Whilst there are strong positives to Wizards Longshots, there are things that you have to keep in mind. There is little denying the fact that this is a service with losing streaks, with drawdown. And whilst they haven’t been too bad over the time Betfan have been proofing, staking 8 points per day can be daunting if you’re losing.

Ultimately, there is one question that exists with Wizards Longshots, and that is whether or not it is worth the money? In my mind, it is certainly worth some consideration. There is a lot of potential here, but it won’t be for everybody. I would also advise keeping in mind that there still isn’t necessarily a huge data sample size.

Building on that a little bit, the lack of insight into how selections are found does make it questionable about how Betfan will handle any long losing streaks in the future. Of course, all of this is ultimately maybes. They exist within any tipster service. The fact is that here and now, Wizards Longshots is looking very good. And it would be rather naïve to ignore that completely on the grounds of a maybe.


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