Women Can’t Serve Review

Women Can’t Serve is a trading based tipster service for women’s tennis. The service is provided by Matt Houghton.

What does the product offer?

Women Can’t Serve is something of an interesting take on the standard tipster model with Matt Houghton really seeming to understand what users want. Selections for Women Can’t Serve are sent out in the morning with Matt Houghton then sending SMS messages throughout the day advising you on which trades to make and when. At this point I should mention that as Women Can’t Serve is trading based this isn’t something you can do through a high street bookmaker.

How does the product work?

Women Can’t Serve is rooted in the claim that in women’s tennis there are more likely to be double faults which in turn alter the way betting occurs. The core idea involves backing a player and then laying them in the event of a double fault as Matt Houghton says that the trading market will experience shifts when this happens.

What is the initial investment?
Women Can’t Serve costs £49.25 per quarter (although this is allegedly a limited time offer). There is also a money back guarantee for the duration of Wimbledon or even the option to claim a refund if you haven’t profited by the end.

What is the rate of return?

Matt Houghton claims that users can make as much as £50-£100 each day for the duration of Wimbledon (as well as the US Open). He does however guarantee an overall profit of £200 over the course of the tournament.


Matt Houghton is generally pretty well known and his reputation is far from shady which I find inspires confidence. I also like that in Women Can’t Serve he is very transparent about the product, how it works etc. A feature that is missing from many other similar products. The claimed profits are realistic and all in all just looks like a well put together package. Some would argue that Women Can’t Serve ibrs a little on the expensive side given the selectiveness of when tips are available but when compared to its rivals I don’t think this really holds up.



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From: Simon Roberts