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World Cup Profits is a new sports betting tipster service from tipster Tim Matthews. It is focused on the World Cup and will supposedly make a very substantial profit.

Introduction to World Cup Profits

I have been rather eagerly awaiting the inevitable influx of services which were to come with the World Cup. There have been a few already and World Cup Profits represents yet another example. There are however a few things which are interesting, one of which is the fact that Tim Matthews has issued some selections for free, even before you sign up for the service.

This is undoubtedly a good thing however I am a little bothered by how obvious the choices are. Germany to win the tournament. Neymar to be top goal score. Brazil and Germany in the final. These aren’t bold choices. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however it does raise the question of what you are paying for. None the less, let’s have a look at whether or not World Cup Profits has the potential to be better than this.

What Does World Cup Profits Offer?

As the name suggests, World Cup Profits is all about providing tips over the duration of the upcoming World Cup. Betting is due to begin the event begins with Tim Matthews promising bets that are based around looking at the group stages with a number of ante bets to be placed. This will include the aforementioned bets which it is recommended you get in early in order to get the odds whilst they are available.

Selections will be sent out via email and should contain all of the information required.

world-cup-profits-reviewWhilst it is early days for World Cup Profits, it seems likely to me that there will be a number of betting markets covered by the service. Any bettor worth their salt when it comes to football knows that the best value comes from taking advantage of different markets.

Tim Matthews seems to know this promising bets on things like goals scored, the winning team and even some smaller accumulators over the course of the World Cup. Especially considering the alleged tournament focus that is apparently key to World Cup Profits making money this year.

In terms of the stakes involved, each bet will be advised at anywhere from 1 point to 3 points. Tim Matthews says that he will personally be betting £100 per point however it is recommended that subscribers stake £50 per point.

These stakes are supposedly important in order to reach the target incomes (a topic I will come to later). Rather interestingly, the ante bets that are advised when you sign up are at £25 on each bet. That having been said, the rest of the bets are point based.

In terms of a strike rate, it is obviously early days and there have been no bets to come in. What I would have expected to see however is some of the results that Tim Matthews has earned prior to World Cup Profits. He claims to have been a football bettor for 11 years and this should suggest that there could at least be proofing provide for previous tournaments. I accept that this is no indicator about how World Cup Profits will perform, but it gives a reasonable idea of what to expect.

How Does World Cup Profits Work?

I have mentioned the fact that Tim Matthews has been betting for 11 years. Honestly, this is about all that we are told in terms of what is involved with the selection process. This is definitely a frustrating point for me, for several reasons. The first is that I believe that all punters deserve some insight into what they are buying into and that the tipster behind a service knows what they are doing.

This segues neatly into my second point which is that the bets that I have seen from World Cup Profits to date haven’t been anything special. For my money, this means that World Cup Profits could well be based simply off common sense selections. The problem with this is that most people can do this themselves, and should it be the case (which I am not saying it is), then why would you pay?

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to subscribe to World Cup Profits. This is a one time payment of £25 which gives you access to all tips in the run up to and for the duration of the World Cup (which lasts a month).

This comes with a number of money back guarantees. First of all, because World Cup Profits is sold through Clickbank, if you are unhappy with the service then their usual 60 day money back guarantee is in place. Tying in with this, Tim Matthews says that if World Cup Profits doesn’t make the target profit, then you can claim a refund of the cost of signing up.

What is the Rate of Return?

Using all of the bets that are advised by Tim Matthews and the numbers that he claims, you should make £6,065 over the course of the World Cup. This is made up of the £1,065 which is advised when you first provide an email address to World Cup Profits. Next there is the key number which claims that World Cup Profits will make you £5,000 over the course of the World Cup (to £50 stakes),

Conclusion to World Cup Profits

I can see the clear appeal of World Cup Profits. If you are reading this, then more likely than not you will be watching the World Cup, and if you are watching it, why not have a flutter? And if you’re going to have a flutter, why not have a tipster offering you advice? Especially when you factor in the fact that Tim Matthews is not really asking for a lot of money for the service.

For my money, there are a few problems that I have. Little red flags that make me think that something is a little off. For example, whilst I understand that previous tournaments are not necessarily directly indicative of how World Cup Profits should perform, I do think that previous results are pertinent to the product. Given that Tim Matthews has supposedly been betting for 11 years, I just don’t see why this information isn’t provided.

I have to point out the glaring, and unfortunate spelling mistake on the key headline to Word Cup Profits:


Really? such a school boy error questions the detail around this product.

Whenever I find something questionable I tend to dig deeper and in the case of World Cup Profits, this was probably a good thing. The service is pretty much unlisted on the Clickbank marketplace however I was able to find the vendor. They have previously released a number of tipster services although there has seemingly been a period of inactivity.

Given that historically the products have been based around horse racing, I find it somewhat questionable that World Cup Profits can hit the ground running.

For all the reasons that I have not to recommend there is one thing that can be said. It is cheap. £25 is not a lot to pay or tips over the World Cup and whilst I believe that there are probably questions to be asked about the quality, there is little inherent risk when you factor in the money back guarantee.

Personally, I don’t think that I would be happy staking £50 per point on Tim Matthews’s advice, or in fact more than a £1 per point. I can however see how this potentially represents a calculated risk. I still wouldn’t recommend it though.


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I joined World Cup profits and staked £50 a point hoping to win about £5,000 as claimed by Tim. Instead I must have lost a few hundred ( I haven’t worked out exactly how much ) so I got a refund from Clickbank. Most of his Group bets went wrong with the likes of Germany and Spain doing badly, and the bets on individual match results combined with scorers etc were risky and didn’t win either. I wish I had done my own bets now as I would only have had myself to blame. His claims could have worked if results had gone more to form, but it was a rather unpredictable World Cup. After his last email was sent he just stopped contact, no apology or performance figures and no reminder of the money back offer. My advice would be don’t get involved with him in the future.

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From: Simon Roberts