World Soccer Pro Review

World Soccer Pro is a new sports betting tipster service which is operated by Brett Silver in conjunction with the Bet Kudos arm of the Betfan group. As the name suggests, the service is a football based one.

What does the product offer?

World Soccer Pro is a Betfan product and as such, the first thing that I look out for are some headlines and claims that inevitably leave me incredulous. Rather (and I have to admit, pleasantly) surprisingly, they are conspicuous in their absence. The only thing that Bet Kudos have to say is that “It’s all about to kick off so make sure you get involved today”. Of course whilst it makes a change not to have ridiculous claims, it is also hard to ignore that this doesn’t tell us anything.

So what are you actually getting into with World Soccer Pro? As a service, World Soccer Pro is pretty straight forward. Selections are sent out most days of the via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Bet Kudos website. It is worth noting that the nature of football means that bets aren’t necessarily available on a daily basis. This is despite the number of different leagues that Brett Silver looks at for World Soccer Pro.

This leads me away from the logistics of World Soccer Pro and onto the themselves. They cover a massive variety of football ranging from the French Ligue 2, Korean Leagues and even Top Flight Finnihs football and some even more obscure betting opportunities than these. As well as drawing from these different leagues, World Soccer Pro uses perhaps the single most varied approach to betting I have ever seen.

In just a single day, Brett Silver has opened recommending a home win. By the close, you have also bet on the half time results and various goals markets including first to score, occasionally betting multiple times on the same team. Naturally, this produces some massively varied odds however the truth is that they are rarely more than around 2.5.

The icing on the cake for me when it comes to these bets is the rather unpredictable volume. A single day can yield as many as 10 bets in a day. On their own, these numbers don’t necessarily seem like a lot. Unfortunately, one of the things that I have discovered with World Soccer Pro is that when you bring it all together, the problems start to really stand out. This leads me nicely onto the staking plan that Brett Silver has chosen.

Betfan products are well known for following a certain staking system and unfortunately, World Soccer Pro is no different. All bets are advised as 5 point bets which means that you can very quickly find yourself staking 50 points per day. This is quite a large amount, even if you are starting with a betting bank of 250 points.

Sticking with the numbers side of things, this just leaves the results to look at a little. The overall profit (or loss) I will get to below, but I feel it is important to point out that there is no published strike rate for World Soccer Pro. That having been said it is possible to paint a picture of how Brett Silver has performed. In fact, since February 2016 there have been just 5 months where World Soccer Pro has lost money with most of these being comparatively trifling amounts.

How does the product work?

According to Bet Kudos and the sales material for World Soccer Pro, Brett Silver is the centre of everything. Rather unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily go a long way to explaining what the selection process entails. In fact, I would go as far as to say that there isn’t really anything discussed which I find to be a huge disappointment. As I have said many times before now, I don’t expect a tipster to give away their system, however I do believe that you should be able to make an informed decision. I feel like this is particularly applicable with World Soccer Pro as Brett Silver bets on some very obscure bets.

What is the initial investment?

Being a part of the Betfan group, I came into World Soccer Pro expecting to pay a heavy premium and as such, the prices came as something of a pleasant surprise. If the prices are reasonable however, the overall package leaves a fair amount to be desired. There are just two options which are a 3 month and a 6 months subscription. These are priced at £39 and £59 per subscription respectively.

There is no money back guarantee in place for these options either unfortunately. Having said this, the wider Betfan group’s policy is to review any refund requests that they receive. I wouldn’t however buy into World Soccer Pro expecting to receive a refund just because you aren’t happy with the product or it hasn’t made a profit.

What is the rate of return?

Bet Kudos have proofing for Brett Silver’s selections since early 2016. Since then, the service has made an all time profit of 303.94 points. This sounds very strong however it doesn’t really paint the full picture. World Soccer Pro has dropped to its current point profit from 419 points. This is a loss in excess of 100 points in just 3 months.


There is only some minor conflict in terms of World Soccer Pro and that relates to the first 12 months of the service. During this period of time, Brett Silver won consistently and generated a decent profit. There were a few losing months but these were just a couple of points which could be forgiven given the value for money that would have existed.

This leads me straight into my next point which is the lack of value for money that currently exists. Obviously, the fact that World Soccer Pro has lost money at the rate that it has is a problem, especially when you consider how long it has taken for the service to build up the profits that it has. The other questionable aspect in terms of value for money for me boils down to how long Bet Kudos tie you down to the service. A monthly option would open World Soccer Pro up for a bit of a trial run and massively improve the standing of the service with me.

Despite all of the flaws that exist with World Soccer Pro, I fundamentally like the service. I think that Brett Silver clearly has some idea of what he is doing with his selections. The historical results show that, however something has clearly upset the apple cart over the last few months and it is these results that I have to consider.

With that in mind, I would say that Brett Silver is something worth keeping your eye on. There is a lot of potential for value here and there has been before. I have reason to suspect that in the future, it may well return. In the immediate future, there are two clear ways of improving the value for money that is on offer here as far as I am concerned. The first is to have a monthly option. Having less of an initial outlay can make all the difference in my eyes.

The preferential things is for Brett Silver to turn his results around, however this isn’t always straightforward and is much easier said than done.




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