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Worldwide Winners is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through BetInfo 24. Whilst there are some mixed results, this is an interesting service that potentially carries a lot of merit.

Introduction to Worldwide Winners

I’m sure we’re all sick of talking about it, but it is hard to ignore the impact that Covid had on the world. And one of the industries that felt this harder than most was… Well, most things related to betting. All of a sudden every man and his dog was out to find an alternative to UK horse racing and big European football betting. Alternatives included Betfair Exchange Games, Esports, and an influx of tipsters with an understanding the nuances of Belarusian football. And of course, in the UK, there was a sudden interest in global horse racing.

Things are back to normal(ish) now though, and most of us are back to looking forward to the next big UK race festival. But that hasn’t stopped some tipsters from continuing to work these new angles. Which is where Worldwide Winners comes into play. This is a service that BetInfo 24 launched back in July last year against the backdrop of a tentative relaunch of horse racing in the UK. Of course, this means that the strong focus here is on racing around the world, as the name suggests. 

In and of itself, that isn’t a huge deal (although it is an important part of the appeal, as I will explore). But what is are the results that have been attained. Now I will say here and now to save you wasting your time, Worldwide Winners has had ups and downs. I don’t think BetInfo 24 would disagree with this. And the recent form is a bit spotty. The thing is, all of this is only a part of the picture here, and actually, this is a service that potentially has some legs to it. Let’s get into it and see why.  

What Does Worldwide Winners Offer?

I want to start by talking about the very obvious. Whilst there are elements of Worldwide Winners that are a bit different to the norm, this is still a horse racing tipster service. As anybody who looks at these reviews on anything resembling a regular basis will know, I do feel that there are some inherent limits to what you can expect from most horse racing services. The same applies here. But those things that make it different count for quite a lot.

So, first things first, let’s talk about the logistics of the service. Because these are areas that are impacted by the way that Worldwide Winners works. This is probably best described bas being a near daily tipster service. Most days have selections, but not all. As is pretty much industry standard, BetInfo 24 send their selections out directly via email. So far, so good.

Now let’s look at one of those things that makes Worldwide Winners a bit different. Selections are issued around 11am UK time. Sometimes slightly earlier. If you are looking to get the best odds, this gives you plenty of time to shop around. Especially for those international races. Those in the UK, not so much. But that doesn’t count too much against this in my opinion.

The fact is that whilst BetInfo 24 do give a decent amount of information with their selections, I do feel that there is extra value that can be squeezed out of this. And if you have the time to do so (which you do with races in places like America, Chile, and Hong Kong), then this is something that can pay off for you in my opinion.

This is especially applicable here because of the huge range of odds. BetInfo 24 themselves say that if you are following Worldwide Winners you will see “win & E/W bets ranging from’5/4′ to 33/1”. I have seen even higher than that though. The thing is, maximising both ends of those scales can be incredibly important. You will win more at lower odds, so of course you need to ensure you are winning as much as possible. At the other end of the scale, you have to make those big wins count.

I will admit at this point that I have made this process sound easy. And with Worldwide Winners being simple win and each way bets, it should be. However, I have rather skipped over the volume of bets. BetInfo 24’s proofing demonstrates that you can see as many as 8 selections in a single day, whilst the monthly average is around 100 bets. That is a lot of work to put in.

Something that does help all of this to remain manageable is a very simple staking plan. All win bets are simply 1 point stakes. On the each way bets, you are advised to stake 0.5 points or 1 point each way. This means that you aren’t really betting more than 2 point at a time. A manageable enough number.

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely convinced that BetInfo 24’s recommended betting bank of 50 points is quite enough for my tastes. The fact is that Worldwide Winners has encountered some pretty significant drawdown. One particularly bad run in January saw the service lose out on 25 points in less than a week. That is 50% of your betting bank. And this kind of losing streak isn’t that uncommon. 

This is quite important to keep in mind, because Worldwide Winners ultimately has a strike rate of around 30%. A number that looks pretty respectable really. Especially when you consider the average odds which look substantial (in no small part due to those bigger long shots). Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily reflective of the kinds of results you can expect, as BetInfo 24’s proofing very clearly shows us. 

How Does Worldwide Winners Work?

Rather frustratingly there is almost no information whatsoever about how Worldwide Winners works. This is something that is rather typical of products from BetInfo 24, however, that doesn’t help us as punters. About the closest that we get to insight into what the service is about is a statement that reads:

“The service that was created during lockdown to accommodate Horse Racing around the world, and the service really kicked off and delivered great profits. Now we can offer this as a permanent service to members wishing to make consistent profits from international racing.”

Fantastic stuff. The whole premise of Worldwide Winners being based around international racing is definitely exciting. However, it doesn’t tell us anything important. What is the selection process? Is the service based on value? There is just very little information. And all of this is compounded by the fact that there isn’t really a whole lot of insight that you can glean from the proofing. Because all of the bets are just,… Well, all over the place.

With that said, at least BetInfo 24 do provide this proofing. Whilst it definitely isn’t a replacement for actually getting to understand how the service works, it does at least mean that you can get a feel for what you can expect in terms of the ebb and flow of results. Something that is actually really quite important here.

What is the Initial Investment?

BetInfo 24 talk about having flexible plans for Worldwide Winners if you are interested in signing up. Unfortunately, this isn’t actually the case. There is in fact a single option which is a monthly subscription. This is priced at £24.99 per month (plus VAT). Honestly, that really isn’t that expensive in the grand scheme of things, especially compared to other services on the market.

Something worth noting is the fact that Worldwide Winners is being sold through Clickbank. As is the case with most of their services, this means that there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place should you find that you aren’t happy with the service. BetInfo 24 also mention this on their website, so full credit to them for that.

What is the Rate of Return?

The profits are where things start to fall apart a bit for Worldwide Winners. BetInfo 24 talk about £3,086 profit and average monthly profits of £880 on the sales page. Even factoring in £20 stakes, those are bloody good looking numbers. Except, all isn’t as it seems here in more ways than one. Not least of which is because that monthly average is woefully out of date and based off just the first 4 months.

Even if you are using the chart that BetInfo 24 have on the main page for Worldwide Winners, you would be looking at a monthly average of £385.75. A very significant reduction. But even that still isn’t correct. The most important numbers to know are that at the time of writing, Worldwide Winners is showing a profit of around 180 points. This is a significant increase on the recorded results for February which ended on 144.5 points. 

Conclusion for Worldwide Winners

Worldwide Winners highlights the importance of doing your research when you are looking at a tipster service. The fact of the matter is that BetInfo 24 don’t really have a single set of results that are consistent. And that is definitely a problem, but I will come to this a little later on. The fact is that simply looking and taking the time to understand the data ends up providing a much clearer picture.

But what does all of this actually mean for Worldwide Winners? Well, firstly, I want to talk about why I am rather interested in this service. And there are two reasons. Firstly, BetInfo 24 aren’t asking a lot of money for it. £30 per month isn’t nothing, but when there are tipsters out there trying to say that they are worth £100 per month, it is a veritable bargain. The other thing that interests me is that global focus.

It isn’t a secret that I recommend trying to have a bit of a portfolio of tipsters. And key to that is diversity. The fact is that if you follow 10 UK horse racing tipsters, you get overlap. You lose value, and importantly (and I have seen this happen), big upsets can hit you several times harder if you increase your stakes on horses that are selected multiple times.

In focusing on horse racing around the world, it seems somewhat unlikely that Worldwide Winners will have that same cross over. You are looking at a service that follows a niche that is unlikely to interfere with your other betting yet remains independently profitable. All at a relatively low cost. So, it’s a winner then?

Well… It’s just not that simple unfortunately. Let’s go back to the results and talk about that. Within 4 months, Worldwide Winners was at a profit of 176 points. That was all the way back at the end of October last year. Since then, you have faced consistent losses and plateauing of results. Even now, some 6 months later, we are only a few points ahead of that result.

All of which begs the question, can Worldwide Winners actually recover that initial run of form? Because that is key to deciding whether or not this is a service that warrants the gamble. And this is where your risk taking becomes a big thing. At the end of February, BetInfo 24 show a profit of 144 points. The end of March, 160 points. At the end of April, 176 points. That is very consistent growth, and it seems to be extending into May as well. 

So, how do you ultimately judge something like Worldwide Winners? That all depends on what you are looking for. If you are simply looking for any horse racing tipster service and you don’t currently follow any others, there are better examples on the market. The simple fact is that there is more profit to be made elsewhere.

But what about if you already have a main UK based horse racing service? Well, cautiously, I feel like it is worth some consideration. Although I must stress, this only really applies if you are looking to expand a betting portfolio into more niche areas. Sure, the medium term profits are a bit spotty, but there have been a couple of decent months recently, and the pricing really isn’t too bad either. All things that ultimately make this somewhat attractive.


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