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WP Ad Stopper Review

WP Ad Stopper is presented as a business in a box by Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter. It provides users with a WordPress plugin as well as resell rights.

What does the product offer?

WP Ad Stopper offers users a product that they can use to set their business up in the form of the WordPress plugin. This allows users to create a webpage with all the copywriting and design work done for you with Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter claiming that it is carried out by copywriting professionals. In top of this are the resell rights to the WP Ad Stopper creating the complete “business in a box”.

How does the product work?

Essentially the idea behind WP Ad Stopper is that you use the same product that you are selling to create a website to resell the same product. Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter claim that the system can also be used to redirect visitors to your site to higher paying AdSense websites or even to higher converting sales pages for other products.

What is the initial investment?

Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter have made WP Ad Stopper available on a dime sale basis and a the time of writing it is available for $10.33. There is no money back guarantee mentioned so it is worth keeping that in mind.

What is the rate of return?

Because of the nature of WP Ad Stopper it is hard to put a monetary value on the results. There is hypothetically room to turn this into a profitable product but personally I am not convinced.


WP Ad Stopper exists as something of an oddity. To advertise it as a business in a box is technically right, but I am not convinced that it is truly this. It feels more like Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter have acquired the rights to WP Ad Stopper and have struggled to market it as a stand-alone product so are selling it as a package. There is a claimed dollar value of everything included in WP Ad Stopper of over $3,000 which is clearly over inflated and sort of smells of desperation.

I don’t like WP Ad Stopper as a product and frankly, I could spend another 500 words dissecting why a lot of what Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter are selling is based in fantasy rather than fact. Personally I would avoid this in favour of something with a higher profit potential.



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From: Simon Roberts