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WP Contentio is a new product that according to Neil Napier is able to almost instantly generate content for your website, all of which is “Google-Friendly” and “High Authority”.

What does WP Contentio offer?

It is hard to overlook the importance of good quality content when you are trying to create, maintain and most importantly, rank a site on Google. I should know, as I frequently write these articles based on a lot of trial and error with products. As such, I also know that it is very important if you are looking to get your website ranked, that any content is of as high a quality as it can be.

I have looked at a number of different pieces of software before now that claim to do this (with very mixed results) however the current best seller is WP Contentio. This tool is supposedly bale to automatically generate articles and content for users with no real work involved for you as a website owner/administrator Furthermore, it is able to do so in almost any niche that you can think of.

Neil Napier have built a number of different features into WP Contentio in order to help users with getting started with this content. One of the major examples is keyword linking, a method that allows you to link specific keywords anywhere in you blog.

WP_Contentio_reviewThere are also metrics in place to carry out a word count and more interestingly it will calculate an estimated reading time based off this. Finally, and arguably most practically of all, WP Contentio allows you to include text based call to actions at the end of your post (although these seem to be nothing more than simple hyperlinks).

The most important aspects of WP Contentio however are those that deal with the content itself. In  this regard, Neil Napier has built in a number of different features, each of which supposedly will help you to generate traffic to your new website. Key amounts these is a content spinner which will supposedly allow you to produce the “most unique version of [your content]”.

WP Contentio also comes with the ability to take tags and screenshots directly from the source material for and automatically populate them within the software.

Not surprisingly, WP Contentio ships with a number of different bonus products. Unfortunately, none of these really do anything to enhance what you can do with WP Contentio as a piece of software. If anything, they feel like they have simply been thrown together so that Neil Napier can advertise something instead of nothing.

How does WP Contentio work?

The core idea behind WP Contentio is a rather simple one, and one that I found to be rather innovative the first time that I saw it. Unfortunately, this was some time ago and the whilst the idea remains clever on paper, it is rife with issues. Essentially, what WP Contentio does is it looks at videos based around your chosen keywords or niches on YouTube and then copies over the auto captions that Google generate for said video.

This is then converted into text which you can use on your website (it is worth pointing out that WP Contentio only works with WordPress).

The main idea is that because this content has ranked before (albeit in a different format), there is no reason that it can’t rank for you. On top of this, Neil Napier has built into WP Contentio an article spinner that will allow you to alter the article at the click of a button. This means that in theory, you can create multiple articles from just one video.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there are two different types of license available for WP Contentio. The first of these is a single site license which allows you to only utilise the basic features of WP Contentio and even then, on just one WordPress site. The unlimited license opens up all of the affiliate features and can be used on an unlimited number of websites. These are priced at $37 and $47 respectively.

Neil Napier does provide a 30 day money back guarantee however this is conditional. He says that if you try WP Contentio for 30 days and you don’t bring in more traffic than you already do (with unspecified proof), then you will receive 200% of your investment back.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of the income potential for WP Contentio, there is only one thing that is really said. On the sales page, Neil Napier claims that within one month, WP Contentio was able to generate an income of $1,049, whilst saving $1,200 on a content creator. The only evidence of this however is a rather questionable screenshot and the creators word.

If I am honest, having looked at the product rather comprehensively, I would say that ultimately, this isn’t a direct money making product. It is clearly aimed at generating traffic and even in this regard, I feel like you will end up with some very mixed results. Given the lack of evidence and the money back guarantee that is in place, I would expect that these are unlikely to be substantial.

Conclusion on WP Contentio

The ideas behind WP Contentio aren’t anything new and I have actually seen this exact same concept executed before now. Back then I wasn’t a fan and a big part of this is because not all YouTube videos have captions, and those that are automated read like drivel. This applies doubly so when you put said content through an article spinner.

I am of the opinion that if you want good quality content, then the only way to really achieve this is through hard work. Putting WP Contentio as a product aside for a moment, anything that claims to be able to automatically take content (legally) that is unique and high quality is going to let you down somewhere along the line. Especially as Google’s algorithms become increasingly sophisticated.

With this in mind, WP Contentio just doesn’t work for me. Whilst I can see how Neil Napier has arrived at the conclusion that this is a good idea and an easy way of generating content, it falls flat in a number of regards. Add to this a pretty hefty price tag (in my opinion) and you have a product that I really don’t like. When it comes to internet marketing, it is possible to reach the point of success but this is mostly achieved on the back of hard work.

Copy and paste type products are highly unlikely to give you the results that you desire and as such, I would give them (and WP Contentio) a pretty wide berth.

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From: Simon Roberts