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WP Freshstart 2.0 Review

WP Freshstart 2.0 is a WordPress plugin developed by Ankur Shukla and “Simple Spencer” that allows you to clear and/or configure a new WordPress site quickly and easily.

What does the product offer?

WP Freshstart 2.0 has been created primarily with users in mind who have a large number of websites to maintain or are working on creating a new network. Ankur Shukla and Simple Spencer advertise WP Freshstart 2.0 as being able to create “Google Ready” WordPress sites with very little effort actually involved. This is handled via the plugins dashboard page which gives you options to delete posts, pages and comments (if you want a fresh start) and plenty of options to create various pages (these seem to make the majority of WP Freshstart 2.0 creating Google ready websites). Ankur Shukla and Simple Spencer provide options for changing behaviour when a comment is posted and a way of installing multiple plugins at once. WP Freshstart 2.0 also comes with its own video training as well as two bonuses in the form of additional plugins. These are designed for squeeze pages mainly with one showing your visitors that a product is limited in numbers and the second showing that there is a countdown timer.

How does the product work?

Ankur Shukla and Simple Simon have to their credit covered most of the bases in what users want. WP Freshstart 2.0 allows you to instantly create all the relevant pages for a site map such as an about page, a contact page and a T&C page. Each of these comes with a basic template in place. This combined with permalinks appears to make up the majority of WP Freshstart 2.0s Google readiness. When you have told WP Freshstart 2.0 what to do it is as simple as clicking a button.

What is the initial investment?

There are two licenses available for WP Freshstart 2.0. The first is a single site license which sells for a one time cost of $14.95. Alternatively you can get an unlimited site license for $19.43 although this is claimed to be for a limited time after which the cost appears to be $27. Ankur Shukla and Simple Spencer offer a 60 day money back guarantee on WP Freshstart 2.0.

What is the rate of return?

There is no advertised rate of return and due to the nature of WP Freshstart 2.0 there is no real way of gauging this. I would say that realistically this is a product that has been designed to save time as opposed to making money and on this front it does things rather well.


There is no real doubt in my mind that WP Freshstart 2.0 works as advertised. The question lies in what you can realistically apply it to. Arguably the best method is for quickly making sites to build up a network which can be handy for SEO or if you are frequently launching new products then WP Freshstart 2.0 may also have a place.The fact is that whilst it saves time, this will really only be appealing if you need are creating WordPress sites on a volume basis and even then, all you get is a framework. With that in mind, you probably know exactly how much use you will get out of WP Freshstart 2.0. Whilst it isn’t for me (mainly because I enjoy website design) I can see the appeal.



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From: Simon Roberts