WP Scope Review

WP Scope is a new product from internet marketer Cindy Battye that allows you to create a WordPress blog that utilises the website Periscope to generate traffic.

What does the product offer?

WP Scope is a rather nifty little WordPress plugin that according to Cindy Battye will allow you to leapfrog the competition and drive traffic to your website. Whilst I will explore how WP Scope works in greater detail I will say now that it utilises an app called Periscope that allows users to broadcast live from their smart phone. As an app WP Scope will allow you to automatically curate content for your blog from Periscope based on certain tags that you choose. All of this is handled directly via WP Scope which does a pretty good job of automating the process, for example it will automatically scan for new content and extract it for you. Cindy Battye also says that WP Scope will automatically optimise a post, syndicate it (by uploading to YouTube or other video sites) as well as publishing and sharing. WP Scope also comes with various bonuses, all related to the core product.

How does the product work?

At the centre of WP Scope is the fact that any video uploaded to Periscope can only be saved online for 24 hours. This means that whilst people may be talking about a particular video on the site, it can soon be gone. By allowing you to download videos and upload them to YouTube it allows you to continue to display content that may be in demand. According to Cindy Battye, this will allow you to drive traffic to your website that is actively seeking what you have on offer.

What is the initial investment?

WP Scope is currently being sold for a one time cost of $97. This allows you an unlimited site license as well as providing your updates and all new future releases. Cindy Battye also provides a 30 day money back guarantee however as WP Scope is sold through JVZoo you have to deal directly with the vendor.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t any advertised rates of return for WP Scope and this is really a difficult thing to gauge due to the number of variables involve. Ultimately I would view WP Scope as a tool rather than a direct money making device.


On paper WP Scope looks like a solid premise and a great offering. Especially when you consider how Cindy Battye talks about WP Scope being able to piggyback on celebrity accounts and fortune 500 companies.

There is however one problem with WP Scope that undoes a lot of the appeal however. As Cindy Battye points out herself, in order to use a video you have to contact the original broadcaster and request permission (something that WP Scope does have a built in feature to make easier).

The fact is that WP Scope operates in a very grey area without permission and this restriction will likely stop you from uploading the best content. For me, this is a bit of a deal breaker and on the back of this I don’t think I would recommend WP Scope however if you are willing to take the risk it may be more worth your time.



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