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WTA Betting Profits is sports betting system which is being offered by Flaming Torch Betting Systems. They claims that you can generate a very respectable income through betting on women’s tennis.

Introduction to WTA Betting Profits

So much of the time, I find myself facing down with tipster services in this line of work. It isn’t that the is necessarily anything wrong with a tipster service, per se, but I do feel that if possible, you are better with a decent system.

Tipsters tie you down a bit, having to bet on their recommendations, on the days that they find selections, and having to ride out their losing streaks when they inevitably fail. Betting systems are much more flexible and ultimately, have the potential to make as much money, if not more, as and when you want it. Within reason, obviously.

Flaming Torch’s system, WTA Betting Profits, as the name suggests, involves betting on WTA matches (Women’s Tennis Association). This is a somewhat new angle on tennis betting for me, with the majority of products that I have looked at favouring the men’s game. But honestly, if WTA Betting Profits can deliver, that is all that matters.

What Does WTA Betting Profits Offer?

Flaming Torch are known for putting together betting systems and this shows when you look at what exactly it is that you get with WTA Betting Profits. There is an entire package put together which will show you everything that you need in order to follow the system through. At the core of everything are two different elements.

The first of these is a PDF document which actually shows you everything that you need to know about how WTA Betting Profits works. This only comes in at 12 pages, but to be fair to Flaming Torch, it is well written, punchy, and doesn’t contain the many pages of fluff and irrelevant BS that you so often see with these kinds of products.

Supporting the main document side of WTA Betting Profits are two videos which total a little over an hour. Once again, I will credit Flaming Torch as it shows through there that they are a professional operation. Everything is well produced and the videos are informative and do a very good job of displaying what you should be doing if you are following along with WTA Betting Profits.

Once again, I want to highlight that these are to the point and do not contain hours of waffle that is irrelevant to the product.

As well as the core products, of WTA Betting Profits there are a few supplementary items that also tie in with the training. These include a PDF which contains Frequently Asked Questions, a chart which can easily be referred to and contains a condensed version of WTA Betting Profits, and a number of spreadsheets that display the results Flaming Torch got in trialling the system.

None of these are necessarily essential, but it is nice to have a reasonable overview when you are getting to understand everything.

Now, there are a few things that should be noted before you consider WTA Betting Profits.

Those who know nothing about tennis will need to brush up on some this first. Flaming Torch say that at the very least, you should know the rules of the game and how scores work. Importantly, this means that there is no real research to be done.

You can simply sit down and start betting with WTA Betting Profits. This does lead me in to another important point that is worth noting. Namely, the fact that in order to use WTA Betting Profits, you do have to be in front of a device for betting, as well as actively watching the match. This is down to how the system works. It does mean that it is definitely not a passive trading strategy.

How Does WTA Betting Profits Work?

Obviously the actual manual for WTA Betting Profits is much more detailed than I will go into here (I don’t believe it is fair to give away somebody else’s product “for free”), and there are some very interesting little bits to pick up. None the less, I will go into enough detail that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is for you.

Effectively, WTA Betting Profits is a reactive trading strategy. When matches play out in WTA there are a number of different elements which will swing odds etc. (and I want to highlight the point that these really do only apply to WTA matches).

For example, Flaming Torch say that most matches end within 2 sets, and that female players don’t tend to have the “big first serve” that men have. These all influence the momentum of the game. By watching the match, you can identify triggers that will cause movements in betting markets and either back them for the duration of a match, or cash out in play, depending on what WTA Betting Profits tells you to do.  

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing this, WTA Betting Profits is available for £39 which is a one time payment. It is important to note that this is being billed as an introductory offer and that the costs will go up to £89 in the future.

Payment for WTA Betting Profits is handled through Paypal and it is important to note that there is no money back guarantee in place. Flaming Torch say that this is because all of their products are digital downloads and so refunds aren’t possible. They do however say that if you are having trouble with their systems (including WTA Betting Profits) you can contact the team for help.

What is the Rate of Return?

Flaming Torch say that they were able to make £300 of profit just by following the WTA Betting Profits system in a week at the end of June. This number is somewhat inflated in my opinion however, as the first bet that was placed was a full betting bank of £200 which saw returns of £108.

Had this bet not paid off, you would be very quickly deeply into the red. Moving on from this discrepancy, I think that there is reasonable potential for profit here. Realistically though, your betting bank from WTA Betting Profits will grown based on much smaller individual returns rather than big wins.

Conclusion on WTA Betting Profits

In case you somehow missed if, I am a big proponent of a decent betting system over a tipster. Sure, some tipster services are alright, some of the time, but as I have already stated, your fate is in somebody else’s hands. Of course, you can also completely cock up following a system yourself, but you can do so on your own terms and without worrying about having to cover a monthly subscription fee.

Moving on to WTA Betting Profits as a product. It’s pretty good really. The ideas are relatively straight forward which is a double edged sword, but by and large I think that the positives outweigh the negatives.

What really shows through is the quality that Flaming Torch are able to put into their products because honestly, that is one area that you can’t really knock. Everything is well put together and as long as you have that understanding of tennis, I don’t think that you will have any problems following along with WTA Betting Profits.

Now, there are problems. Whilst there is a decent amount of WTA throughout the year, there aren’t necessarily games every day. Furthermore, the fact that you have to be sat and watching the game in order to really use WTA Betting Profits does mean that it will count a lot of people out.

At the time I’m writing this, it is about 4pm. Fortunately, I am in a position to have Wimbledon on in the background, but in a 9-5, that wouldn’t really be possible. I certainly couldn’t get away with having a cheeky bet on if I were on “company” time.

Furthermore, the nature of the events that you are looking for can mean a narrow window to extract the maximum value out of bets. If a player slips, for example, then you will see a surge of betting based on that mistake. Inevitably odds drift, and you can lose a fair chunk of profit if you miss out. Whilst that is something to keep in mind, I do want to put Flaming Torch on a level playing field and say that this can apply to a lot of different trading products.

So would I recommend WTA Betting Profits?

It’s well written, it is a decent enough idea, and whilst I stand by the idea that there is perhaps a little bit of manipulation of numbers, Flaming Torch have demonstrated a profit. This only leaves the topic of value for money to be discussed and that is where the waters start to muddy a bit in my book. At the current price of £40, it is a decent little system. If you asked me if I’d pay £90… Well, there are better systems that are available for much less money than that.

Realistically, there are two caveats to whether or not I would recommend WTA Betting Profits.

The first of these is whether or not you are in a position to have tennis on where you can keep half an eye on it at all times. Secondly, it is all dependent on the price you can get it at. £40 is pretty reasonable, £90 is not. If you tick both of those boxes, then Flaming Torch’s offering is worth a look.

If not, I would leave WTA Betting Profits well alone.

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