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If you are on the internet looking to make money, then no doubt you WILL have come across Nick James, and his products. Some of his websites include:

Does what Nick James actually work?

Our job is to find our forum, and blog members information that does work, and we would not usually advise signing up to such memberships, but some obviously DO work.

The way to look at this, is that usually making money is NOT  a group sport, so what is usually offered by such membership services are waffle, and wish-washy information that quickly becomes out of date. BUT, some of the information Nick offers will no doubt be beneficial to his members, and for those looking to generate an income online, the same with most memberships.

Nick James has been a marketer for a long time and makes money out of selling information on how to make money. There are many marketers who do this, and there is nothing wrong with this.

Do Memberships Work?

It is quite possible that a percentage of Nick’s customers have gained decent value from his membership. We have never used it ourselves, but based on similar memberships we have come across, some do have value.

What we find with such memberships, is that some of the information will be of value, and some will be common knowledge, the same with most memberships. What you will have to decide for yourself is how much you need to learn compared to how much you are willing to pay. Such memberships can definitely be beneficial when starting out, and learning the ropes.

What does make money?

If you are looking for a genuine way to make money, then please click on the product review below, on something that absolutely makes money, and quickly. Tried and tested and with many reviews from actual users.

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Comments (4)

I have had a Nick James membership, and although it sounded ok, there was not much in there of any real help unfortunately. I was tempted by cracking the code, but based on what i found in the membership, I decided against it.

Loads of similar free stuff online to what Nick James offers.

Not heard of Nick James to be honest, but I would never pay money to a so-called marketing expert. If what they offer is so great they would be using it themselves, instead of trying to sell the holy grail.

No thanks.

Been there, and done that with Mr Nick James.

Nothing special, and a whole heap of wasted time. The stuff on his website is nothing new. Boring in fact. He loves himself.

Usefull his marketing methods are clever but like most of the gurus on the intenet they are rehashing old stuff,

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From: Simon Roberts