X System Betting Review Matt Farlowe

X System Betting is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Matt Farlowe. Supposedly, there have been some very substantial profits generated so far.

Introduction to X System Betting

If there is one word that I think you will almost never see any serious and genuine bettor or tipster service use, it is guaranteed. Nothing is really “guaranteed” in this industry. Even traditional profit darlings like Mike Cruickshank admit that their products offer no guarantees. There are a lot of reasons why this is a smart and reasonable position to take, but more than anything else, you cannot underestimate user error in my opinion. Nonetheless, when a tipster does say something is “guaranteed”, it will always pique my interest.

This brings me to X System Betting. A tipster service that creator Matt Farlowe says in the headline is a “guaranteed method”. That is one hell of a claim to make. Especially because this is headed by the statement “Back the horse most likely to win the race, in the race it’s most likely to win!”. That might sound like a relatively straight forward statement, but if I’m honest, it doesn’t really hold up to… Well, much of anything in my opinion. It is a very vapid nothing statement.

That sets alarm bells ringing a bit, but it is also rather difficult to look at the claimed profits for X System Betting and immediately dismiss it. Because the fact of the matter is that if Matt Farlowe can deliver even half of what he claims to, this would be a sure fire winner. I mean, let’s not forget, this is a “guaranteed method” that can supposedly make you more than £50,000 in this year. That is pretty much a direct quote. So, with everything on the table like that, let’s dive straight into this and see whether it can deliver.

What Does X System Betting Offer?

The first thing that strikes me about X System Betting as being of particular interest is the incredibly simple fact that… Well, Matt Farlowe doesn’t actually really talk about what you are getting yourself into. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it is true. The really blunt fact of the matter is that there is almost nothing of merit said about this system.

Of course, this very reasonably raises the question of what you are getting into with X System Betting. Rather unfortunately, I cannot talk about this in a huge amount of detail. This is in part due to the aforementioned point, but I am also dealing with a pretty small sample of data here. As such, I can talk about what I have seen of the service, but that isn’t necessarily enough.

With all of that addressed, let’s start by talking a little bit about how X System Betting is managed. Not very surprisingly to me, this is an incredibly simple service that you are getting into. Now, simple doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Simple can in fact be quite good in my opinion. But here, Matt Farlowe is just sending out an email with a few selections on it. There is a lot of information that I would consider to be basic missing.

So, what you can expect is to receive tips on a near daily basis. For important things like trying to secure halfway to decent odds… Well, you’re pretty much on your own. And securing decent odds is something that you will definitely want to do here. Because whilst Matt Farlowe makes claims about how often you will win with X System Betting, my experience differs drastically. As such, it is quite important to ensure that you get the most out of every bet.

This means that if you are actually considering X System Betting as an option, an odds comparison site is pretty much a must have thing. The fact of the matter is that from the little that I have seen, X System Betting involves backing pretty middling odds (this is despite some claims that I wish to address later). This has a huge impact on how much you can realistically expect to win, and if only to try and keep your betting bank afloat, an extra point returned can make a huge difference.

Fortunately, I don’t really feel like you’re adding steps here. X System Betting seems to exclusively involve straight win bets. This means that when you combine that with a pretty low volume service, actually taking the time out is hardly a big problem. In actual fact, you are generally looking at a matter of minutes extra each day.

With all of that out of the way, I want to talk a little bit about some of the numbers side of things. First things first, there are the stakes involved. Fortunately, Matt Farlowe seems to favour an incredibly straight forward level staking plan for X System Betting. This seemingly means betting just £5 per day. Something that comes from the statement “Use £5 to earn £100 a day, easily.”.

We are also told that you can “Take £50 to £2,500 in weeks”. This suggests to me that a starting betting bank of just 10 points is recommended here. That is, of course, a pretty ridiculous number in my opinion. I also have to concede that I am speculating somewhat. Whilst I believe it to be relatively well informed (I am literally quoting Matt Farlowe), the fact is that it is yet another example of X System Betting missing out on simple, but crucial, information.

Finally, I want to talk about how often you can win. Because this is an area where X System Betting looks to be really special. Matt Farlowe says that the strike rate is “over 87%”. That is more in line with what I would expect off a decent lay betting service. Certainly much higher than a backing service like this. Of course, you should also keep in mind that this number isn’t just ridiculously high. It is also entirely unverified with no real evidence backing the claim up.

How Does X System Betting Work?

When it comes to talking about how X System Betting works, there is a decent amount of information, but at the same time, I don’t really believe that it amounts to a whole lot of anything. Because what Matt Farlowe has chosen to focus on is a more narrative driven approach in which he sets himself up as a betting guru who is in the know.

This starts with a statement that “as long as [he] can remember, horse racing has been [his] life”. And he was betting, but he wasn’t betting for the fun it. He says “I wanted to win. I was OBSSESSED with winning”. That all sounds good, and it’s definitely what I would want to see from a tipster. However, it doesn’t actually tell you anything, does it? It’s just another vague nonsense statement in my eyes.

All of this continues in a similar vein with Matt Farlowe simply talking about how his betting got better and he started to make more and more profit. All without actually discussing how he improved, or what he improved. Honestly, none of it really means anything. The only thing that I see here is someone trying to convince you that there is some sort of system to what they are doing.

The real issue with this stems from the very simple fact that… Well, Matt Farlowe doesn’t actually demonstrate anything of merit. There is absolutely no evidence for the claims made, there is no discussion of horse racing that may demonstrate an understanding, there is literally nothing expect for us being told that X System Betting works.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to X System Betting, there is just one option available. This is a one time cost of £37 (plus VAT) for which you seemingly get unlimited access. Except, you aren’t technically getting access to X System Betting. Because the payment screen is actually for a product called AutoBet 500. This is something that is incredibly pertinent, as I will discuss a little later.

What is fortunate is that because Matt Farlowe is selling X System Betting directly through Clickbank, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This means that should you be unhappy with your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund. Something that Clickbank are generally pretty good at ensuring is honoured.  

What is the Rate of Return?

The claimed rate of  return for X System Betting is something that is incredibly interesting to me. The key headline is of course Matt Farlowe saying that you can make more than £50,000 in the upcoming year. Something that is backed up by an incredibly questionable screenshot of a William Hill account.

Other claims that are made are “profit returns of over 550%” (whatever that actually means), “take £50 to £2,500 in weeks”, and “Use £5 to earn £100 a day, easily”. Not surprisingly at this point, none of these claims for X System Betting are in any way, shape, or form substantiated. All of which is incredibly concerning if you ask me.  

Conclusion for X System Betting

There are three key considerations when you look at X System Betting. one of the first and main ones in my mind is the complete lack of… Well, anything, that Matt Farlowe gives us. Really, everything boils down to taking his word that it is all above board, legitimate, and capable of actually having a decent, or even close to reasonable betting system in place. And then there is also the question of actually delivering on those claimed results. Something that I find pretty hard to do given the wider fact of what all of this is.

Then there is the very large question of said results. Because they are suspiciously good. And this isn’t just something that applies to the returns you can supposedly expect (although that is a part of it). Things like an 87% strike rate are incredibly questionable. Especially in light of the fact that you have no evidence or proofing backing this up.

But let’s be honest here, the real problem is that what you are buying isn’t actually the service that Matt Farlowe is selling you. X System Betting isn’t really “X System Betting”, it is just another attempt to shift Autobet 500. A service that is well known to me, and something I cannot recommend enough giving a wide berth.

Last year there were 4 services that took the same approach as X System Betting, all claiming to be one thing and ultimately proving to simply be Autobet 500. I don’t think you have to try too hard to guess how many of those are actually still around. It is a tactic employed that I am almost bored of seeing at this point.

Because the fact of the matter is that even if Matt Farlowe had actually put the X System Betting name on the service he is selling, I still wouldn’t look to recommend it at all. There is no evidence to suggest this is profitable, the profits are ridiculous, so many of the statements made are nonsensical, and the whole thing just stinks, if I’m really blunt. I can see no compelling reason to buy into this outside of some kind of blind faith and greed.

Honestly, there are just so many reasons not to like this, and no real reason to give it a chance in my eyes. It isn’t even like I could say that this warrants even the small amount of money that is involved. The fact is that of the previous products that have ultimately proven to be AutoBet 500, as I mentioned, none of them are left anymore. And I believe that X System Betting will go the same way after that 60 day money back guarantee has passed.


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