X3 Profits Review

X3 Profits is a new to market horse racing tipster service that is being offered by one Steve Scott. It relies on compounding in order to seemingly produce some quite substantial profits in a short space of time.

Introduction to X3 Profits

As I often point out, there are inevitably trends in betting, and in betting services. This is of course inevitable in an industry that is fundamentally built around analysis of… Well, pretty much anything (I’ve seen some crazy theories). Recently, there has been a trend that I have seen a lot that looks to maximise profits through compounding stakes. An idea that carries a lot of appeal because you can very easily turn small initial numbers into very large starting numbers. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to that?

Now, the actual structure that these compounded staking plans take varies. I have seen a hell of a lot of different approaches in recent months. Generally speaking though, there are almost always some flaws that exist with these (as well as a host of other problems too). Today’s subject, X3 Profits, on the surface, seems to take some steps towards rectifying this. There are a few things that Steve Scott does that don’t fit the usual template. And of course, let’s not forget about the fact that there is seemingly a lot of money to be made here.

Importantly, I think that the appeal of X3 Profits is that it has seemingly been designed to allow you to actually withdraw real money. Something that a lot of betting systems overlook. I mean, it’s all well and good taking £1,000 to £10,000, but if you don’t get to actually spend any of that… Well, what is it good for? But, if I’m really frank, I have a lot of questions about Steve Scott’s approach. I’m not quite convinced that all here is what it may seem to be at first. And with that on the table, let’s get into this.

What Does X3 Profits Offer?

The staking plan for X3 Profits is arguably the single most convoluted element of the service (and believe me, I will be coming to this soon). Take that out, and what Steve Scott is doing here is actually an incredibly simple and straight forward tipster service. Now, as I always find myself saying, this really doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be quite a good thing.

One of the reasons that I think it manages to be quite simplistic is the fact that there is some very clear structure to X3 Profits. The first thing to note is that Steve Scott only actually bets Monday through Saturday. This isn’t necessarily something that I have a problem with. Although, it is somewhat interesting to me that he doesn’t actually say why he doesn’t bet Sunday.

Another key part of the structure of X3 Profits is that you are betting on 4 horses every single day. This isn’t negotiable. Now, this is something that I do find to be particularly interesting. I appreciate that it simplifies the service and what is expected, but the fact that there isn’t any consideration for leeway on this is ultimately quite a big concern (for reasons I will explore later).

The final thing that Steve Scott does every single day is issue his selections the evening before racing. This is something that I will say is something of a positive. The fact of the matter is that it provides you with a decent window of opportunity to find the best value bets. Something that you will have to do, because insight into odds isn’t something that is given with X3 Profits. You are simply told “where possible [you should] use a best odds guaranteed bookie but you can follow along with any bookie or betting exchange”.

Naturally, I would recommend an odds comparison site for this, if you can. You see, the range on odds with X3 Profits is very substantial. Steve Scott claims to have had winners at 50/1 all the way down to 3/1. With these higher end numbers in particular, you can lose out quite a lot by sticking to just one bookmaker, although, this does add some time and effort to your workload.

Now, let’s touch briefly on the bets that you will be placing with X3 Profits. Obviously, this is a horse racing tipster service, and whilst there are some more convoluted markets out there, you will generally be dealing with straight win or each way bets. Honestly, there isn’t really much more you can say about this.

With all of that out of the way, let’s talk stakes. If you are following X3 Profits, you should “start with any bank you like”, however Steve Scott supposedly starts out with a £500 bank. Because you are betting on 24 bets per week, you are using “under 50% of the bank”, and you operate this as a 50 point betting bank with 1 point per bet.

At the end od the week, you take your profit/loss, bank half of it, and then add half to your stakes. Where it gets convoluted though is that you are adding the profit/loss to your 24 point stakes for the week. Not the complete betting bank. So, if you were betting £10 per bet, your bank for the week is £240. And let’s just say you doubled that. You would take £120 out as your profit, and the next week, you’d be using £360 and £15 stakes. 

All of which of course begs the question of why you need that 50 point betting bank? Steve Scott says that it is so X3 Profits doesn’t wipe out your complete bank in a week, a very poignant thing to keep in mind. But it also means that if you do lose any profitable weeks, you’re back to square one. A fact that isn’t really addressed or explored.

As a final point, since 31st of May, Steve Scott’s “evidence” for X3 Profits shows a strike rate of some 36%. A truly remarkable number given the odds that you are betting at. What I would say though is that all of this “proofing” conveniently stopped updating the second the service launched with no live results shown. This  

How Does X3 Profits Work?

So, the main idea behind X3 Profits is something that is very attractive looking. You’re compounding your winnings in such a way that you’re actually taking out a profit. On a weekly basis no less. Something that I feel like a lot of people would find very appealing. Especially those of us who look to betting as a way of supplementing income rather than a sole source.

Here’s the thing though. And this is something that I’m pretty sure I’ve said hundreds, if not thousands of times. A staking plan does not a betting system make. If you double your stakes when you win on red/black, you’re only ever 20 spins away from making a million on a roulette wheel. Doesn’t mean that it’s a decent betting strategy does it? And unfortunately, X3 Profits is no different. I can see how the staking plan would work well with a decent system.

The problem is however that X3 Profits doesn’t seem to have a system. Steve Scott doesn’t do anything to talk about how he is actually finding bets. Something that is always a bit of a concern for me. I don’t expect to see a full step by step breakdown, but I do think it’s important to ensure that there is some kind of strategy involved. At least enough for punters to make an informed decision about what they’re getting into.

You categorically cannot say that this is an option with X3 Profits. Where it is doubly concerning for me is this. What you are dealing with here is a service that is finding 4 bets per day, without fail. Bets that have generally quite high odds too. Furthermore, he is supposedly winning a disproportionate amount. And the only thing that you can really do is trust in the fact that Steve Scott isn’t just throwing darts at a copy of the racing post. That just doesn’t really sit well with me.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to X3 Profits, there is just one option. This is a one time cost of £30 (plus VAT) for which you get 3 “runs” of Steve Scott’s selections (an apparent bargain given that this price supposedly only typically covers one run). Now, this is a bit of a strange thing to say. So, what does it mean? Well, a run is an indeterminate period of time in which it takes Steve Scott to reach his profit goal.

Something that is definitely of note with X3 Profits is that you actually get a full 30 day money back guarantee. Not that you’d know this, because Steve Scott doesn’t mention it anywhere. This is provided by Clickbank who handle payment for the service and is entirely unconditional. They are usually pretty good at providing this as well. But it really is concerning that this isn’t talked about in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

There is a reason that X3 Profits is called what it is, and that is because the end goal of one of the aforementioned runs is… Well, to multiply your betting bank by 3. Effectively, the day that you hit that figure and turn your betting bank into at least 150 points, you should withdraw the 100 point profit and start again. In the sales material, Steve Scott claims that he was able to withdraw £1,135.75 profit one run, and £1,285.77 the next. Both which conveniently took place within the same month.

Conclusion for X3 Profits

On the surface of things, X3 Profits addresses a lot of problems that I think most more casual punters face, and I will talk about this a little more shortly. But by a significant margin, the core appeal of what Steve Scott is doing in my mind isn’t just the profit, but the fact that you are getting access to it week in, week out.

The truth of the matter is that when you take betting seriously, you do have to have a certain mindset. It isn’t just about looking at your week by week or month by month. It is a business, and like any business, you have good weeks, and you have bad weeks. Furthermore, as many business owners will tell you, you don’t go dipping into your profits here and there. You really do have to look at betting as a long term investment (to at least some degree).

You see, I know plenty of casual punters who would love what X3 Profits is about. I’ve lost count of the number of people who ask me how to scale up their betting. And I always tell them the same thing. Put aside a betting bank you can afford to play with, log all of your bets and the results, and think long term.

Inevitably, they end up sticking £20 on their team to win, or a fiver on some ridiculous 14 fold acca that is a dead cert. If they do win, the money is out and spent down the in a matter of days. If it’s a really big win, they might use some sense and put some of it towards a holiday. To these people, X3 Profits is on their level. And it doesn’t surprise me that Steve Scott markets it the way that he does.

Because any serious bettor will take one look at X3 Profits and see through it. It is massively questionable. It really is worth repeating, an interesting staking plan is not a betting system. It certainly isn’t a tipster service. Something quality is built first and foremost on finding the right types of bets. Then ensuring that they can make a profit. And finally, you might look at ways to maximise it with a staking plan.

What they don’t tend to do (and I know this because I’ve seen my share of quality betting systems in my time) is guarantee that they’re picking 4 high priced winners, day in and day out, that have a strike rate of 35%. Because that is a preposterous proposal. I am yet to see a single genuine tipster service operate at this kind of level, and I don’t believe that X3 Profits will break that.

The thing is, for all of his talk, Steve Scott doesn’t really talk about horse racing much. He doesn’t talk about considerations and what he looks for in a horse or a bet. It’s just him saying that other services don’t work, and that his staking plan works. And you have to take his word for this really, because whilst it might look like there is a lot of evidence… Well, there isn’t really. Not in my eyes.

The thing is this, I don’t believe that it’s a coincidence that there is no live proofing for X3 Profits. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Steve Scott completely fails to mention that there is a money back guarantee in place. These are huge red flags, and when you combine them with everything else… well, you have a service that I just can’t bring myself to recommend. I am hugely sceptical about this, and I don’t really think Steve Scott provides anything close to concrete that suggests I should be otherwise.


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