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Xango Review MLM

Xango represents an opportunity to join a multi level marketing group that provide a unique product in the way of Mangosteen juice.

The Company

Xango are a company that operate in the UK, US and a number of additional markets providing their product through a multi level marketing set up. Xango was established in 2002 to distribute mangosteen juice, a fruit that has been touted as having a number of health benefits, and since then have become a major distributor of mangosteen related juices, supplements and skincare products under several different brand names.

The Product

There are 4 ranges of Xango products that you will be required to sell. The first of these is Xango, a juice made from the fruit Mangosteen. There is a skincare range under the Glimpse brand, Juni branded hair care products and finally Favao, a range of supplements. Much of the marketing that Xango do is based around the notion of lifestyle and this is reflected in the product range.

How to Apply

It would appear that in order to become a Xango distributor you must apply through an existing distributor as there is no option to join on the Xango website. That having been said there is always the option to contact Xango directly whereby there should be an opportunity to request everything to apply.

Earning Potential

There is nothing on the UK website about the potential revenue you can expect as a Xango distributor, a rather questionable decision in my opinion. Because of this all information comes from the international site. With that in mind Xango say that they pay 50% commission on sales which is very good compared to some multi level marketing companies. As well as this there are a number of bonuses upon attaining certain volumes of sales.


Xango offer a rather generous package which is a shame as the name itself isn’t hugely known in the UK. That shouldn’t be enough to stop you selling your products but it is worth carrying out research into their history before selling. The core Xango product (mangosteen juice) was at the centre of controversy over a lot of claimed health benefits that weren’t backed up over in the US. Whilst this didn’t make it over to British shores per se, it is still something that people will likely stumble upon while you’re selling the benefits of the fruit. That aside, Xango represents an interesting, albeit somewhat risky multi level marketing opportunity.



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From: Simon Roberts