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XgoPro are one of the latest companies to enter the electronic cigarette marketplace.

Although are they the best choice for you? There are companies already established in this market, and companies that have already created a lasting impression with their customers.

Should I Use XgoPro Ecigs?

Here you will learn which companies to use when you are looking for a reliable electronic cigarette supplier.

Although if we are perfectly honest, if you are serious about converting from analogue cigarettes to the electronic version, we would recommend looking at the more established brands, and ones who have already created a following.

What do I Need To Consider With Ecig Suppliers?

The first consideration, is the importance you need to place on such a decision. We have used ecigs ourselves and you will quickly see the different ends of the markets, and the differences in quality compared to the high end companies. That is not to say XgoPro are not worth trying, but there really are some great companies our there that are worth trying to get you off on a great footing.

Which Ecig Company Do You Recommend?

As you probably already know, moving to electronic cigarettes has already been a very important decision for you, and so should the supplier you use! Because get this wrong, and use the wrong products and many people really fail to see the benefits that are out there.

The company that we personally recommend, based on our member reviews is a company called JacVapour.com. The main reason being, is that they now have a very good reputation for fantastic quality products; but not only that, but they really do value their customers, again, as they reviews will prove.

There is also a discount code you can use with JacVapour.com which is saving 15% off all the orders you place.

This discount code is MMF. and you simply enter it into the shopping cart of the website.

Try it today, and see the value, quality, but more importantly the savings for yourself.





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Comments (3)

I read the XgoPro advert in the Mirror, and I was on the same thinking, those type if ecigs have been out for ages, and the tanks when I have used them have leaked. I use a different type if tank now.

Another think there are hardly any variety in flavours with them, and I use 18mg strength and didn’t see menthol at this strength on their site.

Much better sites out there I think, with more variety.

Sam x

jacvapour all the way for me tried many others and stay with JV

Not to my taste, sorry xgopro.

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