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XL Empire Review

XL Empire is a piece of software that is designed to automate the creation and promotion of t-shirts that you can sell on Skreened.

What does the product offer?

XL Empire is sold as a complete business in a box. XL Empire is allegedly able to identify niches for t-shirt sales and then generate content for sale. It does this by searching for quotes from movies or song lyrics. It also searches for images that you can use without licensing issues in your design.

How does the product work?

At the core of XL Empire are two aspects. The first is the niche identifying and the second is the auto searching for content to use in the design itself. It is then simply a case of putting it together and issuing for sale. The printing and shipping is handled directly by Skreened minimising the work users have to do.

What is the initial investment?

XL Empire comes with a 7 day trial which will cost you $7. After this period the cost will rise to $47 per month which will automatically be taken.

What is the rate of return?

The creators of XL Empire claim that you can expect to earn anywhere between $50 and $500 per month depending on how much work you are willing to put into the project.


As a product XL Empire is different to anything I have seen before, but as an idea it isn’t anything new. It simply serves to streamline a process, something it appears to do very well. In terms of making money through Skreened I don’t believe it is as easy as XL Empire makes it sound but it does remain a possibility. If you are looking for a product that requires minimal input then XL Empire may be what you are looking for. That aside if you are willing to put in a little work you can save yourself $47 per month which given the profit margins on t-shirts sold through Skreened is likely to be a large chunk of your income.



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From: Simon Roberts